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    Boss FAQ by Nogard5188

    Updated: 12/27/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    There's one thing that you MUST know before reading all this (if you
    choose to read all of it, heh). There's one major rule that you MUST
    follow if you have any hope of passing this mode and it is this:
    If you try to go in blindly and just kill the bosses quickly, you'll never
    win. You must be patient and be smart when you attack and then you'll
    have a MUCH better chance of beating this. Also, here’s a quick note
    about the attack names.  Every attack name in this FAQ is made up by me
    and may or may not be the “real” name of the attacks, but hopefully
    they’ll help clarify certain things and make referencing easier.  And
    finally, I’ve beaten Boss Battles on Intense with every character without
    taking damage so I know what I’m talking about in this thing.  Now, on
    to the FAQ:
    There are 3 ways you can contact me about questions for this thing and
    I’ll be glad to help anyone out regardless of how long this FAQ has been
    on here:
    Youtube – My username on Youtube is YOSHssb and you can send me a
    private message and I’ll get it and respond accordingly.  Please make sure
    you specify an appropriate subject when sending the message.
    E-mail – My e-mail is craftjt@hendrix.edu and same rules apply to the
    Youtube thing.  Specify a subject on your e-mail or I may delete it
    accidentally when clearing all my junk e-mail.
    AIM – My AIM screen name is sdrawkcab5188.  Just add me to your
    buddy list or something and send me a message.  This is generally the
    fastest way for me to get back in touch with you so if you have AIM try it
    first but if I’m not logged on then send me a message via one of the other
    two methods.
    Boss Battles is a mode where you must fight all 9 bosses that appear in
    the Subspace Emissary and the Classic Mode in a row using only 3 hearts
    with no continues and then you must face Tabuu as the final test of
    strength.  Boss Battles is located in the Stadium section of the 1-player
    mode.  You unlock it after you beat the Subspace Emissary.  Even though
    it’s in 1-player mode, you can co-op it with a buddy and the game will
    give you 5 hearts instead of 3.  This FAQ is designed to explain what the
    attack pattern is for each boss in this mode and how to dodge every attack
    to make the mode easier.  I have personally beaten Boss Battles on
    Intense Mode without taking any damage with every character so I have
    literally hundreds of hours of experience in this mode of the game.  If you
    have any further questions feel free to contact me.  Also note that
    everything in this FAQ is written for Intense Mode only so please don’t
    contact me about how something is different in another difficulty or that
    it’s different in the Subspace Emissary because that’s not the reason I’m
    writing this thing.  Now, onto the bosses.
    Before I get into each boss, I’d just like to note that you may have noticed
    in the table of contents that I don’t say the starting animation for any of
    the attacks.  The reason for that is I don’t think being told the starting
    animation helps when it comes to learning to dodge the attacks.  The
    ability to know what attack is coming based on the animation comes with
    time and experience and can’t be taught; it can be learned just as quickly
    if not more quickly through personal observation and experience.  Now,
    on to the attack patterns:
    Master Hand has an attack pattern of 5 (he'll do 5 attacks before repeating
    his pattern).
    The first attack will be one of three: Finger Lasers, Brush Sweep, Ground
    Finger Lasers - Since he can do this attack first, as soon as you can, run
    as fast as you can to the right of the screen and if he happens to do the
    finger lasers, than you'll be underneath him and you won't get hit. Aside
    from that, just stay underneath him whenever the "first attack" comes
    around and you'll be fine.
    Brush Sweep - When he goes across the stage and attacks three times
    kind of in a sweeping motion. If you do the same thing as the Finger
    Lasers and stand underneath him than you can just jump and mid-air
    dodge the first one and you won't have to worry about the other two.
    Ground Punch - When he hovers above the stage and punches the stage
    straight down. This is best dodged with a mid-air dodge. Also, the attack
    doesn't hit you if you're high enough off the ground.
    The second attack will be one of three: Grab, Shot, Drill.
    Grab - When he follows you around and then grabs you and squeezes the
    life out of you. I would suggest jumping 2 times (not using 3rd jump) and
    after the 2nd jump, fast fall straight down and mid-air dodge. You should
    be safe as long as you're moving down before he grabs.
    Shot - When he shoots a missile/bullet out of his fingers. Do the same as
    the grab and you should be fine. If you keep getting hit by it then adjust
    when you start your 1st jump accordingly and that should fix it.
    Drill - This is the hardest attack to dodge. My suggestion would be to
    jump off the stage and wait for the attack to be over and then come back.
    Make sure to stay near the right ledge whenever he's on his 2nd attack
    that way you can jump off easily without getting sucked in. Whenever he
    stops spinning, he's done with the attack and it's safe to come back.
    The third attack is actually one of three attacks but you can dodge them
    all the same way do I'll just say how to dodge it:
    He'll rise up in the air and do a background attack (Slap, Punch, or Spiral
    Poke). Double jump and mid-air dodge all of them and you should be
    The fourth attack will be one of two: Finger Walk, or Grab
    Finger Walk - when he walks across the stage and flicks you can be
    dodged by jumping over him before he gets to you.  If you can’t jump
    high enough because of the character you’re using or you don’t have
    enough time, then jump as high as you can and mid-air dodge toward
    Master Hand and he should go through you. Make sure on the 4th attack
    to stand in the middle of the stage to avoid getting flicked immediately
    when he starts the attack.
    The fifth attack will be one of three: Slap, Poke, or Ground Slap.
    Slap - When he slaps horizontally across the stage can also be dodged by
    double jumping over him (you can mid-air dodge if you want as added
    Poke - When he points his finger at you, waits a bit and then pokes three
    times. Whenever you see him pull back to attack, just roll away from him
    and he'll miss all 3.
    Ground Slap - Same as the Ground Punch except it ends in a slap. Dodge
    it the same way.
    After this attack, he'll repeat the pattern.
    Crazy Hand also has an attack pattern of five.
    The first attack will be one of three: Crazy Crawl, Ground Slap, or Finger
    Crazy Crawl - When he contorts his hand and walks across the stage like
    a spider. Just jump over him. He takes FOREVER to actually start the
    attack so you'll have plenty of time to react to it.
    Ground Slap - Same as Master Hand's
    Finger Bombs - When he hovers in the middle of the screen and drops
    bombs. Just stand to the left of him and you can either taunt or just chill
    until he's done.
    The second attack will be one of three: Poke, Grab, Brush Sweep.
    All three are dodged the same way as Master Hand's.
    The third attack is the exact same as Master Hand's third attack so look at
    The fourth attack is one of three: Finger Lasers, Ground Punch, or
    Again, dodged the same way as Master Hand's for the first two.
    Convulsion - When he lands in the middle of the stage and flops around.
    Dodge the same way as the Finger Bombs.
    The fifth attack is one of two: Drill, or Grab.
    Both dodged the same way except reverse the direction (right => left) for
    the Drill.
    What can I say? All he does is one of two attacks (three if you want to get
    technical). He'll either jump in the air or swing a cage at you (right or
    left). I'd say double jump over the cage swings and do a neutral aerial as
    the cage goes underneath you. Land and when the cage comes back, do
    your up smash so that you hit the cage as he's resetting it. Whenever he
    jumps in the air, you can either jump to the side of him to avoid it, or if
    you want to deal more damage, you can jump up in the air and attack him
    while he's at the peak of his jump. Aside from that there's only one other
    tip that I can give you. Whenever he loses half his health and goes crazy
    (when he roars), he'll ALWAYS do the jumping attack twice. So if he's
    low on health and he jumps once, be prepared to see him jump again.
    Overall he's definitely the easiest boss because you have to do next to
    nothing to avoid him.
    Honestly I'm not sure if Galleom has an attack pattern or not. I've noticed
    similarities when fighting him over and over, but after watching the
    videos and studying them, I haven't found a sure-fire pattern to his
    attacks. With that said, I'll just tell you his attacks and how to dodge 'em.
    Missiles, Tank Missiles, Tank Rush, Quad Jump, Long Jump, Spin,
    Uppercut, Stomp, Body Slam, Earthquake Wave, and Cross Slam.
    Missiles - when he shoots 4 missiles at you. They ALWAYS land near
    the middle of the stage regardless of where you are so what I always do is
    run toward him and just stand next to him until he's done shooting them.
    Tank Missiles - The same attack except he shoots 4 or 5 of them and he's
    in his tank form. These will seek you out but ONLY if you're below him.
    I'd suggest jumping high and waiting for all the missiles to go underneath
    you. You can also stand next to him and crouch down (I do that in my
    Fox no-damage video if you're curious on the visual).
    Tank Rush - When he gets in his tank form and rushes across the stage.
    You can mid-air dodge this or jump over it. Either one is a legitimate
    strategy. Be warned that if he has 1/3 of his health left than after he
    disappears off the side of the screen, he'll drop from the ceiling instead of
    reappearing on the other side.
    Quad Jump - When he jumps and stomps the ground 4 times. I'd pick one
    of the jumps (probably the 2nd or 3rd jump) and jump toward him as he's
    coming down and mid-air dodge. He'll miss you can continue right by
    you so you don't have to worry about the other jumps.
    Long Jump - When he jumps to wherever you are. Just mid-air dodge
    when he's on his way down. Note that if he has 1/3 of his health or less
    than he'll stop wherever he lands. If he has more than that, than he'll slide
    to the other side of the screen when he lands.
    Spin - When he winds up and spins around on one foot. Be careful
    because even though you can dodge this attack by just staying away from
    him, if you're close enough, it'll draw you in like a black hole and if you
    get hit by the entire thing, it'll do over 100% damage and more than likely
    kill you.
    Uppercut - When he leans back and then does an uppercut. Mid-air dodge
    this one. When you see him lean back, that's when you should do your
    first jump, and just mid-air dodge on the way down and he'll miss you.
    Stomp - When he takes one foot and stomps the ground in front of you.
    This is the hardest attack to dodge if you're right next to him because it's
    so fast. You just have to be ready and you can either quickly jump and
    mid-air dodge it or you can side dodge it if you don't think you can jump
    quickly enough.
    Body Slam - When he stands straight up and falls on his stomach (do
    robots have stomachs?...). This attack kills at very low percentages so
    make sure to avoid it. I'd suggest mid-air dodging it again while he's
    falling. Once he's hit the ground, he won't do any more damage so you
    can proceed to attack him while he's immobile on the ground.
    Earthquake Wave – When he stands up and smashes the ground with both
    arms in front of him causing a ground wave to travel across the stage.
    You can be hit from Galleom directly which does about 30 damage or
    you can get caught in the ground wave and if you get hit by all of the
    ground wave than it does over 100 damage.  I’d suggest double jumping
    and mid-air dodging.  The mid-air dodge should keep you from getting
    hit by Galleom himself and the double jump should keep you over the
    ground wave.
    Cross Slam – When he hits the ground on either side of him at the same
    time.  This attack is extremely quick so do the same method for the
    Ridley has an attack pattern of 3.
    The first attack will be the Dash, Tail Spark, or Flip
    Dash - when he disappears off the side of the screen and dashes across
    the stage. The speed of this attack is completely random no matter how
    early/late you fight him or how much damage he's taken. The way I
    dodge this is by double jumping when he's disappeared off the side of the
    screen. He should dash near the middle or upper half of the screen if you
    do this so you'll fall underneath him. If he doesn't and dashes right at you
    when you're on the ground, then roll dodge toward him when he gets
    Tail Spark - when he attacks the ground with his tail. You only take
    damage if you're on the ground when he passes by you so just jump and
    attack him as he goes by. Note that if he only has 1/3 of his health
    remaining then he will do this attack twice across the stage.
    Flip - when he does a flip like on a roller coaster. He only does this attack
    is you're extremely close to him so you can eliminate it altogether if you
    keep your distance whenever he's doing his 1st attack. You can dodge
    this with a side-dodge or a mid-air dodge. You can also shield it but
    whenever I shield it, it scares the crap out of me because the shield gets
    so dangerous to breaking.
    The second attack will either be the Tail Spark, Razor Wind, or Swoop.
    You already know how to dodge the Tail Spark so I'll skip that.
    Razor Wind - when he blows wind across the stage pushing you
    backwards. This attack CAN hit you if you are touching Ridley's body
    when he begins the attack. Other than that, the "attack" does nothing but
    be annoying and push you back.
    Swoop - when he swoops down at the stage and scratches the surface
    with his talons. You can dodge this by jumping over him and mid-air
    dodging, or rolling. A side dodge typically doesn't last long enough to
    leave you unscathed. This attack, like the Dash, is completely random
    what the speed will be so you just have to be ready for whatever he
    throws at you.
    The third attack will either be the Body Slam, or the Background Flight.
    Both of these attacks have the same starting animation in that Ridley
    crouches down on the stage and then jumps up. Be careful because you
    can get hurt when he lands on the stage, but only if you are on the ground
    when he lands.
    Body Slam - when he drops straight down from the top of the screen.
    Since the two attacks have the exact same starting animation, you can't
    tell which one he's going to do, so I always run across the stage the
    second he disappears off the top. If you do this, then he'll miss you every
    time and you won't have to worry about this attack.
    Background Flight - when he comes at you from the background. You
    can dodge this very easily by rolling, or dodging, but I find that the mid-
    air dodge lasts longer than the other dodges, so I always double jump and
    mid-air dodge when he gets close. If you do that, you should be safe.
    Meta Ridley has an insanely difficult attack pattern to explain so I'll try
    and do my best to make it clear. He doesn't have a pattern that he does,
    instead, certain attacks are followed by other attacks so that instead of
    having attack 1, 2, and 3 like it normally would be, it's more like attack 1,
    5, 3, 4, 1, 3, 2, 1 etc... Because of this, I'll list all his attacks and I'll
    you know what attack usually comes before it so you can be looking out
    for it.
    Swoop - when he hovers above the ship for two seconds and then swoops
    down scratching the top of the ship with his talons. You can dodge this
    two ways: Do what I do in the Yoshi video and jump over him when he
    comes down, or you can stand on the far left of the ship like I do in the
    other videos. I think the latter is a little safer because you don't have to
    time a jump/dodge. He usually does this move 1st, after the Talon Scrape,
    and after the Ship Hang.
    Slapping the Ship - when he disappears off screen to the left and comes
    back and hits the ship with his wing. This is easily dodged by just
    jumping. As long as you're not on the ship, you won't get hit. He usually
    does this move 1st, after the Talon Scrape, after the Ship Hang, and after
    the Death Move.
    Talon Scrape - when he disappears off the screen to the left and scrapes
    the entire top of the ship from left to right. Just jump over him to dodge
    it. He usually does this after the Swoop, or Slapping the Ship.
    Ship Hang - when he grabs onto the left side of the ship and shoots
    fireballs. Just so you know, the more damage he has taken, and whether
    he's one of the later boss fights, determines if he will shoot 3 fireballs
    instead of 2, so just be prepared for either one. You can be gutsy and
    attack him while he's hanging. If you do enough damage, then he'll let go
    without attacking. The amount of damage you have to do to him is
    random. I've hit him with one neutral A with Pikachu and he let go and
    I've hit him with a fully-charged side smash from Bowser and he stayed
    on so you can chance it or not.  I have found that if you wait until he
    starts the attack (after he’s started shooting the fireballs) then he’ll always
    let go if you hit him with two projectiles.  If you want to dodge it, I'd
    suggest going to the far right of the ship. Pay attention to whether he
    shoots 2 or 3 fireballs. If he shoots 2, then you can just stand on the far
    right and you'll be fine, but he if shoots a 3rd, then you'll need to jump to
    avoid dying on the bottom of the screen. He usually does this move after
    the Rapid Fire, or the Talon Scrape.
    Rapid Fire - when he hovers above the ship and shoots like 20 tiny
    fireballs in an arcing pattern across the ship. You can dodge this 2 ways.
    Do what I do in the Yoshi video and jump over all of the shots on the
    right, or stand on the far left and jump off the ship when the mini fireballs
    come toward you. Another cool thing is if you're using a character with a
    reflector (Fox, Falco, Wolf, Pit, ROB, etc...) then you can knock the
    fireballs back toward him and it takes off insane amounts of damage. He
    usually does this attack after the Swoop, Slapping the Ship, and Fireball.
    Death Move - when he goes off screen on the top and hits the ship
    straight down. I call this the Death Move because no matter how much
    damage you have, if you're on the ship when he does this attack, you
    WILL die. No question. You can dodge this by jumping as he's coming
    down. Make sure to mid-air dodge because you can get hit by Meta
    Ridley as he's coming down. But he won't hurt you on the way up. He
    usually does this move after the Rapid Fire, or the Talon Scrape.
    Fireball - when he disappears off screen to the left and comes back with
    his head glowing reddish/orange and shoots a huge fireball at the ship. He
    shoots this attack when you're below him, but he won't shoot it until he's
    gotten about 1/3 of the way across the ship. Because of this, you can just
    stand on the far left of the ship and you'll be fine. This is the one random
    attack he has. He can do it whenever he wants to so you just have to be
    prepared for it.
    That's all his attacks. As a general rule, I'd say stand on the left of the
    ship the entire fight. It seems to be the safest place overall to stand. As
    for attacking him, his attacks are slow enough so that you can get a few
    good hits in before he starts his next attack. Another thing to note is that
    the more damage he takes, the farther left he'll hover between attacks.
    Porky has a pretty simple attack pattern in that it's an attack pattern of 3,
    so he'll do attack 1, 2, then 3 and repeat.
    The first attack is the Rapid Jab, Dance of Death, or Sprint.
    Rapid Jab (like the name says, where he stands in place and rapidly jabs
    the air next to him for like 4 seconds) is best dodged by a rolling dodge
    away from him. He doesn't do the attack until he's next to you, so you can
    bait him into attacking when you want him to by waiting until he gets
    near you (about when his legs touch you) and rolling away. NEVER roll
    toward him because you will get caught in the attack and be dealt like...
    25 damage and then be sent off dangerously close to the side.
    Dance of Death (where his eyes are glowing yellow and the points of his
    legs deal damage to you if you touch 'em) is pretty easy to dodge. What I
    do is I double jump and land on top of him and jump away. Then when I
    land, I repeat it going the other way. He should be done with the attack
    when you land on the ground the 2nd time, but just to be safe, I'd jump or
    roll away to avoid the possibility of getting hit.
    Sprint (when he runs really fast across the stage) is best dodged by
    jumping and using your 3rd jump if necessary to go over it.
    The 2nd attack is the Laser, or the Porky Bots.
    Laser (when he has a ball of death above his head and then shoots a laser
    that follows you) is the hardest attack to dodge of Porky's. You need to
    stand just to the side of him (check my videos to see the exact position)
    and jump and mid-air dodge so that it's timed so that the laser passes
    through from the bottom up. The second that you land, repeat the process.
    The laser will loop around twice and it increases in speed the more
    damage Porky has taken, so be prepared to make adjustments. The timing
    is difficult to do so if you want to see the Squirtle video, that or the
    Bowser video, than that is the best reference since they both have pretty
    normal jumps. If you can't get the timing down and you just want to get
    past Porky with minimum damage, then I'd suggest shielding this attack.
    What will happen is that your shield will break and then the laser will
    loop around and hit you for about 12% damage which will keep you from
    being stunned for his next attack. This move should never kill you so
    don't worry too much about getting hit by it because you can always just
    use a heart after the fight.
    Porky Bots (I hate this attack because it's completely random where those
    stupid fat candle bombs will go, and they always go where it's most
    difficult to dodge 'em). There's no advice I can give you for this attack
    other than avoid those things like the plague. You can shield ONE of
    them but if another one hits you, then your shield will break.
    The 3rd attack is the Jump, or the Pink Lightning
    Jump (when he jumps in an arc to the other side of the stage) needs no
    explanation on dodging... Just... move, heh.
    Pink Lightning (when he flies into the air with the spot light and shoots...
    pink lightning... straight down) can be dodged by standing completely
    still and when he starts shooting the lightning, roll away. You can
    reference my videos if you want but I think it's self-explanatory. Note
    that he'll do this attack either twice or three times if he has 1/3 of his
    health or less left.
    After this attack, he'll repeat the pattern. Note that on the 2nd attack,
    Porky will alternate what he does. If he did the Laser on his 2nd attack,
    then he will use the Porky Bots on the 5th attack, and then the Laser
    again on the 8th attack and so on. All the other attacks are random.
    He has an attack pattern of 3 (just like Ridley).
    The first attack in his pattern is either Iron Tail or where he goes to the
    other side of the screen. No big deal, both of these can be dodged by
    jumping once and mid-air dodging or jumping twice and mid-air dodging
    if you mess up the timing.
    The second attack in his pattern is Hyper Beam (high or low), Extreme
    Speed, or Dig.
    Hyper Beam (the ball of energy in case you were wondering) can be
    dodged (both of them) by just double jumping over them. I always mid-
    air dodge on the way down just in case the explosion or energy trail on
    the ground might knick me.
    Extreme Speed (where he flies up really fast and then dashes across the
    stage horizontally). I would double jump and mid-air dodge toward him
    as he's flying across the stage. If you have time, go ahead and use another
    2nd jump (not the 3rd jump) before dodging. The added height will help
    if you screw up the mid-air dodge timing and help you avoid getting hit.
    Note that if he has 1/3 of his health or less, he will use this attack 3 times
    before he stops.
    Dig (when he dives into the ground and comes up really fast out of the
    ground) is really easy to dodge. The only difficulty in dodging this attack
    comes from when he initially dives into the ground. The hit detection on
    this move at the beginning is insanely large so it's difficult to dodge. I'd
    suggest just shielding it. It doesn't break your shield if you don't perfect
    shield it so it'll be fine if you shield a little early. Just walk/sprint to the
    side whenever he's coming out of the ground and you'll be fine. Note that
    like Extreme Speed, if he has 1/3 of his heath or less, he will use this
    attack 3 times before he stops.
    The 3rd attack in the pattern is either Fly, Confusion, or Thunder
    Fly (when he goes into the air, dances around the top of the screen and
    then flies up) is dodged the same way that the 2nd half of Dig is: just run
    to the side and he'll miss you.
    Confusion (when his eyes glow red and everything around you blows up)
    can be dodged by just shielding. I wouldn't recommend trying to dodge it
    because you can get hit by his head while the attack's going and the
    explosion is pretty big so you're not guaranteed to miss all of it.
    Thunder (when he goes into the air, goes into a ring, and shoots lightning
    at you) is by far the hardest attack to dodge. You can dodge this three
    ways with “normal” characters, but they're difficult to do. The first is to
    jump once to the side and mid-air dodge while the lightning comes down.
    If you time it perfectly, the lightning will pass right through you and
    when you land, you'll miss the splash area on the ground from the attack.
    The 2nd way to dodge this is just to shield it. The difficulty with this is
    that if you don't do a perfect shield (and even if you do) you have to let
    go of the shield at just the right time or you'll risk taking damage or
    breaking your shield. If you're just trying to pass boss battles (not
    necessarily 0%ing it) then I'd suggest doing the first method because
    that'll guarantee that you won't risk breaking your shield and dying.  The
    3rd method can only reliably be used when Rayquaza is one of the first 3
    bosses.  You can roll away right as the lightning’s coming down but the
    timing is ungodly difficult and I’d refrain from it.
    Remember the way the pattern works. Rayquaza will do ONE of those
    attacks from each of the lists, and then he will move to the next attack
    and do ONE of them, move to the 3rd attack and do ONE of those, then
    he'll repeat the entire pattern. Each attack is completely random except
    for the first attack. That attack depends on your position in relation to
    Rayquaza: if you're close to him, he does Iron Tail, if you're far away
    from him, he moves to the other side of the stage.  I’ve also noticed that
    he doesn’t do the Thunder until he’s taken quite a bit of damage so pay
    attention to his health.
    The Blue Side
    I'd suggest actually staying close to the blue side at all costs. The blue
    side will do one of 4 attacks to start: Dash, Roll, Head Blade, or Spin
    Dash – When red sparks appear when he spins his wheels and he dashes
    quickly across the stage is explained in the pink side section because if
    you’re standing next to the blue side, the probability of him doing the
    dash is reduced almost to zero.
    Roll – When he rolls slowly across the stage toward you and attacks 3
    times with his lance arms can be avoided by simply roll-dodging away
    from him when he gets close to you.  If you wait until the tips of his lance
    arms are above you head, and then roll away, then you should be good on
    avoiding it.  You can check out any of the videos for a visual reference on
    when to roll away if you want.
    Head Blade – When he leans back and smashes his head down at the
    ground is best dodged by a mid-air dodge because there is a small amount
    of splash damage that occurs after the attack is finished and even if you
    side-dodge the normal attack, you can still take 6% damage from the
    aftereffects of the attack.
    Spin – When he spins around like Galleom and sucks you in if you’re
    close enough is best avoided by rolling away or running away from him.
    It’s pretty easy to avoid unless you’re hanging on the edge.  In that case,
    let go of the edge by tapping away from the stage and if your character
    has a tether grab, do it and hang there until the attack is over.  If your
    character doesn’t have a tether recovery, then tap away from the stage
    and perform your 2nd and 3rd jumps and grab onto the edge again.  If you
    do it correctly, then you’ll grab the edge and the invincibility frames will
    keep you from getting hit by the end of the attack.
    His 2nd attack on the blue side will be one of 3 attacks: Bombs, Double
    Slash, or Jump
    Bombs – When he shoots bombs that look surprisingly like everlasting
    gobstoppers from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in a random
    pattern is the only attack you really have to worry about because it’s not
    the same every time.  My suggestion is to run to the other side of the
    stage because that gives you more space to move and if absolutely
    necessary, you can run off the stage and grab back on.  You can blow
    them up with projectiles but most of the time you’ll only hit one or two of
    the bombs and then you’ll be in a bad position to dodge the remaining
    ones so I’d vote against doing it.
    Double Slash – When he slashes horizontally with both lance arms in an
    anime-like pose is best dodged with a mid-air dodge and shouldn’t be too
    difficult to dodge.  Don’t let the range of the attack fool you.  It covers
    half the stage, so don’t think you’re safe by walking away from him for a
    Jump – When he jumps to the other side of the stage like Porky can be
    dodged the same way that Porky’s can be dodge… just… move.
    Honestly unless you’re completely retarded and run to where he’ll land,
    you shouldn’t get hit by this.  With that said, I have gotten hit by this
    attack a couple times and it’s embarrassing.
    During the breaks of all these attacks, you can hurt him quite a bit. Duon
    doesn't have that much health but it's just so hard to actually hit him
    decently; that's why it takes so long to kill him if you don't get the 4
    missiles to hit/kill him.
    The Purple Side
    As for the purple side, keep your distance as much as you can. This side
    will start with one of 5 attacks: Dash, Spin, Rapid Shot (small arc), Rapid
    Shot (large arc), or Triple Laser.
    Dash – When red sparks appear when he spins his wheels and he dashes
    quickly across the stage should be dodged by using your 2nd jump (and
    3rd jump if necessary) the moment you see the red spark appear on his
    wheel to avoid getting hit.  No mid-air dodge is necessary as it will
    almost never help you avoid getting hit.  You can also dodge it by rolling
    toward him at the right time but it’s really difficult to dodge so I’d not
    use it.  Keep in mind that if you land away from him, then the blue side
    might do it too so be ready to adjust and react accordingly.
    Spin – Exact same as the blue side but if you’re keeping your distance,
    then it should never happen so don’t worry about it.
    Rapid Shot (small arc) – When he shoots purple energy shots out of his
    arm cannon starting at the ground and slowly going up to horizontal is
    best dodged by waiting until the arc starts traveling across the stage and
    jumping over it and mid-air dodging if necessary.  If you’re standing far
    away from the purple side then you’ll have plenty of time to react so you
    shouldn’t worry about it.
    Rapid Shot (large arc) – When he shoots purple energy shots out of his
    arm cannon starting at the ground and rapidly shooting up and over his
    head is best dodged by standing absolutely still and letting the shots miss
    you themselves as long as you’re standing away from the purple side.
    You can reference the later videos if you want to see what I mean if it’s
    unclear where you need to stand.
    Triple Laser – When he shoots three blue laser beams that are incredibly
    difficult to dodge accurately is easily dodged if you sprint away from him
    and jump over the first one, double jump over the second, and fall
    underneath the third. I'd suggest doing a midair dodge between the
    second and third because there's a good chance that you mistimed the first
    jump and the tail end of the second shot or the beginning of the third shot
    can nick you. Check out the Bowser video if you want a visual of that
    because I have to dodge it twice.
    The purple side's 2nd attack will be one of 3 attacks: Rapid Shot (small
    arc), Jump, and Missiles.
    Missiles – When he shoots four missiles out and they target you and
    follow you around are a godsend because you can win easily with them.
    Once he fires the missiles, do all three jumps to jump over him if
    necessary and get behind him. DO NOT LAND BEHIND HIM BUT
    RATHER HANG ONTO THE EDGE. The reason for this is if you land,
    he'll do the spinning attack most of the time before you can get out of the
    way and you'll be trapped and take massive damage. Hanging onto the
    ledge gives you a second or two of invulnerability and you can drop
    down and use your 3rd jump to grab it again if you need more time. From
    the ledge, you can proceed to attack the hell out of him from the safety of
    being behind him.
    Tabuu's got the hardest attack pattern of all (as to be expected since he's
    freaking Tabuu). He has an attack pattern of 8!
    The first attack is one of three: Spear Fish, Lance, or Golden Box
    Spear Fish - When he turns into a giant fish...thing... and dashes across
    the stage. You can either jump over this or you can mid-air dodge it. Each
    one is pretty safe.
    Lance - When he dive bombs the stage with a pinkish lance in a
    pendulum-type manner. Just double jump over it. It takes long enough for
    him to do the attack that you shouldn't have too much trouble jumping
    over it.
    Golden Butterfly - When he turns into this really cool-looking container
    thing. The path this thing takes depends on where you are when he starts
    moving. If you're on the ground when he starts moving, then it'll take the
    same path as the Lance attack. If you're in the air, then it'll go more
    horizontally. I'd suggest double jumping and mid-air dodging whenever
    you notice that he's doing the attack. He "should" go underneath you but
    in case your timing was off than the mid-air dodge should save you from
    getting hit.
    The second attack will be one of three: Fury Swipes, Golden Whip,
    Electric Orbit.
    Fury Swipes - (Named because it's just like the Pokemon attack ^^)
    ALWAYS has Tabuu facing to the right when he uses it regardless of
    where you are. So run to the left if you see him stop next to you and
    you'll be fine. However, even though he's facing the right, you'll still get
    hit if you try and attack him physically on his back so wait it out or throw
    projectiles at him.
    Golden Whip - This is a timing thing. You just have to go to subspace
    emissary and practice until you can dodge it in your sleep. You can mid-
    air dodge it the easiest. I've been told that you can jump over it and you'll
    be fine but I haven't gotten that to work before so I'm still a little
    skeptical. Check out my vids (probably Squirtle because I think I dodge it
    twice in that one) if you want to see the timing.
    Electric Orbit - When he hovers in place and three electric balls circle
    around him. This attack is pretty quick so you have to react quickly. You
    should sprint away from him as soon as you see he's doing the attack and
    you'll be fine.
    The third attack is one of three: Scatter Shot, Dragon Beam, or Ninja
    Scatter Shot - This is the hardest attack to dodge every time because it's
    random where he'll appear and depending on that, it can either be
    extremely easy or near impossible to dodge. Basically my strategy is
    whenever he winds up for the attack, I double jump over the first shots.
    Then when I land on the ground, I shield the rest of the attack. Since
    you're just trying to beat it, if you get hit at the beginning of the attack,
    don't worry, you can still shield if you get hit so you can avoid the rest of
    the attack. Also, he shoots a giant explosion at the end so make sure to
    keep your distance after the mini shots are done.
    Dragon Beam - When he jumps on this dragon-head-looking...thing and a
    giant blue beam shoots across the stage. You should jump over this until
    it's done. It has PLENTY of start up time so you have time to see it
    coming and react.
    Ninja Star - When he shots a boomerang-type 6-pointed star across the
    screen. It'll hit the stage in the center, stop on the other side, and come
    back hitting the stage in the same spot again. I'd suggest double jumping,
    landing, and immediately double jumping again to avoid the return throw.
    The fourth attack is ALWAYS the Triple Rings.
    Triple Rings - There's no easy way to say this. You HAVE to side dodge
    them (if you want to get technical then there are other ways to dodge it
    but they’re all character-specific) and you HAVE to learn the timing
    perfectly. There's no way around it. To learn the timing, I'd first suggest
    going into training mode against a Pit, and then spamming Pit's arrows. If
    you can side-dodge Pit's arrows, then they are roughly the same timing as
    the Triple Rings. After you can do that easily, go into SSE and practice
    there (believe me it sucks getting all the way past the other 9 bosses only
    to fail on Tabuu because you don't know the timing so just go into SSE to
    be safe and save some time). You can practice on any difficulty because
    that particular attack is the same speed regardless if you are on Easy or
    Intense. Once you learn the timing, you'll never get hit by the attack
    again. I usually stand in the center of the stage but you can stand
    wherever you feel most comfortable.
    The fifth attack is the exact same as the first attack.
    The sixth attack is one of three attacks: Multiple Bodies, Explosive Line,
    Fury Swipes.
    Multiple Bodies - When he turns into like 20 Tabuus and sends these
    explosive monsters off in random directions. This attack is extremely
    difficult to dodge because it's completely random where the bodies will
    go. I've found it best to sprint to the nearest edge and grab on. If one
    comes near you, you can drop down below the stage and then grab on
    again. They won't go through the stage so if you fall underneath it for a
    bit, you'll be protected.
    Explosive Line - When he sends an invisible line with a few sparkles
    toward you and then shortly afterwards, explosions occur where the
    sparks were. Like the Multiple Bodies, sprint away from Tabuu toward
    the edge and grab onto it. The explosions shouldn't get close enough to
    you to hurt you while you're on the edge but you can drop down again if
    you need to in order to avoid it.
    The seventh attack is the same as the third attack.
    The eighth attack is ALWAYS the Eye Lasers.
    Eye Lasers - Whenever you see which side he's attacking from, sprint as
    quickly as you can toward him. Stand as close to the edge as you can
    without falling off and you'll be free to attack him without the risk of
    being hit. If you want to take an added precaution (I do this when I'm
    close to beating him with no-damage) than whenever a laser is coming
    toward you, you can roll toward the edge. You'll stay in place and the roll
    dodge will provide you enough added protection so that you won't get hit.
    This is a list of all the bosses’ health.  The health changes slightly
    depending on whether you fight them as one of the first 3, one of the
    second 3, or as one of the last 3, so I’ve included all of them and they’re
    in order.  If there’s anything to note about a specific boss, I’ll do so after
    all of them have been listed.
    RAYQUAZA (direct attacks only)
    RAYQUAZA (projectiles only)
    230 %
    You’ll notice that Petey’s actual body has more than 4 times as much
    health as the cages do.  So, a general strategy is to concentrate on only
    one cage and try to direct your attacks so that you hit the cage and Petey
    at the same time.  The result will add a little bit of extra damage to
    whatever you do to the cage so you can kill him faster.
    Stay away from projectiles at all costs on Rayquaza.  Projectiles include
    any sort of energy attacks (ROB’s forward and up smash,
    Bowser’s/Charizard’s fire, Zelda’s forward and up smash, etc…) and any
    “normal” projectile (Yoshi’s egg, Fox’s laser, Diddy’s peanuts, etc…).
    To give you a good example of why you shouldn’t use them, let’s take
    Diddy Kong.  If you connect a down smash against Rayquaza and hit the
    front and back of the attack so that it double hits, then Rayquaza will take
    28% damage.  This would equate to about 95% projectile damage.  If you
    used Diddy’s peanut gun, which does about 5% damage, then you’d have
    to hit Rayquaza 19 times with it to do the same damage you did with one
    down smash.  Just stay away from projectiles because they don’t do
    anything significant.
    Every other boss it doesn’t matter whether you use projectiles or direct
    attacks because they don’t have any special guards against them.
    Duon’s missiles will do 18% damage to you if you get hit by them, but
    surprisingly, they do 30% damage if they hit Duon directly.  You can do
    the math, but basically if you can get all 4 missiles to hit Duon twice,
    then it will kill him.  You don’t even have to attack him if you don’t want
    to.  And that’s a common strategy.  You can stay away from him at all
    costs which makes the triple laser easier to dodge and it gives you more
    time to react if he dashes across the stage.  You can concentrate on
    dodging and then spring into action whenever the missiles are fired and
    then retreat back to a safe place.  However you want to use the missiles is
    up to you but they can be a life saver sometime.
    That’s all for their health.  I won’t say that these numbers are 100%
    accurate, but the way I came up with them is I fought each boss in Boss
    Battles until I had fought all of them twice at the 1-3, 4-6, and 7-9 marks
    using only a single projectile and a single attack.  With the known values
    of the attacks in training mode, I just counted how many times I had to
    attack them.  I’m not sure if attacks weaken or not in boss battles so these
    values are assuming that your first attack is the same strength as your
    final attack.  In any case, these numbers are all rounded to the nearest
    10% to make it easier so although they’re not perfect numbers, you can
    tell which bosses will be easier to take down and which you’ll have to
    spend a little more time on.
    Here are all 39 (counting each Pokemon as a different character)
    characters’ no-damage videos.  Instead of going through each character
    (which would take a LOOOOOONG time), I have all the characters done
    with no-damage on Youtube, and if there are any interesting things that
    you can do with the characters then I’ll note them next to the characters
    but for a more complete discussion about them, read the descriptions on
    the Youtube page and check out some of the comments.  If you have any
    questions on certain characters, watch the video/s first and then if you
    still have questions, go ahead and contact me.  My contact info is at the
    beginning and end of this FAQ.  Anyway, here are all the videos and note
    that I did all of these myself.  Here’s the order in which I completed
    Yoshi was the first character I did.  He’s my main so I had to do it with
    him first.  The only thing unique about Yoshi is that you can use the Egg
    Roll (Side-B) to avoid Porky’s Pink Lightning.
    Nothing unique about Charizard except the Rock Smash of own
    everything and for Tabuu’s Triple Rings, you can switch out Pokemon to
    avoid it.
    Be careful with the forward smash.  It does a lot of damage but the lag is
    pathetic afterwards.
    Same as Charizard, the side-B is your friend so use it a lot.  You can also
    use Kirby’s down B to avoid Rayquaza’s Thunder and a plethora of other
    Part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QixeR-
    Part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHywmyI-
    A good thing about Lucario is you can use his counter to avoid
    Rayquaza’s Thunder (which is a HUGE  plus).  Use his down aerial a lot
    because it does the most damage the quickest and has little lag.
    Part 1 -
    Part 2 -
    You can use Sonic’s speed to outrun Porky’s Pink Lightning and if you
    want to show off, then you can go underneath Final Destination using
    Sonic’s side-B and time the 2nd jump and 3rd jump.
    Part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qjy9LMK-
    Part 2 -
    Squirtle’s side-B makes you invulnerable to damage so you can use it to
    dodge Rayquaza’s Thunder, Duon’s Triple Laser, Porky’s Laser, etc… so
    learn to use it to your advantage.  You can also switch out Pokemon on
    Tabuu’s Triple Rings to avoid them.
    You can use Fox’s reflector on Meta Ridley’s fireball attacks and Master
    Hand’s Shot.
    Nothing special about Donkey Kong except his Down-B is amazing
    against Rayquaza, Duon, and Galleom.
    Use her tether recovery for attacks like Tabuu’s Multiple Tabuu attack
    and Master Hand and Crazy Hand’s Drill.
    Same as Zero Suit Samus’ advice.
    No specific advice aside from the down smash is very nice so use it a lot.
    Part 1 -
    Part 2 -
    Ike’s counter is not good enough to keep you from getting hit by
    Rayquaza’s Thunder so don’t even try it.
    Make use of his multiple jumps.  They’re extremely handy.
    Part 1 -
    Part 2 -
    Avoid using Pikachu’s Thunder.  It’s not very effective for the amount of
    damage it does and the lag is terrible afterwards.
    Same as Ike’s advice.
    Same advice as Fox’s reflector.
    Same advice as Fox’s reflector.
    Stick to the back aerial and the down aerial and same as Zero Suit Samus’
    Nothing to say about him.
    Nothing to say about him.
    Their down smash is amazing against Rayquaza so kill him quickly.
    Same as Metaknight.
    You can use the Psi Magnet (Down B) to recover health from Master
    Hand’s Shot, and Meta Ridley’s fireballs.
    Same advice as Fox.
    Part 1 -
    Part 2 -
    Use his up-B to your advantage and don’t use smash attacks against
    Rayquaza; the tilts do more damage and are faster.
    Same as Lucas.
    You can bucket Duon’s Rapid Shot and throw it back at him for massive
    damage which is nice.
    Nothing to say about him.
    Part 1 -
    Part 2 -
    The Yellow and Red Pikmin are your friends so use them wisely.  Try to
    avoid throwing Pikmin at the bosses because it doesn’t do much damage
    and the stray Pikmin can slow down certain attacks making the timing
    different to dodge.
    Use his bike for recovery a lot to help you get the vertical/horizontal
    space you need to avoid certain things.
    Same as Metaknight strategy.
    Part 1 -
    Part 2 -
    Same advice as Zero Suit Samus and avoid the down smash.  It doesn’t
    do that much damage.
    Use her floating abilities sparingly.  You can’t dodge while you’re
    floating so it can be difficult to dodge certain things if you float a lot.
    Same advice as Metaknight.
    Same as Toon Link
    Part 1 -
    Part 2 -
    Use his tilts more than his smash attacks.  They do about the same
    damage and they’re faster with less lag.
    No advice really, he’s a standard character.
    He’s just a slow Captain Falcon so no advice really.
    This is a little Boss Battles “tier list” if you want to call it that.
    I took every character and looked at the character’s lag, jump, speed, and
    attack and based them from 1 – 10 on what I figured they should be.  This
    gave each character a number out of 40 and then I threw in my own
    personal experience on which characters were easier to complete than
    others and based on that and the number each character had out of 40, I
    ranked all 39 characters based on how easy it is to complete Intense mode
    without taking damage.  The tiers might change depending on whether
    you’re just trying to pass a mode (not no-damage or no-hearts) and what
    difficulty you’re on.  Anyway, here are the characters in order from
    easiest to most difficult based on the requirements I stated above:
    Captain Falcon
    Ice Climbers
    Diddy Kong
    Zero Suit Samus
    Mr. Game & Watch
    Donkey Kong
    Toon Link
    King Dedede
    If you’re looking to get a no-damage run in on your game, then I’d
    suggest using one of the higher characters and once you know the attack
    patterns, you shouldn’t have a problem.  Also, this list is not set in stone
    as it’s based on MY personal playing experience with each character.
    For instance, if a person who mains Olimar were to play this and make
    his/her own tier list then I have no doubt that Olimar would be higher up
    and Yoshi (my main) would be a little lower.
    WHEW!! That's a LOT to swallow but I hope I've given you a bunch of
    tips. Now for the general tips: Since there are 10 bosses total, you can
    take a heart after every 3 bosses and you'll go into Tabuu at 0% damage.
    However, some bosses are easier than others and it might be more
    beneficial to save 'em if say you get Ridley, Meta Ridley, Crazy Hand,
    Master Hand, and Petey all first, then you shouldn't take a heart until after
    Petey. Likewise if you get say Porky and then Duon than you should
    probably take a heart after the two of them. Another thing to note about
    the bosses is that their health and speed are in groups of three: Bosses 1 -
    3 have the lowest health/lowest speed, Bosses 4 - 6 have medium
    health/medium speed, and Bosses 7-9 are insanely fast and have lots of
    Anyway, that's all the advice I can give you. If you have any specific
    concerns regarding the way to dodge the attacks, feel free to ask me or
    check out one of the videos. That'll give you a visual reference if you
    want one.
    This is boring so don’t read it unless you really want to.  Basically, this
    FAQ is copyright to me, YOSH, and the only site that has permission to
    host this FAQ is GameFAQs.com.  You are welcome to print out the
    FAQ or reference it as you wish but DO NOT post any part of this FAQ
    on any other site without clearing it with me first.  If you do happen to
    notice this FAQ somewhere else, please notify me so that I can act
    accordingly.  Alright, enough of that.
    Just in case you don’t want to scroll back up or if you somehow missed it,
    here’s my contact information again:
    Youtube – My username on Youtube is YOSHssb and you can send me a
    private message and I’ll get it and respond accordingly.  Please make sure
    you specify an appropriate subject when sending the message.
    E-mail – My e-mail is craftjt@hendrix.edu and same rules apply to the
    Youtube thing.  Specify a subject on your e-mail or I may delete it
    accidentally when clearing all my junk e-mail.
    AIM – My AIM screen name is sdrawkcab5188.  Just add me to your
    buddy list or something and send me a message.  This is generally the
    fastest way for me to get back in touch with you so if you have AIM try it
    first but if I’m not logged on then send me a message via one of the other
    two methods.
    This concludes my Boss Battles FAQ.  If anyone has a suggestion on how
    to improve the FAQ, if you have any questions about it or the mode, or if
    you just want to chat (I’m extremely friendly) then don’t hesitate to
    contact me.  Good luck in the mode with whatever you’re trying to
    accomplish and thanks for reading ^^
    P.S. Don’t dis the happy light blue dinosaur ;-)

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