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    Spring Guide by TwilightPhoenix

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    Super Smash Brothers Brawl
    Spring Guide
    by TwilightPhoenix
    Table of Contents
    1. The Purpose of the Guide
    2. Types of Springs
    3. Things Everyone Can Do
    4. Notable Spring Techniques for each Character
    5. Items
    6. FAQ
    7. Contact Info
    8. Copyrights
    The Purpose of the Guide
    SPOILER WARNING!  THIS GUIDE IS FULL OF THEM!  Granted, who doesn't know
    all of this game's spoilers yet?
    The point of this guide is to reveal some nifty tricks I discovered 
    involving springs in this game while I was messing around.  I noticed I
    could cancel moves upon landing on a spring, immediately allowing me to use
    a new one.  With some moves, this caused some weird things to happen.  I
    investigated in training mode with some springs and found they could do
    some interesting things with certain moves, some useful, some just weird.
    This guide will cover all of what I've found so far, much of which is
    rather situational in this game, but can be fun or ridiculous.  People who
    play more casually will probably get more usage out of this guide than
    those who play without items and/or on certain stages only, simply because
    springs are rare on stages and having items off, well, practically
    guarantees you won't see one (unless Dedede's capsule makes one show up).
    What's the point to all these tricks?  Weirdness, mind games, controlling
    when you go high from a spring, spamming otherwise unspammable projectiles,
    glitching your bounce height, and several other tricks.  A lot of this is
    mostly for fun, but every character can get some good combat use out of a
    spring in certain situations, such as spiking a player into a spring,
    forcing them to bounce back up where you can spike them into the spring
    again, and repeat.
    Types of Springs
    In Brawl, there are three types of springs:  stage springs, which are a
    part of the stage, springs, which are throwable items, and Sonic's spring,
    which appears when he uses Spring Jump and, if he does it from the ground,
    stays for a few seconds, allowing others to use it.  All three have 
    slightly different properties, allowing you to do the same tricks but
    changes the timing.  The item and Sonic's spring can be walked/fallen
    through, making it harder to do some of the below moves on them.  In 
    contrast, stage springs cannot be passed through, making them much easier,
    but also non-portable.  Spring items can also bounce, which can change
    timing, and fall on their side, which makes them useless for any of the 
    Note:  stage springs can only be found in Pictochat, the Subspace Emissary,
    and custom stages.
    Things Everyone Can Do
    All the characters in the game can take advantage of the spring.  When a
    player lands on a spring, whatever they were doing is instantly cancelled
    by their bounce, ending the animation.  This can be both good or bad,
    depending on what you were doing.  The downsides to this is longer 
    animating aerial attacks and moves being charged up get cancelled, making
    them do nothing.  However, attacks that can do their damage much sooner
    can be cancelled off a spring, allowing an immediate follow-up attack
    This is especially useful for attacks with long animations, like neutral
    aerial attacks, or long delays after executing. Additionally, springs
    refresh jump counts, allowing you to get a new mid-air and recovery
    special attack.
    Knocking players into the spring can set up some interesting combos.
    Depending on the spring's location, it can be possible to repeatedly spike
    a player into a spring.  Otherwise, knocking them down into one can set 
    them up for an unusual aerial combo.  I'm still experimenting with possible
    combos, but I've only found a couple.
    Of course, some characters can make better usage of the springs than
    Notable Spring Techniques for each Character
    Almost every character has some tricks they can do off of springs that
    are worth pointing out among their other moves either for sheer usefulness,
    sheer weirdness, or, most frequently, a combination of the two.  Do note
    that these are easiest to do with stage springs in many cases, as you 
    cannot fall through them and they're the widest.  In contrast, the Spring
    item is the hardest, as it's easy to fall through with some of the 
    spammable moves and tiny.  However, if you adjust your timing slightly,
    everything should be possible on all the springs.
    Cape -  The Cape can be used to cancel Mario's vertical ascent a little
    ways up.  Mostly useful for tricking an opponent, as this doesn't seem
    spammable right on top of the spring.
    Fireball -  If you throw a Fireball close enough to the spring, you can
    throw another one again right afterwards, allowing for double projectiles.
    Since Fireballs fall with gravity, this can be fairly useful for hitting
    opponents on the ground while being vertically evasive.  Why is this
    notable?  Not all characters with projectiles can double shoot.
    Fireball -  As with his brother, Luigi can double throw Fireballs.  His
    travel straight, however, making them a little less useful.
    Green Missile -  This can be spammed right on top of a spring endlessly.
    Green Missile will get cancelled before Luigi can damage anything.  This
    makes this useless as an actual attack, but is pretty weird to see.  Also,
    this move, like any other that cancels momentum, can be used for mind games
    and control when you bounce high off the spring.  For example, you can
    trick someone into approach you and then, when they get close, hit them 
    with an aerial move while going too high to be counter attacked right
    Poor Peach, she doesn't have any notable tricks she can do off the spring.
    Just the standard fare everyone else can.
    Bowser Bomb -  Bowser can spam this over a spring without any landing lag,
    allowing him to pop up and do it again.  It can be done very close to a
    spring, but it won't cause any damage, though it will if you let him get
    some elevation.
    Flying Slam -  Will get cancelled and do no damage if you land on a spring.
    If someone tried to use Flying Slam on you, try to force them onto a 
    spring if one is available.
    ===Donkey Kong===
    Giant Punch -  If you hit a spring before the move completes, you'll
    waste any charge you had!
    Headbutt -  This move cancels all momentum when used, allowing it to 
    quickly be spammed on top of a spring.  In Training mode, I trapped the
    opponent with it on the spring and spammed them 42% damage before they
    escaped.  This will be a bit weaker in actual play since Training doesn't
    cause move spam to do diminished damage, but it can still rack of damage
    if you trap them in the ground.  Or, if your spring is near an edge, it
    lets you ledge guard by spamming spike attacks, which will probably be 
    fatal if you hit a foe with it.
    ===Diddy Kong===
    Peanut Popgun -  If you fire close enough to a spring, you can fire a
    second shot more quickly.  Note landing on a spring will cancel a charge
    if you're building one.
    Monkey Flip -  Grabbed opponents will be freed with zero damage if you
    land on a spring while grabbing their head.
    Egg Throw -  Yoshi can throw a second egg faster if you time throws with
    spring landings right.
    Yoshi Bomb -  Like the Bowser Bomb, Yoshi can spam this right on top of a
    spring.  Also like Bowser, if you spam it repeatedly too close to the
    spring, it won't cause any damage.
    Chomp -  If you land on a spring, the chomped opponent will be freed.
    Wario Bike -  If you land on a spring, Wario will fall off the bike and
    it'll drop in place.
    Wario Waft -  If you use it and bounce of a spring before it "fires", 
    you'll waste your gas!
    Hero's Bow/Gale Boomerang -  You can double shoot/throw these moves
    depending on your timing with spring bounces.  You can use both together
    or two bow shots.  However, you still can't have two boomerangs.  Note
    landing on a spring charging the Hero's Bow will make you loose it.
    Nayru's Love -  As this move cancels momentum, Zelda can spam this on top
    of a spring very rapidly.  On stage springs where you can't fall through
    them, this can effectively make her immune to projectiles.  It also does
    part of the damaging aura around it before getting cancelled by the spring.
    With that, you can spam it quickly and pseudo-trap a foe, almost like a
    rapid combo attack, but not quite.
    Din's Fire -  This move can be nuts with a spring!  Din's fire also
    cancels momentum, so it can be spammed.  When Zelda lands on a spring, she
    can fire another shot and the previous one will continue to exist and still
    explode!  You can only control the most recent Din's fire and only until
    you bounce again.  The rest will more or less go straight, depending on 
    what directional influence you give it, and explode at a seemingly random
    distance.  Unlike Nayru's Love, this can be performed on any spring without
    falling through, allowing for some high powered, albeit somewhat random
    projectile spam.
    Transform -  Notable only because a spring CANNOT cancel this move.  The
    only other moves in the game with this property are Shiek's transform and,
    unless I missed something, Final Smashes.
    Down-aerial -  Like everyone else with a dropping down aerial, Shiek can
    spam hers on top of a spring.  Works best if you get some height before
    using it, as being too close to the spring gives the damage portion of the
    move a very tiny window to do anything.
    Needle Storm -  Landing on the spring in mid-charge/throw will cause you
    to loose your charge.
    Transform -  Exactly like Zelda's.
    Flame Choke -  If you grab an opponent out of the air and then land on a
    spring, they'll go free.  They'll still take 4% damage, however.
    Wizard Foot -  This move has an interesting effect with springs.  First,
    yes, it can be spammed onto a spring since it's a momentum killer.
    However, what makes it notable is it can be used to gain double spring
    height!  I've only been able to consistently do this with stage springs, 
    Sonic's spring doesn't seem to work (my timing might be off though).
    If you execute this right when you bounce, Gannondorf will instead flip
    in mid-air and go twice as high.  Great for escapes, mind games, chasing
    Pit into the air, escaping Lucario's Final Smash, or what have you.  Only
    Gannondorf and R.O.B. can get boosted spring height, as far as I've seen,
    and only Gannondorf can do it without being locked into an animation.
    Combo -  You can pull someone down with you onto a spring with Wizard's
    Foot.  They'll hit the spring a little before you, putting them in a
    perfect spot once you both bounce to be followed-up with an up-aerial
    ===Toon Link===
    Down-aerial -  Like Shiek, it can be spammed on a spring.  It has a greater
    window for damage than Shiek's, so you can still hurt people by staying as
    close as possible to the spring.
    Hero's Bow/Boomerang -  Can be double used in the exact same style as Link.
    Either together or two bow shots.  Note landing on a spring will cancel
    your charge for the Hero's Bow.
    Combo -  A tricky one is to repeatedly spike a foe with your down-aerial
    into a spring.  At the right height, you spike them, you bounce off of
    them, they bounce up back up, you spike again, rinse and repeat.  Higher
    elevation gives more leeway for error, but also makes it easier to
    Charge Shot/Missile -  These can be double shot together.  Regular,
    homing missiles can be fired closer together than Super Missiles, but you
    can do both.  Note if you land before your Charge Shot is finished, you'll
    loose your charge.  So, if you want to double fire that, either do it
    uncharged or fire it second!
    Bomb -  Can kind of be spammed on a spring, since it cancels momentum.
    The spring will cause you to ignore the bomb blasts yourself, allowing you
    to drop them without pause.  However, you do seem to eventually get popped
    upwards, though my timing may just be off.
    ===Zero Suit Samus===
    Down-aerial -  Can be spammed like Shiek's, and needs to be used similarly
    to be effective.
    Paralyzer -  Can be double-shot with the right timing.  Note that the
    spring will cancel a charge-up if you land on one.
    Palutena's Arrow -  Can be double fired, though is hard to do due to Pit's
    fairly high fire speed.  Unlike other controllable projectiles, ALL of
    Pit's arrows can be controlled.
    ===Ice Climbers===
    Desyncing the Ice Climbers and doing spring tricks can result in 
    interesting moves.
    Down-aerial -  Cancels momentum, so it can be spammed.  It enters the
    damage portion of the animation quickly, so it can be done from any
    height and inflict damage.
    Ice Shot -  Can be double fired.  By both.  And in two directions if 
    they're facing different directions.
    Squall Hammer -  Can be spammed, but it is exceedingly difficult, 
    especially with a tiny spring.  Multiple springs make it easier, however.
    Belay -  Notable because the behavior can be weird sometimes with springs,
    throwing Popo in odd directions.  Usually this tends to go backwards and 
    down, but I've also gotten stuck drifting sideways, upwards, and so forth.
    Once I even got locked into a drift until I went off the stage and died,
    with Nana chasing after me.
    Down-aerial:  Can be spammed really close to the spring, but will be 
    cancelled before it can do damage.  Winds up simply looking weird and
    Robo Beam/Gyro -  Can be double shot, but only if both are charged.  Also,
    if you land on the spring in mid-animation, you'll get canceled and loose
    the charge.
    Arm Rotor -  Notable because it gives you extra spring height when used
    right as you bounce.  Not nearly as much as Gannondorf and you do get
    locked in the move briefly, but can be useful when you need more height.
    Final Cutter -  Due to the lack of landing lag, you can spam it rather
    quickly on a spring, making a nice, vertical, up/down attack.  It doesn't
    create the projectile, however.
    Hammer -  Cancels upwards momentum and can be done repeatedly on a spring,
    but is hard to do and won't cause damage.  You can come off a spring at a
    low height with the first swing, however, and surprise an opponent.
    Stone -  The spring will break you out stone form instantly without any
    animation.  Additionally, Stone cancels momentum, so you can spam it on a
    spring as well and enjoy rapid fire, albeit brief, periods of 
    ===Meta Knight===
    Mach Tornado -  Can be spammed endlessly on a spring, but it is hard to do.
    Additionally, there will be a pause in it where Meta Knight stops due to
    landing on the spring.  Done well, it can trap an opponent at least for a
    little bit.
    Drill Rush -  Can be spammed close to the spring, but gets cancelled before
    it can do damage.  Like other non-damaging spam moves, its best use is for
    mind games and controlling when you spring up.
    Dimensional Cape -  Can be spammed straight down into the spring.  On
    contact with the spring, Meta Knight's invincibility and invisibility
    breaks instantly, letting you do it again.  And, because you still gain
    some height, you can go in any other direction at any time to fool or
    attack opponents.  Note if you hit the spring, you can't attack.  You can
    go diagonally and hit someone near the spring.
    ===King Dedede===
    Waddle Dee Toss -  Like many other projectile moves, it can be double
    thrown.  Though, it's tough due to the longer animation.  Interesting to
    note, if you pull out the minion but don't throw before you land on the
    spring, Dedede will drop the minion.  On a stage spring, they won't walk
    off of it sometimes, which can allow a Waddle Do to guard a spring for you.
    Super Dedede Jump -  Can more or less spam it on a spring, due the lack of
    landing lag, though it won't have the hit pound.  You could do this on
    a spring repeatedly and then suddenly go one way or another, but, since
    it's slow, not sure if you'll surprise anyone... unless you land on a 
    higher platform fairly quickly.
    Pikmin Throw -  Can be thrown in quick succession, though the window is
    small since this is a rather fast animating projectile to begin with.
    Pikmin Chain -  Can be spammed close to the spring, letting you pelt
    players from diagonally above.  It'll also quickly change the order of your
    Pikmin in the same way Pikmin Order does, albeit slower.
    Blaster -  Notable only because the spring can actually make the rate of
    fire pause if you land at the wrong moment, unlike every other spammable
    projectile with springs.
    Fox Illusion -  Can be spammed on a spring, but it extremely hard to do
    and won't do any damage.  You're likely to wind up missing a beat and shoot
    off in the direction you're facing.  Good if you want the randomness, bad
    Reflector -  You can spam it on a spring, but the spring interrupts it.
    Good for controlling when you launch, but bad for reflecting.  You could
    use it offensively on a spring, however...
    Fire Fox -  You can spam it down into the spring without the landing lag,
    but... it's really slow.
    Reflector -  It can be double tossed with a spring, allowing you to trip up
    someone twice or reflect a pair of projectiles.  Good for countering
    someone trying to shoot you off a spring.
    Falco Phantasm -  Similar in every way to Fox Illusion when it comes to
    Fire Bird -  Also similar to Fire Fox in every way for springs.
    Blaster -  Unlike the other Starfox characters, the spring will allow you 
    to fire off two shots in quick succession.  Or potentially melee someone
    with the blade on it twice.
    Wolf Flash -  Similar to Fox Illusion and Falco Phantasm, except it's even
    HARDER to do on a spring.
    Fire Wolf -  Can be spammed down into the spring repeatedly.  Much better
    than Fire Fox/Bird, since it's faster and can also be better used for
    mind games, such as suddenly going in a different direction.
    ===Captain Falcon===
    Falcon Kick -  Like Gannodorf with Wizard's Foot, Captain Falcon can spam
    his kick down into the spring.  Unlike Gannodorf, he cannot double his
    height with this move, though he will flip in mid-air if you execute Falcon
    Kick right when you bounce.  I suppose that could confuse an opponent
    watching you closely.
    Thunder Jolt -  You can double-shoot it quickly with a spring.  Depending
    on your timing and spring location, that could be two balls, two slinkies,
    or both.
    Quick Attack -  You can quickly spam it down onto the spring endlessly,
    allowing you to suddenly move in a different direction to surprise an
    opponent.  Tough to do, however, since Quick Attack is fast.
    Skull Bash -  Can be spammed close to the spring, but won't cause any
    damage.  Additionally, the spring will cancel a Skull Bash that's charging.
    Can be used for mind games, however.
    Thunder -  Pikachu can cause some serious vertical pain.  With the right
    timing, Pikachu can use Thunder twice, causing two bolts to fall from the
    sky almost simultaneously.  If you jump onto the spring or off, you can
    have the two bolts land close together inside of side by side.
    ... I wonder if Thunderspamming on Wifi is about to get worse?
    The little turtle doesn't have anything I can find out of the ordinary that
    works well with springs.  Just multiple areas like everyone else.
    Up-aerial -  You can spam this to juggle a foe in the air above the spring.
    You'll get thrown down into the spring quite quickly, though the attack
    will be a little ways above it.  This will more or less create an 
    impassable cloud of pollen.
    Down-aerial -  Also, spammable, but slower since Ivysaur's mid-air flip
    causes it to quit falling briefly.  It's still much faster than using it
    Razorleaf -  With the right timing, you can throw two close together.
    Vine Whip -  Can be spammed like Pikmin Chain.  Except, it's faster.
    Nothing to note here either.  The spring doesn't even make you drop
    Rock Smash's boulder, just makes it vanish.
    Down-aerial -  Can be spammed right on top of the spring.  And, it works
    like it normally does, full damage and everything, allowing you to rack
    up some damage if you can get someone right on the spring as well as 
    letting you bounce as you please.
    Aura Sphere -  Can be thrown twice in quick succession, though a fully
    charged one sends him backwards, making it difficult.  Also, if the
    sphere isn't charged all the way, a spring will kill the charge if you
    land on one while charing.  Or if you throw too close to the spring.
    Double Team -  Can be spammed on the spring, letting you do lots of 
    counter attacks.  Only problem is, if you're too close to the spring, the
    actual counter attack will get cancelled.
    Pound -  Cancels height mainly and can be spammed on the spring with some 
    effort.  Repeatedly pounding on a spring can be a mind game and surprise 
    an opponent when you come off with the attack at the exact same elevation.
    Dancing Blade -  Can be spammed on the springs without any ending lag.
    However, landing on the spring resets wherever you were at in the move,
    forcing you to start over.  This can make spamming Dancing Blade with
    springs tricky, but done well makes it nearly impossible for a foe to
    approach you from in front without projectiles.
    Counter -  Marth can also rapidly spam counter on a spring.  As far as 
    I've seen, you cannot grab players off a springs, Flame Choke, Inhale,
    Flying Slam, Monkey Flip, and Chomp aside.  Consequently, to dislodge you
    off the spring, the opponent will be forced to attack you more directly
    and risk being countered.  Marth suffers vulnerability during the bounce,
    but is also able to counter half the time or more while doing this.  
    Finally, Marth's counter swing is fast enough to strike before being 
    cancelled by a bounce.
    Shield Breaker -  Springs will cancel the charge.
    Aether -  Like Kirby's Final Cutter, this can be spammed on a spring 
    without the landing lag, making a sort of vertical wall.  Ike also won't
    flinch from some attacks while performing Aether, so countering it can be
    tricky for some characters.
    Counter -  Exactly like Marth's, except much less effective since Ike
    takes longer to be in counter-mode and he swings slower, forcing you to
    be higher off the spring lest your swing get cancelled.
    Eruption -  Springs will cancel the charge up of this move.
    Quick Draw -  Springs will cancel the charge up of this move as well.  It's
    also oddly unspammable on a spring, as far as I can tell.
    PK Fire -  Can be double shot.  Fairly useful in the fact that it goes at
    a downward angle, so it's easier to aim at one particular spot.
    Psi Magnet -  It can be spammed on the spring.  Useful mostly for mind
    games or controlling spring bounce, as there's no advantage to spamming
    it over holding it.  Except maybe gently pushing someone off a spring?
    PK Thunder -  It can be spammed, but landing on the spring will end the
    attack and make the bolt vanish.  A shame, really, as spraying a bunch of
    thunderbolts in every direction would be pretty cool.
    PK Flash -  Can also be spammed, but the projectile also vanishes on 
    bounce, just like PK Thunder.  Now this one could have been really awesome,
    but sadly it doesn't work.
    PK Fire -  Since Lucas gets pushed back by his PK Fire, double shooting it
    is a major challenge, but possible.
    Psi Magnet -  Can be spammed like Ness, but the damage portion won't go off
    if you bounce, making it about as useful as Ness' on the spring.
    PK Thunder -  Works exactly like Ness'.
    PK Freeze -  Also works like PK Flash.  Poor Earthbound characters, while
    Zelda can spam Din's Fire like mad, these two suffer from a total of four
    Missed Moments of Awesome between them.
    ===Mr. Game and Watch===
    Down-aerial -  Can be spammed onto the spring.  And, like Toon Link's, it
    draws out quickly, allowing it to do damage easily with each fall.  Very
    fun to do, especially since G&W is already a quirky character.
    Chef -  While it already was sort of spammable, springs let you spam it
    endlessly without that mandatory pause, allowing for an endless amount
    of flying foods.
    Oil Panic -  Cancels momentum and can be spammed on the spring.  But, like
    the Psi Magnets, spamming it has no direct utility over holding, but can
    still be used for mind games and spring control.
    Hand Grenade -  Two can be thrown in quick succession, though if you 
    mistime the first one, Snake will drop it on the spring.  This can be
    good or bad, depending on what you're trying to do.
    C4 -  Can be dropped and then detonated quickly, though the window for
    pulling this off is very tiny.  Too soon and it takes as long as normal.
    Too late and the drop gets interrupted.
    Remote Missile -  Can be spammed to a degree.  Landing on a spring with a
    Remote Missile active causes Snake to loose control of it, but it is still
    dangerous and will explode on contact with anyone or anything it hits, 
    like normal.  This can be used to cancel Snake's control of the missile
    without loosing the missile or to have multiple missiles out (though only
    the most recent is controllable).  
    Down-aerial -  Like Shiek and Zero Suit Samus, it can be spammed on a
    spring.  However, you'll want some elevation for it to be effective, 
    because close to the spring the window for hitting is small.
    Spring Jump -  Notable in that it's the only up-special recovery that a
    spring WILL NOT refresh!
    Some items work a bit differently with springs or may change the 
    effectiveness of spring techniques.
    Assist Trophy -  You cannot use on of these on a spring.
    Metal Box, Mushroom, Poison Mushroom, Lightning Bolt -  All of these will
    change bounce speed or height relative to the character's size and weight.
    As a result, it'll change the timing for all spring moves.  Being metal
    and/or big can possible eliminate some techniques, whereas being small
    might open some more.
    Cracker Launcher -  Bouncing will make you drop it.
    Super Scope -  The bounce will interrupt a charge up and cancel it.
    Additionally, it will still use the ammunition!
    Golden Hammer -  The hover effect can be used to negate the bounce.
    Bombomb -  Still will walk back and forth on a stage spring.
    Pitfall -  If you throw one into a stage spring, it will actually plant 
    itself next to it!  This can be very sneaky as someone who isn't familiar
    with this mechanic might wander onto what he things is a safe spot and get
    Motion Sensor Bomb, Urina -  These, however, will stick to the stage
    Spring -  These will sit on a stage spring.  If it falls sideways, it can
    effectively lock down the spring like a bumper.  Also, a nifty trick with
    Springs is, if you're falling fast enough, you can throw one straight
    down and bounce from it instantly!  In the process, you'll regain all of
    your jumps!  Handy for recoveries, aerial combat, and mind games!
    Frequently Asked Question
    Ok, since this is the first version, none have been asked yet.  However,
    to anticipate...
    Q:  I have a question about this non-Spring related mechanic for Brawl...
    A:  Please ask someone else.  I might be nice and answer it, but there's
    plenty of guides and more on GameFAQs and I'll most likely tell you to look
    elsewhere.  And, while I have toyed with Spring's quirky mechanics a bit,
    I don't know everything.
    Q:  Who's your main/which characters do you play?
    A:  I can play the entire roster fairly well and often pick random.  Of
    course, I'm better with some characters than other.  As for my main, it's
    Pikachu, with Wolf and Ike trying to figure out who is my second and third
    best.  Funny thing is, when I picked up the game I intended to main Fox,
    Pit, and Sonic...
    Q:  What's your friend code?
    A:  Because it's useless to you without me adding yours, it's
    5455-9120-7758.  Now, keep in mind, if you send me yours, I may or may not
    add if you.  Also, at the writing of this version, I'm having troubles
    getting my Wii online in my dorm, so I can't even play online.  And even
    then, I don't play online very frequently, usually only in pre-arranged
    matches.  And then there's that whole "I'm better offline" spiel that
    applies to pretty much everyone due to network lag...
    Q:  Hey, I discovered something you didn't...
    A:  Tell me and I'll add it to the guide!  And credit you!  What I really
    need are some spring-related combos for characters.  Ones that can be
    done consistently.  I only have two in the guide and I'd like to have one
    for at least each character, even if that character only has a highly
    situational and impractical combo.  But, even if you find something that's
    not a combo, I'll still take it.
    Contact Info
    Questions?  Comments?  Did I have incorrect information on something?  
    Email me at TwilightPhoenix@gmail.com.  Make sure to have something
    like "Spring Guide" as the subject.  Also, no attachments unless 
    I am expecting one from you.  Finally, hate mail will be ignored, deleted, 
    and blocked.
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