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"The Near Perfect Game"

Super Smash Bros. Brawl. After the lengthy wait and overextended hype, a copy of the sequel to the best-selling game of the Gamecube has fallen into my hands. But does it meet the hype? Also, will it stand up to its predecessor? Thats what I am here to tell you about.

The game really shines here. From the polish of the metal on Link's sword, to the glare on a character's body, to the impressive particle shading effects. This is the best we have seen on the Wii and by the looks of it, the best we will see. The character design is fluent. With characters looking like they should. The denim on Wario and Mario for example, looks like it should. The attacks appear with that extra POW that makes you think "wow, they made this work this well?" Yes they did make this work this well, and it is impressive.

The controls are fantastic. First of all, they give you four, thats right, four different control options to choose from. The wii remote, the wii remote/nunchuck combo, the classic controller, and, wait for it, the gamecube controller. From what I've seen of the wii remote, nunchuck, and GC controller, the gamecube control option seems to be the best. But that is not where the variation in control ends. The game even gives you the option to customize the control options when you register a name. So you could have the "A" button be your special attacks, the "B" button be your smash attacks and the "C" stick be your standard attacks if you so wish. I feel they could have adapted the controls for the wii remote options a little better though.

Brawl does an interesting job telling a story of the brawl universe through the Subspace Emissary, or SSE as it will be called in this review.

The SSE starts off fairly slowly, with Mario and Kirby having a friendly stadium style fight. Where you choose who you would like to fight as. After the fight, the Primids, the army of the Subspace come in via the Halberd. Metaknight's ship. The pair then defeat them and the story takes huge turns involving petey pirahna and various other characters from various universes.

The game involves many hilarious twists, such as the koopas trying to steal DK's banana horde, Lucas and the Pokemon Trainer fighting porky from Earthbound, and many others. The game does it's job with regards to the story. Albeit a little weak due to the lack of voice acting, which leaves you to interpret what the character's are trying to say.

This is where the game really shines. The game is in principal, the same as Melee. You are trying to hurt your opponent enough to knock them off the stage to score a point. But the principal is far from the means. You have many things to assist you. From assist trophies, that act like pokeballs of the nintendo universe, to the omnipotent smash ball. Which causes you to gain a special attack that will decimate an opponent. Everything combined causes a match to become so hectic that it can sometimes be hard to keep track of. There are also various attractions away from the fight that you can take part in. Such as homerun contest. Which you need to hit a "sandbag" enemy as far as possible. Or event, where specific goals need to be met. This is a stuffed gameplay experience, and one you will not be disappointed in.

STAGES: 9/10
The stage selection is amazing for a fighting game. 40 something stages to choose from, not to mention the stages made in the stage builder will keep you occupied for hours on end. The "My Music" section is also fun to tinker with. If you feel like listening to something easy, go to my music and change the odds of an easy listening song appearing on a stage. That way, you are guaranteed to hear music that you will like. An extensive stage selection plus a virtually unlimited selection of custom stages will keep this a strong game for many years to come.

AUDIO: 9/10
The audio in the game is an impressive sight to behold. 50 different songs available at the beginning plus about 50 more to unlock is a glistening listening experience for any avid nintendo fan to behold. And the audio isn't low quality either. All 100 plus songs are crisp and clear sounding for the perfect ambient sound. All the attack sounds and sounds by the various characters are just as clear. Some of the songs can be doubtable however. The remix of the song in many cases sounds worst than the original. So I think they should have given the option.

FINAL JUDGEMENT: 9/10 (Not an average)
The new standard in Nintendo fighting. Do not bother looking anywhere else for a long time, because this game will consume your life just like it has mine.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/10/08

Game Release: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (US, 03/09/08)

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