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"Show me ya moves"

Super Smash Bros. Brawl has been an infamous game here on Gamefaqs, SBAllen has had to limit the amount of crap posts that could be on the Forum, and he basically told some of the people on there to stop whining about every damn thing [and I loved that]. This is probably one of the biggest games that this little website has ever seen. Mr. Sakurai, I commend you for making a game that has such a huge following, did you ever think this would happen 9 years ago when the first one came out?

But, since this is a review, I will stop my praise for Mr. Sakurai for now, and I will get to trying to explain what I thought of the game. Let's light this candle.

Story: 7

The story is a small step above what we got last time, but when I heard about a story mode I was expecting a hell of a lot more than we got. In the Adventure Mode, called "The Subspace Emissary", the basic plot is that the Ancient Minister and his Subspace Army are planting bombs that will warp places into Subspace, so you as random Nintendo Characters have to go through this world and stop that from happening.

The story is mainly told through cut-scenes, but I am usually trying real hard to figure out what the hell is really going on, I had no real idea why some of the things that were going on in the story really happened. Like in the Bomb Factory, you control Zero Suit Samus, and her Suit is locked up somewhere in the factory, but WHY was it there. It was just little things like that that confused me about the story, and around the end where the boss of all of these evil characters came out I just got more confused.

All in all, stopping the Subspace Bombs from destroying the world was a decent plot, but I felt that it wasn't explained very well... but the cut-scenes were nice.

Gameplay: 9

I said that the previous game was like the first Smash Bros on crack, but when I played Brawl for the first few minutes I thought it was slower because that the characters were more floaty. But after a while I did not notice it and the fighting seemed just as fast as it did in the last game.

The main game itself does not differ much from what you got in Melee, but it does feel more refined. Most of the characters are very well balanced, and besides a couple of the 35 characters you can play as in this game there isn't really any terrible character. Honestly, if you were good at the game you could win against someone with almost all of the characters. Although, the Roster is not what I really wanted, I would take out a couple of characters and put some other ones in if I had the choice. There are also more stages, you can unlock 41 levels [including a couple from Melee] to fight on, but although they look good, it isn't really much different than what you got before.

The main modes you have are Classic, Subspace Emissary, and All Star mode. Classic is the same thing it has been before, you go through random fights until you reach Master Hand, and you fight him. My only problem was that although Melee had random fights, Brawl seemed to have some things predetermined, like always fighting a Zelda character first. I would of preferred everything being completely random, like how you almost always fought a random character in Melee. SSE is basically an extended version of the Adventure Mode from the last game, it should take most people 7 hours to beat it and although it is fun, it is not as good as I was hoping it would be. And All Star mode is playing against all 35 of the characters with one life, the only difference is that you now fight the characters according to what series they are from, and I like that better than what it was before.

There are also plenty of collectibles in this game, it seems like there are over 500 Trophies and 500 Stickers [Trophies are 3D statues of things from the game, and the characters universe, Stickers are Concept Art from all of those collective universes], and those will really take up you time hunting them down. There are also CD's, which will give you new songs to play in the stages. And there are Demos of old games like Kid Icarus, or Super Metroid.

But what most people really want to know about is the fighting. As I said above it is slower but I did not really notice it after a while, but you still have the simplified fighting game with an emphasis on knocking characters off the stage, and you still have a wealth of items to do so with. You still have the same unpredictable action of the last game, go and enjoy it.

Unfortunately, there was so much crammed into this game [which is the first Dual Layered Wii Optical Disc game], that it can take a very long time to load some things, and a few Wii's broke...

Challenge: 7

This game is tougher than the last two, but that is mainly since you have to do a lot more work to beat the game on the tougher modes, and the payment you have to make of your in-game coins is much steeper than it was before [although you will earn coins faster now]. The AI is better, and even on the Normal difficulty some of the bosses in the SSE are brutally strong, the final boss has a few one hit KO moves that really annoyed me when I was fighting him.

But, if you are one of those Casuals who just wants to get all of the characters and fight with your friends on here, the SSE or Multiplayer mode is an easy way to unlock the characters, and most of the stages are easy enough to unlock. It's just some of the steep requirements to unlock everything that will drive you up a wall.

Controls: 10

I'll make this simple. There are 4 different controller setups using the Wiimote, Nunchuk, Classic Controller, and GCN Controller that you can customize to your liking in the menus. And the characters are incredibly easy to control; even a newbie to the Smash Bros series can do well at this game unless they just press random buttons.

Graphics: 9

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is an excellent looking game, the characters and most of the levels look very well done, and the background behind the stage usually looks great and compliments the stage very well. You can really tell how this game looks better than Melee in some places.

Like always in this series, I was impressed by the attention to detail, Smash Bros games are always a museum on Nintendo's History, and this one went to Smithsonian levels of chronicling history with all of the things from various games you will see beautifully recreated as you play through the game.

The only problem I have is that while the characters look amazing, some of the other things like Pokemon, and some of the other things in the background look very outdated. For example, compare the Pikmin the follow Olimar to how some of the other things in this game look. Luckily these were mostly little things with a lack of detail, and I bet that if they made them look as good as the rest of the game did that the Optical Disc could not contain it all.

But as good as the game looks; it still is not as good as what we have seen in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and Super Mario Galaxy, but it is damn close.

Sound: 10

While I was unhappy with some of the sound effects you heard when the moves were preformed [the first game had my favorite sound effects], the characters sound great when you hear them, and the Audience cheering for you sounds much better than the zombie-audience in the last game.

But what I really liked was the music. You can get over 250 songs from tons of old Nintendo Games, and you can have whichever ones you like playing more often on their stage [I like the Final Destination song, Brawls Latin theme, Midna's Lament, and a lot of other songs]. There are so many songs in this game and although they are not orchestral like Galaxy was, most of them sound amazing.

Atmosphere: 9

There isn't really much to say, this is just a fast paced fighting game where you are some character from a Nintendo game fighting other Nintendo characters, and that is exactly what it feels like, along with the nostalgia factor from everything in this game.

Multiplayer: 9

This is the real reason to play this game.

Basically, you have a ton of different modes that you can use, and you have a massive amount of stages [even ones you can create], and you can just get 3 friends and play to your hearts content on this game, which rivals the original Perfect Dark in how many different ways you can play the game.

For the first time in Smash Brows history, you can actually fight against excellent players without having to enter a tournament. The basic things you can do is play with people that you have added to your friend roster, or you can play against random people. But, I felt that we got shafted in some parts.

First, there is considerable lag sometimes when you play online, but it depends on the connection that everyone is using for that to happen. The mode where you play against random people was also poorly done. First, it takes a long time to find someone to play with, and even if you do find someone it takes even longer to find FOUR people [if there are not enough real people, you also have to fight some of the bots]. You only have two minutes in either Team Battle, or Free for All, and you are unable to add people you play with to your friend roster [which is limited to 64 people].

The main reason that this happened in my mind is because that Nintendo finally embraced online gaming recently, while Sony and Microsoft already knew how to get a decent online service. And compared to those two, the Wii's online is crap, but at least its free.

Hopefully, if we get another Smash Bros game, the online will resemble how well some of my Xbox 360 games play online.

Replayability: 10

Online multiplayer, tons of things to collect, stage builder, and being able to customize how you play the game in so many ways. This game is always different, and I bet people will be playing this even after the Wii is dead.

Great Graphics, massive soundtrack, plenty of characters and stages, well balanced characters, amazing multiplayer, great CGI.

Weak story, lack of graphical detail in some places, prroly done online service, not too much different than Melee, brutal loading time.

Should you get it:
Yes, this is one of the Big 3 in my mind of Wii games [the other two are Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and Super Mario Galaxy], and every Wii owner should have it.


This is an amazing game, it is filled with Nintendo History, and there is a massive character roster. Even if you don't like the games you have to acknowledge that a hell of a lot of work went into creating this game, and it is so big that it has screwed up some of the Wii's out there. And as I said above, this game will be played for a long time, and I won't be surprised if it sells more copies than Halo 3.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/17/08, Updated 04/25/08

Game Release: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (US, 03/09/08)

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