Review by marowakmaniac

Reviewed: 06/30/08

I guess it's time to Brawl for Brawl!

Nintendo finally delivered!

We waited and waited, and in 2006 nintendo finally showed us what we were waiting for- the next Smash bros. Everyone went into a frenzy, as nintendo carefully planned everything out into perfection. new competitors, old friends, third parties- everything someone could ask for. Finally, in March, the beast that is brawl was set loose! It was well worth the wait! From the collectables to the storyline to the brawls, this is a game you'll never forget and never regret buying!

The Storyline

The brawlers have gathered for their tournament, but evil is on it's way. A mysterious figure looms on the horizon. The cloaked figure, known as the Ancient Minister, is dropping bombs everywhere. He even has the nerve to drop one in the brawler's stadium! The race is on to try and stop this strange villian before the entire universe is destroyed! But could there be an even greater evil lurking unknown?

They really did an awesome job, because this is a game in itself! You can unlock all of the brawlers in this epic story mode. Nintendo didn't just put in enemies from previous nintendo games, they even made up their own enemies, making the subspace army! They put in enough goombas and the like so that you know that it really is the brawlers' world, but added enough of their own enemies to keep you guessing about what's next! The only downside is that the characters don't say anything, so you have to pay close attention.

The playstyle is a classic side-scrolling platformer. No tricky puzzles, no mindgames, no side quests, just simply go to the right and bash everything in your path! exactly what a fighting game like brawl should be.

storyline: 9/10


They couldn't have gotten any better! The graphics in this game are simply outstanding! These are quite possibly the greatest graphics that I've ever seen!

graphics: 10/10


What can compare to the awesomeness of brawl's gameplay? In normal fighting games you try to make your opponent's health bar reach zero. In brawl, you try to make their percentage go up. The high their percentage, the farther they're flung. The point is to smash them off of the stage. When they go far enough off, they are KO'd, which either takes away a stock or gives you a point, depending on how you're playing it.

Do you perfer the classic health bar style fight? If so, don't worry, you can brawl that way as well. Don't like an item, or want more items? You can change which items appear, and how often they appear. Brawl is made for its multiplayer. You can even make your own stages! If you think your fight was really cool, take a photo, or make a replay! there truly are endless ways to play!

Multiplayer: 10/10

The solo scene fares well, with multiple ways to play. There's the Classic mode, where you brawl person after person, until you eventually get to the final boss, the master hand. All-star mode offers even more challenges. In it, you must beat all the characters in the game, but this mode comes with a one-life rule and only 3 healing items! There is also the previously mentioned Adventure mode. going off the beaten path, there are also the boss battle, target test, and multi-man melee modes. In boss battle mode, you must beat all of the bosses you found in the adventure mode, plus master hand and crazy hand! In target test you must break ten targets scattered throughout challenging playing feilds as fast as you can. In multi-man melee mode, you must try to beat the alloy fighters. Finally, there are the event matches. These give you a specific circumstance and an objective you must achieve. It could be anything to beating some invisible characters to facing enemies in a certain order.

Solo: 10/10


Super Smash Brothers Brawl is a great game that you will most likely enjoy. I would definintly recommend buying this game.

All in All: 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (US, 03/09/08)

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