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"Prepare to get Smashed into another dimension"

Where do I begin? Super Smash Brothers Brawl beats Melee and the original hands down on so many levels. The game provides a massive adventure mode that can be completed in roughly 10 hours - Subspace Emissary. Let's begin with the basics.

The graphics are absolutely flawless. I love the intricate detail of Mario's overall pants. They have been transformed into jean overalls! Zelda, Peach, and Bowser have some really intricate details as well. The beautiful environments and stages provide a great variety and excitement to the game. I was completely amazed by the Final Destination and Spear Pillar stages. With crisp smooth and sharp edges all the correct place combined with color and texture make the graphics of this game the best I've seen on the Wii. The cut-scene videos during the Subspace Emissary are absolutely amazing as well. Very clean and life-like environments.

This provides so many songs, it is hard to chose the best ones. But, if I had choose the best songs in the game, I would pick Bramble Blast and Final Destination. These are songs of epic proportions. On another note, I like how one can pick the song for each stage. A variety of songs are available for each stage, and one can pick the song one likes the most. That is an awesome feature with the music. The music during the Subspace Emissary is very interesting and fitting for the each stage or boss battle one encounters

Game Mechanics
The controls for each character are very simplistic. You guide your character with the Analog Stick on the Nun-Chuck while pressing A or B to attack. The D-pad allows for blocking and grabbing your enemies and throwing them to do damage. The Z button on the Nun-Chuck is used for dodging. Each character has their own style of jumping, smashing, and defending. Players have the option of using three different controllers. Navigation through menus is easy to do as well.

Character Selection
The character selection in Super Smash Brothers Brawl is amazing. The addition of character such as Toon Link, Meta Knight, Lucas Lucario, Pokemon Trainer, Marth, Sonic, Snake, Olimar, Pit, Zero Suit Samus, King Dedede, Diddy Kong, Wario, and Wolf really made this game stand out from SSBM and SSB. Each character has something new and unique to bring to the table. There really isn't any way to distinguish the best character in this game as each one has weaknesses and strong points. The amount of characters to fight with in this game is another quality that makes it the best in the series.

Bonus Stuff
Super Smash Brothers Brawl is jam packed with extra features and upgrades from the past two games. The Boss Battle option was the biggest and best addition to the Single Player option. Additionally, the Final Smashes are completely and utterly AMAZING. I was blown away the first time I saw each one. The Final Smashes are the best thing to ever happen to competitive battling. They allow a character to turn a bad situation into something really big and explosive. They can really help a character out of jam. The new way of getting new trophies to awesome too. Instead of entering the lottery, one can play a new mini game in which one shoots trophies with coins. Its a fun and fresh break from all the brawling. The ability to play trial versions of past games is pretty awesome as well. The Custom Stage Builder has completely revolutionized multi-man brawling. Being able to build one's own stages is just one of the infinite customization features of Super Smash Brothers Brawl.

The ability to battle online is a great feature as well. I went out and bought a LAN Adapter specifically for this game. I understand the reason behind friend codes and protecting identity and stuff. It's a good thing we have message boards like GameFAQs so that we can exchange friend codes. Once a friend code is obtained, people can form groups and have their own tournaments. Home Run Contest is another great feature for online play as well. Also, being is able to obtain Screen Shots, Replays, and Custom Stages online is pretty awesome as well. The other cool thing is being able to fight random people around the world without a friend code. Depending on one's connection, it can be a little lagging at times. But, overall, it is a reliable way to battle people in real time.

Overall, this game is the ultimate fighter and party game. Bringing together past Nintendo characters and putting them in the brawling arena is the most exciting and best kind of game out there. Adding Sonic and Snake to the roster really added some flavor to the available characters as well. I predict this game going down in Super Smash Brothers history! Kudos Nintendo!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/28/09

Game Release: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (US, 03/09/08)

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