How can i get 2 bottle of fairy tears?

  1. How do i get 2 bottle of fairy tears? I've seen other people have it but i only could figure out how to get 1 bottle :p

    User Info: dragonst12

    dragonst12 - 7 years ago

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  1. Yeah, I've done it myself. Complete the Cave of Ordeals to get a bottle of Fairy Tears, and save it until you get 30 Poe Souls. Speak to Jiovanni in his house, and he'll hand over another bottle of Fairy Tears, allowing you to have two at once.

    User Info: CornisNice84

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  1. Jovani give you one Bottle full of Fairy Tears once you collect 20 Poe Souls! And the Great Fairy give you the power to get anyTIME you want to refill a SINGLE bottle at time... if you use the one Jiovani give you it's too late for the Double Fairy Tears bottle, BUT you can have many Rare Gold Chuchu Jelly who have the same proprieties of the Fairy Tales, they are good hidden. Here two location: Death Mountain Trail in the Left or Right side of the wall near the Howling Stone (depend of the version you played) just seek for an hole!
    There's another Gold Chuchu in the Cave of Ordeals.

    In Wolf Form you can see the Gold Chuchu by Sensing! (use your SENSE).

    Good Research.
    Hope that helps!

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  2. You cant........

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  3. To get more than one thing of Great Fairy's Tears, work your way through the Cave of Ordeals. Believe me, not easy. Your reward, however, is worth it. You will get one bottle of Tears, so you'll have to work through it again for more. I've gotten a total of three this way. Good luck-you'll need it.

    User Info: mechmaster400

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  4. If you didn't see the name of the bottle contents, they probably had Gold Chu Jelly in one of those bottle. It's rare to find it, but can be worth it during those tough fights. Though after you can get them, you probably won't need them unless the lure distraction technique isn't working and you're having problems with the first of the last bosses you fight or if you prefer a climatic finish at peak power (It looked so awesome!).

    User Info: KaiTynMacros

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  5. It's actually possible to get not only two, but FOUR bottles of fairy's tears. If you play through the Cave of Ordeals, you will get a bottle-full even if you've already beaten it. Now, if you keep doing this and can do it without using your previous bottles, you can get four bottles of the stuff, because unlike the fairies in the springs, the CoO one gives you a bottle-full every time. Of course, if you're that good at surviving there's really no point in Fairy's tears anyway... Still fun to show off, though!

    User Info: WolfAmphitere

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