Some Glitches?

  1. Can some people give me some cool glitches?

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  1. Glitches:

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  1. Well, I only know one, but it is kinda hard. In the beginning of the game,as wolf link in the forest, fighting the...things for the warp, use field attack on one at a precise angle to jump ONTO the side boundaries (this is VERY hard). Run carefully towards the Forest Meadow place (where the Master Sword is). Jump onto the ground next to the entrance, continue the storyline, and get the master sword early. If you want, type 'Early Master Sword Glitch TP Wii/Gamecube' in YouTube to see it. IT IS VERY HARD, so I recommend you watch it on YouTube.

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  2. Infinite Bombs & Arrows Glitch
    Just tried the Infinite arrow and bomb glitch from following a youtube video and it worked the first time I tried. You have infinite bombs and arrows until you turn off the game. Next time you turn it on you have to do it again. This is for the wii version. Haven't tried with the single clawshot but it was done here with the double clawshot. The video doesn't explain much so I hope this helps.
    Warp to Lake Hylia and ride as wolf link to the little island before Fyer & Falbi's watertop Land of Fantastication & Howl at the hawk grass. During the flying game that follows, crash into the wall on the right just before the first orange balloon. If you miss, hit B and start over. When the parrot asks if you want to play again say no. Shift to human form and equip your clawshots. Stand with your back to the single wooden square post on the opposite side from the waterfall and hit C. After the shoreline directly in front of you, on the right the coast line goes almost parallel to the cliffs on your right and then juts out at an angle towards the water. This corner is your going to be your target zone. Walk into the water in this pool until you're treading water & turn around to face the waterfall. Press and hold B (aim towards the shore side on your left now so you can see where you're going) & also Z. Doing this, swim into this corner & slowly move diagonally back and into the wall side. It may take you a few tries but if you do it right, you'll pass through the wall and be swimming in open air. You'll see the waterfall on your right & glitchy mountain walls above open air & blue sky. (You can let go of Z & B now) Swim for the blue sky until you fall and die. You'll wake up on the dock in human form and the parrot will speak to you like you just lost his balloon game. o_O When he asks if you want to play, say yes. This time crash on the left before the orange balloon. Instead of being washed away by the water you'll be standing on air on the left of the flying game track. Walk forward toward the clouds until you fall & die again. You'll wake up standing on the water at the start of the canoe game. Don't move. Equip bomb arrows and shoot the pink target. Turn into a wolf. Jump forward into the water & swim forward. (if you miss you'll die again. Just try jumping in the water again) Put your remote & nunchuk down b/c an ill timed shake can crash the game. The next scene will be Link in human form at the end of the canoe ride and the visuals will be glitchy with wide bands of black and white. Let the canoe scene continue until the Zora thanks you for your patronage. Hit A. You'll be on the bank in wolf form and she'll tell you your score. When she asks if you want to play again say yes. (costs 20 rupees) You'll now be at the canoe shop in wolf form. Hit A twice to start the game, the canoe will leave without you. Warp out to anywhere. Turn Human. Your D-pad shortcuts will be empty so reequip. When you equip arrows, bombs or bomb-arrows there should be no number by them on your shortcuts but still be numbered in the item menu. Congrats, you now have infinite bombs and arrows until you quit playing. Also, every time you open the save screen, your D-pad shortcuts will unequip themselves so remember to reequip. This trick costs 20 rupees and two hearts. (credit to NephtheFish)

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