I need more arrows for the prince escort, any ideas?

  1. I only have 6 arrows in my inventory, and i need to escort that prince to the village. Does anyone know a way for me to get more. I have tried many routes of exit, is there a not so obvious one? Is there a shop i am not finding?

    User Info: fireskink

    fireskink - 9 years ago

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  1. For free arrows, find a bulbin archer and stand just out of his range. When he shoots at you his arrows will stick in the ground and you can pick them up. Also try the goron springs and grass if you're particularly impatient or can't find any archers.

    User Info: pucedragonlord

    pucedragonlord - 9 years ago 2 0


  1. I know the Goron Springs has arrows in that shop. Other than that i have no idea unless you go into a temple and break some pots.

    User Info: Goomba_Owns_All

    Goomba_Owns_All - 9 years ago 0 4
  2. I believe Telma MIGHT give you some if you run out. That's probably just for the battle on the bridge. However, perhaps you could find some in the grass? I remember running out and always finding some in the grass and shrubs on the ground.

    User Info: Myka18

    Myka18 - 9 years ago 1 0
  3. During the escort, shooting the archers off the animals will sometimes cause arrows to appear, just pass over them on Epona to replenish your supply

    User Info: TyVulpine

    TyVulpine - 9 years ago 0 0
  4. There are a couple Gorons that are hiding in Castle Town, I honestly can't remeber where in the town(haven't played i ages). There should be a door in castle town, maybe in the plaza, which leads to where there are Gorons who set up shop the little one sells potions and if you go up the stairs to the balcony there is another who sells arrows i believe. Hope this helps and Good Luck

    User Info: Dragon_wing

    Dragon_wing - 9 years ago 1 1
  5. During the battle with the Bulbin king, if you run out, Telma might give you some, but before you go on the prince escort, there should be a building in the central plaza with gorons in it. They should be selling a bunch of stuff. Also, if you have the clawshot, try going to the circus and doing the S.T.A.R game and get a big quiver with 60 bows.

    User Info: GoAnaDucks

    GoAnaDucks - 8 years ago 0 1
  6. I dont remember needing arrows for this. You stay near the wagon and use your sword to fight off the bulbins, you use the boomerang to put out any fires on the wagon and to knock down the birds before they drop their bombs.

    User Info: twigs70

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  7. Just use your sword if your at the part when those guys on the bull thing come you don't absolutely need arrows

    User Info: Aka76877035

    Aka76877035 - 8 years ago 0 1
  8. i would suggest just using the gale boomerang. its already onhand because you need it to put out the fire so you dont need to worry about switching weapons. but if you still want arrows, ive found some in the grass. leave telma before you unlock the first gate, get off of your horse, and find the grass:D

    User Info: 123gizmo456

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  9. Hmm just use the Gale Boomerang and use your arrows wisely until you get to the bridge part. Then when King Bulbin starts charging, go over to Telma and I believe she'll give you some arrows. It's been a while since I beat the game, but I hoped I helped!

    User Info: Draikonack

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  10. If you run out of arrows in the bridge fight do a lap and get to the wagon and telma will give you somearrows like 30.

    User Info: bakugan32

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  11. Try this: during the bridge part run out of arrows, shoot em off the side if you need to and go back to the wagon for a refill I am not sure if she gives you a few or an entire fill.

    User Info: bittersweet21

    bittersweet21 - 7 years ago 0 0
  12. You can always use the gale boomerang - That's what I did and it worked just as good for the enemies I had to fight. Six arrows is enough to get past King Bulbin on the bridge and you can just use the boomerang to defeat the enemies after him.

    User Info: Dimentio2000

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  13. If you need arrows just go to castle town obsevation deck and inside you can purchase red potion,lantern oil,and outside their is a goron that sells 30 arrows for 40 ruppes.good luck!!!

    User Info: azvin314

    azvin314 - 7 years ago 0 0
  14. If u run out of arrows u can use the gale boomerang the birds that drop bombs and sword slash the bublins

    User Info: taka3000000o

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  15. Also you can go to the place in hyrule (the big game tent) and solve his games to earn up to 100 arrows!

    User Info: Sly_Cooper_13

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  16. That was after the wat-- nevermind

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  17. You shouldn't need too many arrows, they really only help on the bridge. If you really want them, buy them on the observation deck. The STAR game is very difficult without later items, so I wouldn't waste money on it.

    User Info: gavo8765

    gavo8765 - 6 years ago 0 2
  18. If you go the main plaza, go to the right where the restaurant is. Keep going right until you stop at a wall. If you look closely, there's a brown door. Open it, and you'll see Gorons that are trying to sell potions and lantern oil to you. Go up the stairs on the left, and keep moving until you get to the observation deck. There, an adult Goron will offer you arrows (30) for around 40 rupees. You don't have the clawshot right now, so don't waste your rupees on the STAR game( that guy thinks he's so good at impressing girls). You might take a little more time to get all those glowing orbs. Also, if you use GameCube, go left from the main plaza, open the door and go up the stairs on the right. Also, you won't need arrows after you beat the King Bulbin...but it's a good idea to keep extras in case bad things happen. If you can't afford the arrows at the observation deck, you should have collected rupees as Wolf Link. After King Bulbin falls off his boar, you should just stick to your Gale Boomerang and sword. As others said, Telma might give you some arrows if you have 0 ARROWS.

    User Info: DragonSlayer719

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