Bigger Wallets!?

  1. I really need a bigger wallet, bad. I have 2 bugs. Do you need them or do i buy them? Please help and Thank you for all answers.

    User Info: rkevin2015

    rkevin2015 - 7 years ago

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  1. In Southeastern Castle Town, there is Agitha's castle. If you give her one gold bug, you get a wallet capable of holding 600 rupees total. Once you give her every bug there is, she gives you the Giant Wallet, which holds up to 1000 rupees.

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  1. Give Golden Bugs to a girl named Agitha in Castle Town. Give 1 to get a 600 Rupee Wallet and all 24 for a 1,000 Rupee Wallet. You cannot get all 24 Golden Bugs until the story takes you in certain directions, though. has a ton of stuff on TP, including Golden Bugs, plus they are doing a YouTube series on a 100% Walkthrough (the guy is playing the Wii Version, but mentions the bits about the GameCube's Left-Right flipped factor, and has obtained 23 of the 24 Golden Bugs).

    Also, there is an FAQ on the Golden Bugs here:

    User Info: Kraleck

    Kraleck (Expert) - 7 years ago 1 0
  2. Need to catch them all but this is a real pain in the *** so check a guide to help you ; like the one krraleck gavce you up there

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  3. You can only get the Giant Wallet by giving Agitha (located at Hyrule Castle Town: South) all 24 golden bugs. The best way to find golden bugs is to look EVERYWHERE for them. (There's even one at the Temple of Time and at the Sacred Grove) It's easiest to look for them at night, since their glow becomes a major giveaway.

    Other than that, just try not to mistake a Poe for one.

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  4. If you have two golden bugs, you've probably met Agitha, who wants you to bring the all 24 bugs to her, a task only second most annoying to the Poe Souls. If you haven't yet, bring your bugs to her and she will give you the 600 rupee wallet after the 1st. You now have to go on a rediculous journey to find the other 22. Just remember that the male and female of each bug are always in the same area, and that the easiest way to spot them is at night and/or with wolf senses, plus listening for their twinkley sound. If you're like me, the last you will find are the Gerudo desert dayflies, probably the hardest out of 24.

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  5. Sorry that I forgot to mention, after finding all 24 golden bugs and bringing them to Agitha, you get the 1000 rupee (giant) wallet.

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  6. Big Wallet: Bring 1 Golden Bug to Agitha in Castle Town. (Holds 600 Rupees)

    Giant Wallet: Bring all 24 Golden Bugs to Agitha in Castle Town. (Holds 1,000 Rupees)

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  7. While hunting for bugs, remember that some of them can be lightning hard to catch without the boomerang and listen for the tinkling sound that means one is nearby. Anyway, it isn't really worth it to get the giant wallet that late in the game unless you will be using the magic armor.

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  8. Gotta catch 'em all

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