Water temple ?

  1. Okaay , so im in the water temple and i obviously need help . i've gotten passed those frog things and made the water rise and i got the clawshot and everything . ive also made the water in the room by the staircase rise , but i dont get how to get around in the room after you get passed the wheel . i always fall off the side and lose hearts . help ? thanks (:

    User Info: beatlyperson69

    beatlyperson69 - 5 years ago
  2. Clarification Request::
    When you say passed the waterwheel but don't know how to get around, are you saying you already got past the waterwheel and the room beyond you don't know how to pass?

    If so, once you are in the room, jump onto the platform in front of you. Aim your clawshot up & to the left of the screen, where you can drop in front of a chest with 10 water bombs, then clawshot to the vines again up and to the left from here. Climb around this pillar until you see a ledge below you and drop onto the ledge. From here, there are more vines further to the east that you clawshot over to. Climb around and drop onto the floor below you. From here you can just run to the door and open it.

    If this is not the room you are talking about, please provide additional information so I can figure out which room you are talking about.

    User Info: OceanBlueDreams

    OceanBlueDreams - 5 years ago


  1. Once you've gotten the clawshot, you can access all areas of the central room. Try accessing new areas - either you're in the wrong room, the wrong level, or OceanBlueDreams is right about what to do next. ^_^

    User Info: michellep80

    michellep80 - 5 years ago 0 0

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