How do I beat zant?

  1. How can i beat zant

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Accepted Answer

  1. Phase 1 - Block his 'missiles' with your shield, then use targeted Gale Boomerang to knock him into the acid. Slash at repeatedly. Repeat.
    Phase 2 - Equip Iron Boots when he starts jumping up and down. Block 'missiles' with shield, de-equip Iron Boots. Slash at repeatedly. Repeat.
    Phase 3 - Equip Zora Armor & Iron Boots. Wait for giant head. Block 'missiles'. Use Clawshot to drag towards you (Iron Boots still equipped). Slash at repeatedly. 4 heads now. When open, look quickly for him and block 'missiles'. Drag him towards with Clawshot. Slash at repeatedly.
    Phase 4 - Follow Zant around arena. Block missiles when he shoots. Roll into pole TWICE. Slash at repeatedly. Repeat.
    Phase 5 - Run around arena, dodge giant Zant's crush attack. Hit foot with Ball & Chain. Follow small Zant. Slash at repeatedly. Repeat.
    Phase 6 - Short & Sweet, dodge attacks best you can. Slash at whenever possible.
    Phase 6 Attacks : Hurricane Spin - spins at you with swords. Psycho Slash - Just starts hitting you repeatedly.
    Phase 6 recommended attacks : Back Slice. Shield attack + Helm Splitter. Spin Attack when using Hurricane Spin (causes stun).


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