Where can I find the bottles ?

  1. Were are all the bottles i only have two.

    User Info: callan950

    callan950 - 8 years ago

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  1. First: Milk at Ordon at beginning of game. Didnt get this, your game is glitched or you somehow messed up there.
    Second: In Faron Woods, find Coro (He is at a three way road split, one to forest temple, one to ordon, one to Hyrule field) and buy the 100 rupee lantern oil bottle.
    Third: Henas fishing hole, at upper Zoras river, at the west side, (East for Gamecube version) there is a sign next to a bridge that says "Dont litter the fish are crying" or something like that, a little north and to the outside wall of the fishing hole, there is a small cove. Fish in there and get a bottle.
    Fourth: If you have gotten the Master Sword, you will have been asked by Jovani to get poe souls. Find twenty of them and return to get a bottle of great fairy tears. (Note, to return, you go into castle town as a wolf, go to the western thorough-fare (Not the telmas bar way, the path north of that) and there will be a house with a front yard with a ton of cats in it. As a wolf, turn on your senses and dig on the right side of the front wall of this house, (Left for gamecube) and you will find Jovani. Have fun getting the other 40.

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  1. The first one is forced at the begining so there's no skipping it.
    The second one you buy for 100 rupees from the guy with the afro that sells you lantern oil.
    The third you get from Hena's fishing hole. You'll se there is a little bridge there with a little pond behind it. you have to bobber fish in that pond.
    The fourth is recieved from giovanni after finding 20 poes.

    User Info: Silvah91

    Silvah91 (Expert) - 8 years ago 0 0

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