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  1. You have to get the ANCIENT SKY BOOK from Impaz by clearing out the hidden village and showing her the dominion rod. Then show the book to Shad in the basement of the sanctuary.
    Enjoy the rod :)

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  1. The next step in the process of restoring the dominion rod depends on exactly how much work you have done on it since leaving the Temple of Time. Have you been back to Kakariko Village or the bar in Hyrule at all yet? Both places will get you on the right path.

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  2. You have to first go to the hidden village and defeat the 20 moblins and go the house at the very end and the lady will give you something to restore lila"s memory and then go a second time and show her your dead dominion rod and she'll give you a book go back to kakariko village and go to the smaman house and down the basement to the guy show him your book and you'll get the power back. If you haven't down this stuff then you can't get the book

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  3. You must get the Ancient Sky Book from Impaz and show it to Shad. He will attempt to use the word he saw in the book on the owl statue but will inevitably fail. After he leaves, the Dominion Rod will make a humming noise and Link will hold it up as the rod's power returns. One more thing, I played the GameCube version of this game so sorry about not giving any specific directions.

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  4. if you haven't got he ancient sky book go to the hidden village (should be marked on your map somewhere) and complete that area and you'll get the book. Now talk to the guy in the basement of the shamans house in karkiro village. and he should mark 6 or 8? red dots and immediately after that conversation your DR should return to normal

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  5. Go to Kakariko village and talk to everyone inside the shaman's house. You will be asked to go to the Hidden Village. Darbus will meet you there, and his location will be marked on your map. So head over there, to see Darbus bash his way in. After the cutscene, step through to enter the Hidden Village. Defeat all of the monsters inside without leaving the area (or using the howling statue--it will reset the counter if you don't defeat all of the monsters first), and then the village leader will exit her house. She'll give you Ilia's Charm as a reward. Head back to Kakariko Village and hand over the charm to Ilia. After another cutscene, you will receive the Horse Charm that allows you call Epona from anywhere on the field (no horse grass needed). Now go back to the Hidden Village and whip out the Dominion Rod in front of the lady, after a bit of monologue, she'll give you the Ancient Sky Book. Go back to Kakariko once again and enter the basement where Shad is examining an owl statue. Show him the book and he'll chant a phrase that appears to do nothing at first, but after he leaves your Dominion Rod will reactivate.

    So that gives it its power back, but the quest isn't over yet. Your map will be marked with all of the owl statues in Hyrule (none of them will be in dungeons). Go there and use the Dominion Rod to move them. Step onto the glowing circles underneath where the owl statues where to obtain a missing letter for the Sky Book. Do this for all of them and then return to Shad, once again in the basement of the Shaman's house of Kakariko Village. Show him the book again, he'll chant a second time, and once again nothing will happen until he leaves. The chest of the owl statue will open up. Use the Dominion Rod to move it and then step into the passageway that the statue was blocking. You'll find a large broken machine and Shad will sneak up behind you. Talk to him, and he'll leave. Press up on the D-Pad, and choose to Warp the machinery to Lake Hylia. When you arrive, talk to the clown guy in the middle of the lake and pay a massive fee to get him to repair the Sky Cannon. Afterward, use your clawshot to enter the backside of the cannon, and after a cutscene you'll arrive at the Sky Temple.

    Good luck on the rest.

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