Review by Roxas52

Reviewed: 11/27/06

Wow If You Don't Get This, Then Throw You Should Just Throw Your Wii Away!

The first thing to remember is that I am in no way a Legend of Zelda fanboy in any way. Yes I enjoy the games very much but I am not obsessed, but after this game maybe I should be.

Ok a lot of people here don't believe the hype for this game. True, it was probably one of if not the most hyped game ever. But it lives up to its expectations. Very few parts of this game disappoint.

Controls 10/10

Ah, the new innovation that is the Wii. Listen folks it does not disappoint in this department. The controls immerse you in the game and make you feel like you are present in the land of Hyrule. Swinging the Wiimote and Nunchuck feel very good. Your Nunchuck is actually used for this game, so if you do not have one then you must purchase one. Obviously, Link becomes a wolf in the game and those controls are also wonderful. Being a wolf never felt so good. It feels good giving the final blow to the boss or just killing the enemy that will not stop bothering you. Also in this game, you can ride Epona, Link's horse, and even control a hawk. A glitch every now and then but every game has them.

Sound 9/10

Another part that is highly worshipped by Zelda fanboys is the music. Well yet again, this does not disappoint. There is no orchestrated music but I personally did not care or even notice. The sounds coming out of the Wiimote add a little to the experience and if you don't want those sounds then you can easily just turn them off. The music definitely creates a mood that add to the experience. They all fit in their own situation and sound good.

Storyline 10/10

Personally, my definite favorite part of a game. This game kept me wanting to keep playing just so I could know what will happen next. Very Great. Many characters and backstories also drive the plot of the game. Being a wolf adds to the experience and makes the game even better. This game also has so many sidequests, like all other Zelda games. Also the story is a little darker this time which is a nice addition.

Visuals/Graphics 10/10

Guys, this is an early game for the Wii. Yes, this game was also originally for the Gamecube. BUT, it still looks amazing and beautiful. Very nicely done Nintendo. Link looks great and so does his wolf form. Each environment and dungeon also make the game even better. The lava looks awesome and so does the snowy mountains. Epona looks great and does not disappoint. The twilight world steals the show in this game. It looks awesome guys. There are particle effects everywhere and the twilight monsters look great. Bosses are massive and beautiful. But not too beautiful, you still will want to kill them.


This game is great. It actually is one of the few games that live up to its hype. If you have a Wii, then you must have this game. It will keep you busy for many hours. Now go out and buy it!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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