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Reviewed: 01/02/07

Everything you've come to expect and love in a zelda title (very very few spoilers)

Ok before we get into the review lets get a few small things you should know about me. This is my first review, I like Zelda games but that will not factor into my review, and lastly I play many many video games so I am a long time player. In fact when I first saw this game and the wii I was all but excited. but after playing I have to say that my first guess about both were wrong


Well lets start with the most important thing of a game, the game! Ok like ANY game its a little slow of a start, but as soon as you name yourself you get to ride Eponia, and shortly there after you get to do some fishing and I gotta say when me and my friends learned how to fish we just did that for about a hour (its just a shame the only thing you do with fishing is unlock more lures to do more fishing to unlock more lures and well you get it). There are nine temples and each one gives you a new item that you must use to solve and then use (for the most part) on the boss, these items also can be used outside to get heart pieces and big rupees. A lot of the puzzles will have you saying "hmh clever" and feel a small amount of pride for figuring it out, and none of them require to think of things that make no sense, just use logic and try to think of what you would do if you were him and you'll be fine. The story is long, and thats good because you'll always be coming back for more, even after me and my friends did everything (I'm talking 1000% of the game done!) the first thing you'll want to do is beat the last boss and then erase your file and do it ALL over again, I've had it beaten in front of me (including the time I did it) and our average time is about 45 hours.

SOUND 8/10

Now lets move on to sound. this isn't as great as the rest of the game, but heres why. midna will giggle every time she has something to say (kinda like your fairies "hey" in previous games) which comes out of the wii-mote, and the only problem is it sounds kinda like a $20 toy from toys'R'us (a small thing to over look). Another thing is the songs are not live orchestrated songs, and thats a shame. And last (of the bad things) theres no voice acting either. Now for the good; you get to hear a lot of the songs you know (remixed) and they all blend together well, all the sound effect sound right and it is cool when you swing your sword and you hear it in the wii-mote, hell it would have been cool if the recorded a guy saying "swoosh", its innovative.


Well this is truly the definition of "middle of the line" although keep in mind that I don't have component cables. they aren't like the good cut scenes in Final Fantasy but still not bad at all. I never found my leg partly in a rock or anything like that (cough TOcoughNY HAWcoughK) so keep in mind that they're good without HD (for all you without it)


Well as I said I've already erased and have started over so thats all that needs to be said about that, its fun a second time around, but I guess there's nothing that you couldn't get the first time except a lower game time. Now as for stuff to do for when your not doing the story, this is like another story! Not only are there many more item to get than are just handed to you but in some cases you can get upgrades for those items (bomb bag is just one). like in the last game you can spend endless hours fishing. There are what are called "howling stones" which let you learn very (very very very very) useful attacks. you also can (and if you want 100%, are forced to) collect "golden bugs". And one of the biggest adds is called "the cave of ordeals", this is probably as cool (and hard) as the the story itself! there are 50 floors and you'll have to get through all of them without dying! there are rewards for getting through each 10 floors you stay alive through but I'll let you find out what they are. these are only a few things of the extras, with other things like magic armor and all the other items that you can collect, the extras is just another thing to make this game shine!


I have to say this is where the game and Wii really show how much fun games can be! the "howling stone" attacks I talked about earlier play in well here and add diversity to your swinging. by the end its almost like you have to use strategy just to make an opening in your enemy's defense, and although it is possible it would be extremely hard to kill the last boss without any of the new attacks. Also assume that you get all the new attacks, there would be about 10-13 (simple to use and remember) ways to swing and attack! The horse riding is also a lot of fun and simple to do. And because the world is so big you will have lots of time to practice riding for any time you might need it ;) like everyone new to the wii it'll take a whole 5 minutes with your sword to become confident, but after its about as smooth as Russian vodka!

STORY 10/10

This story could almost be a movie! while playing you're always developing the story even in the smallest way. Then after about three temples or so the game throws you a curve ball of some sort! You can usually tell when its coming if the temple your in takes a long time to finish or is a little on the duller side. Without giving things away, I'll say that you become attached to the people around you enough as to where you want to save/ heal/ make them feel good. The ending of this game won't leave you with questions like the last one might have, although if you're like me, you'll like the ending but would've liked it seen gone the other way.


Yea sadly the bosses are good, creative, and utilize whatever item you received in the temple you have just finished. although I can think of about 5 bosses that I'd kill myself at the last second just so I could do it again, all of them are just too easy. even the last one just seems like it should be 3 times more epic. And even in some cases getting to the boss was harder than killing him! If you're good enough, you can go some of the boss battles without even getting hurt. this game truly proves that its better to be smart than strong by putting a different learning curve on every boss, but as soon as you figure out what you need to do then you're more than fine to take'em out!

PRICE ?/10

Ummmm well for me its real good, $50.00 especially for a game this good, I would've paid 65 knowing what I know now!

Well if you didn't get the vodka joke then, yes it works well, very well. I guess my only complaint(s) are the boss battles could've been a little harder and (it's not really a complaint but) me and every friend of mine were actually sad when it was over but I guess the last question you could have is, buy borrow or burn? buy it, or borrow it and move to another state! do what is needed to be done to get this game! 10 out of 10!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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