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Reviewed: 06/11/07

A Zelda game where the word "Legend actually means something

This Zelda game is by far the greatest Zelda game to ever be made. And Nintendo made a great choice by waiting for the Wii to release this game, because the Wii certainly makes this game much more enjoyable.

I, myself, was never a big Zelda fan. This is actually the first Zelda game that I have ever played from beginning to end. I used to think that Zelda games were just a pain, and too difficult to figure out what to do. But, in this game I found it addicting to try to figure out some of the puzzles.

The game starts off with link in an ugly ranch outfit, in his hometown of Ordon Village. This whole part is basically a tutorial of the basics to this game. Such as, riding Epona, fishing, aiming with the slingshot, And eventually you will get a wooden sword to practice with. At this point, it will teach you many different techniques of moving the wii remote to slash. And all of these basic techniques are used in other Zelda games. However, do take note that Link does not mimic your exact actions with the wii remote. You simply just flick your wrist, and he will make one slash. Make another flick right after, and he will make another slash, etc. And pressing Z of course locks on to an opponent, which will make Link's slashes more direct. Now to use Link's legendary spin attack, you actually wave the nunchuk side to side and he will make the famous spin attack and make enemies feel very shameful that they decided to mess with it.

After some time you will become a wolf. And yes, people think that you're a big bad wolf, and so they throw you in jail. And so this is where you meet Midna. Quite a mysterious fellow, who tests to see if you're smart enough to get out of that jail cell. After you're out of jail, Midna becomes your guide for this game. Pressing up on the directional pad will allow you to speak with her at any time during the game. Speaking to her may give helpful hints as to what to do next. And in many cases she will automatically speak to you about this room that lies in front of you, and will tell you that maybe if you do this....and give you good hint. Unlike past Zelda games, Midna actually helps you to accomplish things sometimes, and is a very interesting character that is part of the game’s main storyline.

The game will eventually lead you back to Ordon. Ordon has now been taken over by what's called the Twilight and so you must save it by restoring the light. In order to do this, you must catch insects using the wolf’s senses. To use the wolf's senses you simply just press left or right on the directional pad and the screen will get darker, but will allow you to see things that you couldn't see before. Such as spots to dig from, which can give you extra rupees. So you must use your wolf's senses in order to see the insects of which you must kill.

Once you have completed that task, you finally become human again, and gain the legendary green tunic that you've been waiting for. And so from here you must make your way to the forest temple, which is actually, the first dungeon in the game.

Each dungeon in this game follows a similar pattern. There is always a dungeon map, which you usually receive very early on in your path. The dungeon map will show you the basic layout of the dungeon, just like the other Zelda games. And there is always a compass. Which will show you chests, and your location on the map. Once you reach the halfway point, you will be forced to fight a sub boss. They’re generally quite easy, and once you defeat the sub boss, you will always receive a new item to use. Here's a tip. The item you receive from the sub boss is most likely what you're going to be using for the rest of the dungeon. And of course, once you reach the end you must fight the boss of the dungeon. Defeating this boss will award you a nice heart piece that will give you more life. And Midna will be nice and warp you out once you've had your fill.

That's how the beginning of this game plays out. And it continues to play similarly to that until you reach halfway. Basically throughout the beginning, you go to a town covered in Twilight and you save it by killing insects as a wolf. Then you venture into a dungeon as a human. And I must say, that mostly all of the places that you go to are also in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Such as, Kakariko Village, Zora's Domain, Lake Hylia, etc. Even though, you go to the same places, it still does not feel like it's the same, because they're almost completely different places. And they're much bigger, because obviously they couldn't fit big areas like that on the N64 Cartridge

There are many items in this game that will aid you in your quest across Hyrule. They're a good aid for making your way through dungeons, and making your way to the next dungeon. One of the first items you receive is the fishing pole. You press B to take it out, and basically, you use the Wii Remote as a fishing pole. Obviously, it helps you catch fish. another item you find in the beginning is the Lantern. For this item you must fill it with oil in order to work. There is a gauge that tells you how much oil you have left. What the lantern does, is it helps you see in dark places, and often times light candle braziers. Another item you find in the beginning is the Slingshot. To use it, you press B, and it will take you into a first person view. Then, to shoot it you point with the Wii Remote and press B to bring it back, and you may hold it there as long as you like, and then release to fire. And those are just some of the items you will have throughout the beginning of the game. Some others are, the Hero's bow, which makes the slingshot look pitiful, a Chain and Ball, clawshot, and still many more items.

As I said earlier, this is my favorite Zelda game. There are many positive factors in this game. The Wii remote makes this game much more enjoyable. Using it as a sword makes fighting much more intense. Not only that, but you can learn different attacks with your sword by doing some simple optional parts. One of them, makes you push the nunchuk forward to shield bash a foe, and then press A to do a move called Helm Splitter, where he strikes the foes head while doing a front flip. As well as striking with the sword, using your bow is fun. It may be just a simple wave of the wii remote to move a cursor on screen and push a button to shoot, but it certainly adds to the fun. Many of the items are fun to use, because of the wii remote. Riding your horse is fun. While on your horse you can slash opponents with your sword, and you can even shoot them with your bow, or you can simply run them over with your horse. The sound effects and music that comes out of the wii remote is actually kind of entertaining. Although the music doesn't play in good quality, it's still kind of fun to here the simple tunes play when you've unlocked a door. The sound effects that come out of it however, really don't sound that bad, and it gives the player more of feel to hear the sheathing of your sword out of the wii remote which is closer to you, than the TV speakers.

This game being as good as it is, you may think there are no negative factors. Well, there is hardly any game out there with no problems. Many of these problems in this game are minor, but I am going to state them anyway. The difficulty of the puzzle solving can get to be a little challenging, however they are not really that bad. And many times the puzzle solving can make the game more fun. Comparing this to past Zelda games, I think the obstacles are much more fun to overcome. And the dungeon designing is much better. But, some may still find it a nuisance to solve puzzles. The story and dialogue is interesting in the beginning of the game. But, after the halfway point, there isn't nearly as much interesting scenes as earlier on in the game. We all know that obviously a game like Zelda is not meant to have the greatest storyline in the world, and I will give a thumbs up for this one in particular, as this game probably has the best story out of all of them. However, It is somewhat harder to sit down and play this game all the time once you reach that halfway point. You basically just go from dungeon to dungeon without much break. It can almost make you lose some interest in playing the game to the end. And a minor detail about this game, is the cut-scenes feel like they should have voice acting. They use very realistic motions and facial expressions, however there is no voice acting, and it feels very odd.

If you own a Wii, this game should be a definite buy. Not only is this a great game, but it also shows you all the basic functions of the Wii Remote. That way, you can look forward to playing other games.

If you're so interested and want to know my thought process of how I rate this game you can read the following:
The game starts off with a 10
Then, subtract .3 points for difficulty of puzzle solving
Then, subtract .4 points for lack of story
Then, subtract .2 points for no voice acting
that leaves us with a 9.1
Now, I count the fun factor of the remote as a bonus. Because, not every game can use the wii remote, and because a game can certainly be a great game without it.
I award .7 points for the remotes controls
That leaves us with 9.8 which can round to a 10.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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