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"Great but not so Great (Read)"

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

This game is necessary buy it has some flaws but something's are unexpected. In addition, I must say this game should be the game of the year. Therefore, read it and buy it. As you might have guess this game doesn't take place after Majora's Mask.



The graphics to me are the most important part in a game for me. Of course, the graphics are the first thing what everyone wants to hear, to me the graphics not much that I expected. They could have added more breath taking parts but their still great. The monsters and bosses look great and are very detailed but not that so great. Also The best word to describe how the graphics in this game is so great, Link looks more 3 then all other games combined and his weapons are very high-detailed. The temple layouts are outstanding and remarkable. Item graphics are also outstanding and high detailed.



Ehh the sound was not that good, but some parts of the music were, while I was playing it, the sound from the Wii remote did not catch my liking. I thought it would be much better but it was not what I expected too be. The music was great though, if you really like Zelda music pick up this game. The noises from the Wii remote are actually is not that really great but still cool, though rather loud at in the beginning. Solve this by going to the Wii Remote options and turn the volume down to 1 or 2 bars and sit back for a or may you higher it more?

Game Play:


It is very hard to get at first with the weapon using and fishing, it is very easily to get used too. You will like it while you are in the middle of playing the game. While your riding Epona It sure is the same controls for every Zelda game (The A button), Swinging the remote is also showing that your in game and that might catch some gaming players. I know you would easily be hooked on this game by finding all secret hidden spots collecting all the heart pieces.The game play between wolf Link is really great and a must like.The game play in this game is really outstanding, it is not much different from previous Zelda games with, but playing as wolf Link though it is still an amazing new and great thing Nintendo has done. New items will might excite you but some are not really what I expected. The game play between wolf Link is really great and a must like. As a wolf, you learn new moves for Link but you must be in wolf form too get the new move and that is all I am saying. There are many Puzzles through out the temple and game that will not leave you bored. Take the advantage of finding all new hidden spots, weapons , upgrades , and more.



The controls are very easy too remember, swing your Nunchuck too spin your sword , swing your Wii remote too call out your sword D pad to equip your weapons and B to use them. When using wolf Link it also has many different controls in the game. This is just one main thing of why Twilight Princess is all-great. The controls are simply easy to handle as I said before. So stop remembering all those things you wondered about! When it is the time to use the pointing, at the screen function slingshot and bow are also great and some other weapons will be used in that function. When Z-target an enemy, Link's shield automatically comes out is actually really great. The pointing on the screen function might give you a hard time, it would take a long time for you to get used to it so practice!



Now, I am not going to spoil the story for you but I will tell you that might be disappointed and I have too say This most of the plot is taken By Zelda Ocarina of time, And Majora's Mask. In the Beginning you start in Ordon (A new province) Moreover, the story the map is divided into Provinces (There are many Provinces) Sometimes you may not know what is happening in the story but you will soon get it. You might get bored with the story line but it will not bore you forever. The story progresses very smoothly throughout the game. Well everyone must know the story begins >.>, Link is requested to go to Hyrule but before that he must do quests before he goes. Most of Hyrule is covered in shadows and Link has too save it and defeat the shadows along with it. Also read what the characters are trying too stay it might give you a little help in the story.



The game is quite simply the great Zelda game too most Zelda players and fans! You will be outstanding of what your playing and swing your very own Wii remote. Hyrule to me gets bigger as along you get further into the game I guess. It is also bigger then you must think! You can spend hours Collecting all the things in this game. Side quest are filled with puzzles and mini dungeons that you find out through the game! This game takes 40 Hours or over too simply pass it But 70 hours and over to collect and the side quests! This game may be bored at some point but it would bounce right back to your attention.


Over View On Graphics:

Once you bought the game, it really explains it self, high textures, great views nice character designs, ect. I thought it could have been much better but the way that it is, is good for me. So this part deserves a 9-10

Over View On Sound:
As you have read the sound is sort of Loud and it echoed when it comes out of the Wii remote. Nevertheless, the music is outstanding and worth hearing as you play hours and hours. Great songs for each of the dungeons and temples! This part deserves a 8-10

Over View On Game Play:
While first starting out its kind've confusing if you didn't read the manual yet but soon it'll be easy for you too use and swing! Many sword fights and a lot of Using great weapons too make you get more interested in the game. So this section deserves a 10-10

Over View On Controls:
Before you know it, you will know the controls like the back of your hand! If you have read the manual before playing, it would be a snich getting it. It is not that many controls too start forgetting of how too use it. Before you start you should always read the manual giving you quick tips of how to play the game. This section deserves a 9-10

Over View On The Story Line:
In the middle of the game you are going too start knowing that the plot is like Ocarina of time And Majora's Mask sort have. In addition, it is very well interesting too you would start liking it in the beginning also and they could have also added more story too it. There is also more on the story but it may spoil the game for you. Overall I would give this game a 9-10<

This game is of course a great buy. 70 Hours of collecting and swinging sword action known too man! However, seriously If you are going out too buy a game pick this one up and give it a try. Because I know I would >.>, mostly people would actually give this game a try it would be one of the greatest best sold out games. Many people would not feel the same way as I reviewed the game but they must have there own opinions on this game because I sure do! This game may not take long for you but at least you will have a fun time playing it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/26/07

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (US, 11/19/06)

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