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"A Legacy Worth Remembering..."

Zelda. A classic. One of the most beloved series of all time. What's in store? Well, read on, and you'll be revealed to one of the greatest masterpieces gaming has ever seen.

Storyline: 10/10
Twilight invading Hyrule. A young man from a small, secluded village is the only one who can return light to the once-prosperous land. This man, this hero, this... Link, must travel through the kingdom and restore light to the three provinces of Hyrule, then continue the journey to defeat the evil king of twilight, Zant, as well as collecting the four shards to the Mirror of Twilight to uncover the mysterious Twilight Realm. This game is very mature, dark, and deep, and yet enchanting and magical as every Zelda game hones. And really, the cutscenes give it the edge. The storyline is generally fun and exciting, and you never knew what's really going to happen next. And, unlike most Zeldas, this is not the same, boring, old plot where you must rescue the princess and defeat the giant pig-wizard. No, no, instead you are presented with a vast, new, yet familiar world filled with creatures and people old and new. Twilight Princess gives a whole new and exciting meaning to the term of "twilight".

Gameplay/Controls: 9/10
The controls in this game are extreme, thanks to the innovations of the Wii Remote. You swing the remote to slash your sword on the screen. You throw the Wii remote forward to act as if you were really fishing. You push the analogue stick on the Nunchuck to move. The gameplay controls are excellent, but a bit too much. For example: whenever you to set the Wii remote down, Link automatically unsheaths his sword. And shaking the Nunchuck to make Link perform a Spin Attack is just awful. The controls are good, in most ways, but annoying in some parts, but at least they're up to current technological standards of the Wii.

Music: 8/10
To begin with positives, there are some good remixes of music from past Zelda games (i.e. Zelda's Lullaby, Saria's Song, Song of Healing, etc.), which presented some great nostalgic memories, but over all, the music was just okay for me. Almost all the songs featured in the game were remixes of the same one, so no original music for each setting or overworld. Also, there were too much remixes from old Zelda games, which was quite distracting. And worse of all, the Wii remote's music was awfully scratchy! The Wii remote has a tiny speaker on it, and makes a loudy, screechy noise whenever you do something, such as using the Ball and Chain, Clawshot, or unsheathing/sheathing your sword. Plus, I was personally upset of th absense of voice-acting, which would've been a great addition to the game. The music and sound in general was okay, but not the best I've heard.

Graphics: 10/10
This has gotta be the best graphics in Zelda yet. Comparing this to Ocarina of Time's blocky graphics and The Wind Waker's cel-shading, Twilight Princess puts both Zelda's to shame. The graphics were so realistic that I swear they were real actors. Plus, the landscape was absolutely outstanding. Hyrule Field was beautifully detailed. Zora's Domain and Lake Hylia was gorgeous and perfectly proportioned. Snowpeak, Gerudo Desert, and the Faron Woods had jaw-dropping scenes and the most stupendous artwork, making you feel like you were actually there. I totally loved the graphics, and give them a two thumbs up.

Play-Time/Replay Value: 9/10
Playing this game for the first time was a breath-taking experience. As soon as a I finished, I wanted to restart a new profile. The only bad thing is how tedious and long the first part of the game is with all the quests, especially adding to that if you decide to do all sidequests and find all treasures, but mainly it was fun playing and reliving the Wii adventure through Hyrule. Just beware of infamous glitches like the Cannon Room.

Pros and Cons:
Here, I put down the advantages and disadvantages of Twilight Princess, to show its ups and downs:

+ Amazing graphics.
+ Remixes of old Zelda tunes.
+ The abilities as a wolf and transforming into one.
+ Awesome controls.
+ Great storyline; very original.
+ Very fun, exciting, unique, and interesting
+ Original characters and places

- Unnecessarily long
- Tiresome and a bit boring
- Repetitive
- Poor sidequests/minigames
- Scratchy sounds from Wii remote

Overall: 9/10
This was an amazing and wonderful piece of work. Nintendo has definitely done it again. From the unforgettable classic Ocarina of Time to The Wind Waker's sailing spin-off, Nintendo has yet to surprise us after their job on Twilight Princess for the Wii. I fell in love with this game right when I got my hands on it and I recommend all Zelda and non-Zelda fans to play it, for it is truly something worth playing. Though it has its slight flaws and tactics, this is a definite legacy worth remembering.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/04/08

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (US, 11/19/06)

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