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To kick things off let's say that this game is awesome, it is inferior to only one game in the Zelda series and that would be Ocarina of Time.

Graphics 9.8/10: The graphics in this game are amazing, the attention to detail blew me away, this game also has some of the best water and fire graphics I've seen in a long time.
The only thing I didn't like about the graphics, was that while in the lake below Zora's Domain everything is so bright, a little too bright, whilst fishing for the Reekfish I got a headache and that is bad.

Sound 9/10: The in-game sound coming out of my TV was very good, and I enjoyed how they remixed the Goron and Zora music, and the noises from NPCs and monsters where very good as well. The only problem was the sound coming from my Wiimote; with the volume turned on high the sounds coming out of it when I slashed my sword were horrible, but everything else sounded good so I had to deal with that horrible sound in every battle just so I could hear the better sounds later on.

Gameplay 9.9/10: Let's face it people this game has some of the best controls I have ever seen. I have been playing Zelda since the release OoT and found no problem adjusting to the new system and a lot of problems were fixed, such as aiming the bow and slingshot, it is incredibly easier! No more finding reference points and missing where you were meant to hit due to the fiddly analogue stick anymore, and the added cross-hair just makes things that little bit easier. The only problems I could find where some of the Hidden Moves, i.e shield bash.

FUN! 10/10: Think of the funnest thing you've ever done, and add a whole other suitcase full of fun. Mortal Draw is a really fun move, and the fact that Link does a whole fancy sword sheathing thingy when you kill an enemy adds to the fun as well. And come on, blowing up a shack full of bombs to kill a few bugs = uber. And the puzzles, oh the puzzles! I found myself restarting the game multiple times just so I could do the Master Sword puzzle, over and over and over.

Storyline/Plot 10/10: I won't say much here to save spoiling it for those few people who have yet to play the game, but I was blown away my the massive plot twists (there's 2), they made me reminisce of the days of Ocarina of Time.

Overall 9.7/10

This is a wonderful game that lives up to all of it's hype unlike many other games >cough<Halo2>cough<. The only problem other than those above was one that has been existent in the Zelda games since their debut on the N64 and I'm pretty sure that you all know what it is, and for those who don't, the quarter heart. It makes the game just that little bit too easy. When I played some of the original games on NES and SNES, I found myself dying multiple times in every temple and dungeon, but in this and all the other Zelda games from N64 onwards, I only died 4~9 times in the entire game.

Final thoughts: This is a totally awesome game, worthy of a place in the top 20 games of all time, but it was just a little bit too easy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/24/08

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (AU, 12/07/06)

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