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"Link's first adventure on the Wii!"

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, was link's first adventure on the wii, and one of the last games for the Nintendo Gamecube. The producers aimed to give this Zelda a darker feel and they did just that. However, the one thing that killed this game for me was the wolf. But I'll go into that later; lets begin.

Story 10/10
The story begins in Ordon, where a boy named Link is preparing for his journey to Hyrule Castle in a few days to deliver a gift to the Royal Family. However, before he leaves, Ilia takes Epona to the spring to cleanse her wounds. So you go to retrieve your horse, and then there is an ambush! YAY. They knock Link out and kidnap Colin and Ilia. YAY this is the hero chosen by the gods who is going to save Hyrule?!?!? Yeah, its pretty much doomed now. Link wakes up, chasing after the kidnappers, only to be dragged into twilight...Then you have to save Hyrule from the Twilight and restore light to the Land, and so on.

Graphics 9/10
The graphics are good, Link is very well designed. The enemies are nicely detailed, and so are the NPC's. Backgrounds are nicely detailed, and so are the dungeons. The dungeons are nicely done as well. The bosses are detailed quite nicely and.....almost seem realistic, as far as giant deku looking plants, a giant ice covered yeti, and armored spiders go. Even though the graphics are good, they were probably held back from what they really could have been since Twilight Princess was also made for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Gameplay 7/10
As Link the gameplay was awesome. Feels just like it should. Going from dungeon to dungeon, solving puzzles, slicing up baddies, finding small keys to access new areas, getting the dungeon item, and then finally taking on the boss. The wii controls don't seem awkward to me. You swing your sword by swinging the wii remote, and aim with your bow and arrow and such by pointing the wii remote at the screen. If you don't like having to aim at the screen you can go to options and switch to just aiming with the control stick. However you can only use your sword by swinging the wii remote. Sorry left-handers, Link is right-handed in the wii version and there isn't an option to switch it either. As Link you can also acquire hidden skills, there are a total of seven to get and they are a nice touch to the gameplay. If you have played Wind Waker you can do the helm splitter and the back slash just by pressing A. Well in this game to do the helm splitter you have to do the shield attack first then press A. To do the back slash you have to jump left or right twice, Link will then roll behind the enemy, swing the wii remote and Link will spiral up slashing the enemy with his sword. It is still pretty easy to do however some enemies are immune to both of those skills and instead of just pressing A, more is required of you to execute the skill. Also a thing I like is that after you use the spin attack it takes awhile to "charge up" before you can use it again. This is good because it makes the game some what more challenging since you can't spam it and adds more strategy to normal battles. Also the one thing I love about the dungeons in TP, if you get a game over you restart at the room you died in, and say if you die at the boss you restart at the boss door. This is great becuase you won't have to restart from the beginning of the dungeon, meaning you won't have to go through the dungeon again to get back where you were.

Now the wolf gameplay is what I feel like brought this game down. It wasn't the wolf itself that brought it down, its what they made you do as the wolf that brought it down. Whenever you entered an area covered with twilight you would be turned into the wolf. You would then have to talk to the light spirit and it would tell you to go collect the tears of light from the shadow bugs to return light to that area. So you have to go run around as the wolf killing little bugs to get a tear from a total of I think 16 bugs. You have to do that a total of 3 times. I feel like it brought the game down because it was boring and tedious. It felt just like they threw it in there to add game play time. However, once you have obtained the Master Sword you can switch back and forth from Link and the Wolf. This is nice because as the wolf you can warp to certain places, saving a lot of time. Also another thing that makes the wolf worthwhile are these stone statues that emmit a tune. As the wolf if you howl the tune next to it, you can later then go to a certain spot that will be marked on you map to learn a hidden skill as Link. Also another thing about the wolf is that it is basically now the lens of truth. You use the wolf's "sense" in order to see scents, and things you normally can't see, for example poes.

There are a ton of extra stuff in this game as well. Hunt down poes, collect bugs and trade them, which is I think how you can get a bigger wallet. There are quite a lot of minigames to play to get a bigger quiver, or to get heart pieces, etc. You can also get a third tunic, which will prevent you from losing health as long as you have rupees.

Music and sound 10/10
The soundtrack in this game is awesome. I especially like how each boss has its own song, instead of using the same one for each boss over and over. A very memorable soundtrack for me with songs like Midna's Lament, and the sword battle with Ganondorf how could it not be? Also you will hear a few songs from OoT, for example the Temple of Time song. Now the sounds aren't all that bad coming from the T.V. itself but the sounds from the Wii remote itself don't really sound like a sword swinging, or a bow string being pulled. However, I still gave it a ten since it was one of the first games for wii, they were still probably experimenting with it. So I'll cut the Zelda team some slack.

Overall 7/10
This is a good zelda game, despite its flaws. Now one last thing I would like to address is that some people thing it tried to much to be like OoT. I don't feel like it tried to be Like OoT, but I do think they tried to make it a big part of the game, since they kept making references like, "The green tunic that is your garb once belonged to the ancient hero chosen by the gods...His power is yours. His is the true power that slept within you." or "You may be destined to become the hero of legend...but your current power would disgrace the proud green of the hero's tunic you wear." O gee I wonder who its referring to? I HAVE NO IDEA!! However, I do like how the Temple of Time was in this game it was pretty awesome. I recommend that you get this game for the wii, and if you don't have a wii get it for the Nintendo Gamecube, and if you don't have either of those systems go get one! If you don't want to buy the game at least rent it and give it a try.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/20/09

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (US, 11/19/06)

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