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Reviewed: 06/15/11

This game makes me proud to be a videogamer and deserves a perfect 10/10

The Legend of Zelda series is one of the greatest series in the history of gaming, and there is a good reason for it. The series is an innovator. Let me give you some history. Back in 1986 when the first game was first released (The Legend of Zelda, NES) nobody has ever seen a game like it. It was the very first game to have an open world, the very first game to have a save feature and the first TRUE game that made you feel like you were on an adventure. Then In 1992 when the SNES Zelda came out (The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, SNES) it was incredible. It was the very first Zelda to have a story and the very first Zelda game to have multiple floor dungeons. Plus I thought it was a total blast. Now the next major release was a little game I like to call, THE GREATEST VIDEO GAME EVER MADE (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, N64). This game wasn’t just the first 3D Zelda game, but it was also the first 3D action adventure game that worked. Yes it was all great and by that time there wasn’t one person who didn’t love Zelda.

Then in the year of 2000, Nintendo released The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask also on the Nintendo 64. This game was one game that was very controversial; it didn’t play like any Zelda game before it. It didn’t even have Hyrule or Ganondorf in the game. Instead you were trying to stop this villain called Skullkid (or whatever it is) from destroying Termina. So to do this you kept going back in time until you became powerful enough to defeat him. As you can see this game was very different from the original Zelda formula, especially since Ocarina of Time almost perfected the Original formula. Many fans were very disappointed with the final product and wished Nintendo never released it. Still many thought that the game was one of the best Zelda games ever made. Either way we could all agree that Zelda fans were split in the direction the series was going.

It didn’t get any better when Nintendo showed off The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker at e3 in 2002. People really hated the cel-shaded graphics in the game. Even though it turned off to be a fantastic game in the end, people were still mad at the decision.

So when Nintendo first showed off Zelda Twilight Princess at e3 2004, people were really hyped to see a darker, more mature Zelda game being made. Unfortunately nobody was going to be able to play that game until November 2006. But when it did finally arrive in stores, it was not just an incredible game to play, but also one of the best games to ever come out, period.

You are Link, a young man who lives in a town herding bulls. He lives in a tree house and has lived there his entire life. Everything is going well and you are escorted to bring a letter to the princess of Hyrule later that week, a letter to Zelda.
During that time evil comes to destroy Hyrule and leave everything in the dark. Soon link is also in this mess and is unconscious as the enemies attack him. After three days link wakes up, but he finds out he has become a wolf. Stuck inside jail he finds Midna, a creature from the darkness but unlike them she wants to help you out. She then guides you to princess Zelda. Once you get to Princess Zelda, you receive some information.

Princess Zelda tells you that in order to bring Hyrule back from the darkness you have to revive the three spirits of light. In order to do this he has to find the tears of light scattered around the area. Once he collects all the tears of light, than the light is restored in that area where the spirit is. In this mode, Link can only be a wolf since it is in total darkness. Once he restores all the light in an area he then goes out to find the fused shadow. This is what the first three temples are based off of, and Link can only be a human in these three temples.

The first temple is a forest temple, kind of like the first temple ocarina of time. The exception is that in Ocarina of Time, you can start the temple 10 minutes after you start the game. In Twilight Princess it can take you 3 hours before you even start the first temple. Another difference is that the forest temple in Ocarina of Time was based off of a tree, and a lot shorter. In twilight princess the forest temple is HUGE. But it isn’t hard to figure out and if you know what to do, you can finish it in less than one hour. This temple is actually like a mix of the first temple in ocarina of time and the Forest Temple (also in Ocarina of Time but in the middle of the game). All in all, this temple was very fun to play and an extremely LARGE temple (especially for the first one).

Now don’t worry I won’t give that much detail to the next two temples after that, so here we go.

The second temple is based in the famous Death Mountain and is called Goron Mines. I personally enjoyed it, especially the metal boots. It isn’t as big as the first temple but you do backtrack a lot. And even though I liked it, a lot of people hated this temple due to the backtracking and lack of creativity inside it. All in All you need to experience this temple yourself in order to rate it.

Now the third temple is the Water Temple, which is based off of the infamous water temple from Ocarina of Time. This one is one of the hardest temples for puzzle solving due to the fact that you have to keep raising and lowering the water. It isn’t as frustrating as its N64 counterpart, but it is the most frustrating temple in the entire game. All in All you will not like this temple as much as the first two.

Now after you complete the first three temples you then see Zant (the king of the darkness) try to kill Link. But Midna saves Link’s life, due to this Zant gets all the fused shadows and critically injures Midna. After this it is up to you to go save her, so you soon find out from Zelda herself that only the Master Sword can save Midna. So you go (by the way forgot to tell you that you are a wolf when this happens) through these puzzles in order to get there. This part BY FAR is one of the best chapters in Twilight Princess. Anyways once you get the master sword, you turn back into a human and realize that the darkness you were attacking was called the Twilight, and that Midna was their princess. So now she wants you to go into the twilight world by going through a mirror.

You reach up to the mirror (after a very fun temple by the way) and realize that it is broken. It is now up to you and Midna for find the missing parts of the mirror and eventually save Hyrule.

I won’t spoil anything else from the game, but let me tell you it gets awesome and the temples just keep getting better.

One of the main criticisms about Twilight Princess for the wii, is that it looked like a gamecube game (It took us three years to realize that the wii ran off the same processor). But for the time it didn’t look awful, obviously they could have done it better but it wasn’t horrible either. Looking back now it does look a little bit last generation, but at the time it was okay. The graphics are the only low point in the game, even though they aren’t bad at all, just could have been better. But a major complaint from many people, including myself is that Nintendo didn’t use voice actors. I don’t know why they didn’t use them; I guess they just didn’t want to. But once you get over that fact the text is spoken very well in this game. Overall the graphics are the games weak point, and what a shame cause if this game had better graphics and voice acting, it would have been perfect.

On the wii you use the Wii-Remote and Wii-Nunchuck. You use the stick on the Wii-Nunchuck to move link around. You use the A button on the Wii-Remote to roll him around while he is moving and jump around while he is fighting. You swing the Wii-Remote to swing Link’s Sword and you use the Wii-Nunchuck to pretend to use your shield. You use the D-Pad on the Wii-Remote to select an item and the B button on the back of the Wii-Remote to use your item. You use the Z button on the Wii-Nunchuck to lock onto an enemy or an item, and finally you use the C button to view your camera. As far as I am concerned, the 1 and 2 buttons do absolutely nothing.

My overall review of the controls is that they work extremely well, in fact the wii makes this game feel more like you’re part of this epic quest. Which is weird because originally this game was suppose to be a gamecube-only title, then Miyamoto threw the game onto the Wii at the last minute. Still people are going to prefer the gamecube controls, simply because they are too used to a regular controller. That might be so, but they should also try out what the Wii is offering, simply due to the fact of feeling like your part of something bigger. Overall the controls in this game are extremely well done, and I am absolutely surprised on how well they work for the wii, especially since it was last minute.

Game Length
This game can take you over 60 hours to complete, and that is just the main game. There are so many side quests and mini-games to keep you occupied that you can just play this one game for an entire month, and never be bored. And couple that with an amazing story and killer gameplay and you have a game you won’t want to put down for a entire month. The game length gets an 11/10.

Bad Parts
Other than the graphics and lack of voice acting I have to say that the first three hours of the game, aren’t really fun. After that it just keeps getting better and better but those first three hours are really boring to play, and after playing the game three or four times, you just wish you can skip to the first dungeon.

Good Parts
The story is stellar, the gameplay is fantastic, the dungeons are fun and best of all the length makes it a bargain for what you are paying for it. It is exactly what Zelda game should be, an overall fantastic experience. Overall if you love a great Action Adventure than there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy this game right now. It even costs only twenty dollars, so what are you waiting for, GO BUY THIS GAME.

Final Thoughts
The Legend of Zelda series was once the best series in video gaming period. It kept getting better and better with every release. Before 2004, the legend of Zelda didn’t seem to be sticking in and it seemed Nintendo was just going to ruin the Zelda Franchise. This game is what the fans wanted from Zelda, and because of that this game is one of the best games to ever be released from Nintendo. There is no reason you shouldn’t get this game, it is one of those games that you will never forget about, because I will sure never forget about this game. This is one of those rare games you will come to love, and one of those games that makes me proud to be a gamer.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (US, 11/19/06)

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