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The enemy Ooccoo in this game has an obviously-confusing name, but there is a purpose to it. If you choose to write Ooccoo with numbers in lieu of letters in the hexadecimal system - thus producing 00CC00 - you'll find that this produces the exact shade of green that makes up Link's tunic in the first NES Legend of Zelda game.

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The seventh dungeon of this game - The City in the Sky - is likely based on M.C. Escher's painting "Another World".

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The music in Twilight Princess is the first time in the Zelda series that the music was intended to be provided by full orchestral accompaniment. This ultimately didn't happen, much to the disappointment of Koji Kondo, the series's musical director.

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Originally, Twilight Princess was intended to reuse assets from Wind Waker, as Twilight Princess is intended to be its sequel. Several remnants of these (such as the Wind Waker item) can still be found in the game's data. This was ultimately scrapped as the cel-shaded, "cartoony" graphics didn't mesh well with the game's darker themes.

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In attempting to implement elements of realism in the Zelda physics into this game, developers often looked to the Ocarina of Time game, as it was often considered the most realistic Zelda game at the time. This resulted in several new features, such as horseback riding; at times, the developers themselves would perform real-life experiments to allow them to emulate a more realistic experience. For example, the development team went horseback riding several times.

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The ability for Link to transform into a wolf in Twilight Princess was done rather spontaneously. When discussing elements of Ocarina of Time to bring to Twilight Princess, it came up in discussion as to how multiple forms of Link (e.g. Young and Adult Link) could be handled. The idea of a wolf form was half-handedly mentioned, and it stuck!

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The choice to implement motion controls in Twilight Princess was originally inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass on the DS. Eiji Aonuma wanted to somehow implement motion/touch controls in a manner akin to how Phantom Hourglass did, so Nintendo aimed for the game to be released on their in-development "Revolution" console (now known as the Wii).

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The first and so far only Zelda game with a T rating.

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This is the first Zelda game in which Link is right handed, though only in the Wii version.

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Famous Quotes

"A sword wields no strength unless the hand that holds it has courage." Ancient hero.

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