Why can't I switch my wii to HD mode even though I have an HD TV??

  1. I recently changed the TV I use my Wii with. Before, it was an older tube-tv. Now, I'm using one of Sony's HDTVs. I've already succesfully hooked up my PS2 with the same type of HD component cable that I'm trying to use with my Wii. The wii, however, will do NEITHER of the following things:

    --allow me to change to the HD mode
    --operate in color

    I can get a clear picture to show up, but only in black and white. I tested the PS2 with BOTH cables, and the PS2 works with either one. The cables are fine, the TV is fine, but there is something wierd with the Wii. Why can't a Iswitch to HD mode? Why can't I get color? What is wrong??!?

    User Info: readred92

    readred92 - 7 years ago

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  1. Manually change the Wiis Resolution and Aspect Ratio in the System Settings. All should work fine after that. 480p is the highest the Wii will go btw.

    Make sure your colors match the inputs, too... that could be whats causing the black and white. Sometimes when a the inputs are mismatched it will cause such a thing.

    User Info: Koko_138

    Koko_138 (Expert) - 7 years ago 1 0


  1. Not to sure on the hd part, but the black and white has to do with being bad cables, even though they might be new, i see alot of them get returned the same day or day after. The connectors are no good, like they didnt coat them right or used cheap wires in them.

    User Info: d3press1on

    d3press1on - 7 years ago 0 0

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