Ok so if any one plays the cabelas huntin game?

  1. When your in the idaho region and it tells you to put the tree stand in the tree. Where the heck to you get the stand from? Its in my equipment box on the main menu but when i need to use it in the game i dont have it. Any one know how to get it?

    User Info: cowboycasanova

    cowboycasanova - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. This is old, but it would have been better if posted on the Board for the game:

    At the present there aren't any faqs, but the boards offer better feedback options and get more visitors than the answers sections (and this answers section is for the console). The game pages are better for this type of question. Good luck.

    User Info: chaoyun2k

    chaoyun2k (Expert) - 8 months ago 0 0

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