Disk drive Replacement?

  1. So A while back my Wii's disk drive got broken. The thing is, that the part of the drive that sucks the game into the CD slot is busted. It doesn't make the little Whirring noise when you try and insert a disk, i have to try and force it in, and it just gets stuck. Im pretty sure it would still read games if i could get the disk completely in though.

    But im looking into getting it fixed in time for the new Donkey Kong Country game. I don't want to send it in to Nintendo, because it costs $80, it takes a month to ship, and my memory will most likely be wiped. So I found a way to put in a new internal hard drive, but my question is, would a standard DVD/ROM external disk drive work on my Wii as well? In theory I should be able to just plug it into my Wii's USB port and it would read and play the game normally?

    Would this work? Or should i just go with the more expensive internal drive.

    -Thanks! :)

    User Info: ninjapenguin1

    ninjapenguin1 - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. 1) The Wii does not have the necessary drivers to read a USB DVD player, or any USB device that's not a Keyboard or Music game related instrument, to my knowledge

    2) The standard DVD drive cannot read Wii discs, as they are their own slightly distinct format.

    3) If you do send your Wii to Nintendo, I doubt they will touch your memory, as they are just replacing your drive. Expressly ask to transfer saves if it comes to that.

    User Info: FuzzyJello

    FuzzyJello - 7 years ago 0 0

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