Is it possible to format gamecube memory cards?

  1. well a friend of mine gave me his gamecube memory card since he no longer has his gamecube I was going to use for some new games I got but I found out its corrupted and needs to be formatted but I dont have a gamecube to do that and I'm not sure if its possible to do it on the nintendo wii so in short is it possible to format gamecube memory cards on wii

    User Info: SyrusYuki

    SyrusYuki - 8 years ago

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  1. You enter the Gamecube memory card section from the Wii main menu: follow this path
    Wii Options>Data Management>Save Data>Nintendo Gamecube, as YoshiOwns48 said, & now insert the Gamecube memory card into the appropriate slot on the Nintendo Wii console(above the red power led, there are slots for 4 Gamecube controllers, & behind them another area for 2 Gamecube memory cards).

    If the card is already in, just go to the above mentioned area from the Wii menu, once you're there, take out the card, & re-insert it.

    The idea is to be at the Gamecube meory card screen. While at this screen, pull out the card(if it's in), & re-insert it. Otherwise, if it's not in, just go to the Gamecube memory card screen, & insert the card. This should format the card.

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    1357900 - 8 years ago 2 0


  1. Yes. From the main Wii Menu go to:

    Wii Options>Data Management>Save Data>Nintendo Gamecube

    User Info: YoshiOwns48

    YoshiOwns48 - 8 years ago 3 3
  2. Idk exactly if its possible but if it is its in the GMC memory some were I suggest looking in the manual I have the same problem but i cant find my wii hand book at the moment but hay its worth a shot

    User Info: marthgibve

    marthgibve - 8 years ago 0 2

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