How do I get past the battle of new georgia, I have destroyed all tanks, troops are moving out, failed?

  1. I am playing blazing angels, I am in the battle of new georgia, I have gotten rid of all tanks, troops are moving, then the guy says we are too late, they are all gone, mission failed. I have tried every available plane, I have tried different orders of attack, nothing works.. What am I doing wrong, or not doing? Please help, I am going insane

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    MountainHawkBP - 6 years ago

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  1. There seem to be 3 parts to the mission, here is the suggestions from the faq:

    1.As soon as the mission starts, speed up towards the island in front of you. Try to take out at least one of the orange ground targets before the planes show up. When they do, send your squadron to attack at will & try to get behind at least one of the groups so you can get clear shots at them. It shouldn't be too hard to defend the 172nd Division Infantry as long as you keep taking down fighters & bombers.

    2..After the Japanese air support is knocked out, go for the next batch of objective enemies.These will be a bunch of ground targets that may confuse you as to which side of the island's hill they're on so it might take a while, luckily the 169th Division Infantry can hold out a long time. Just keep hitting targets closest to you & it should be over as quickly as possible. You'll know when it's over by all of the red targets on the radar disappearing & the 169th's health bar filling completely up.

    3. Start helping the 1st Division by taking out the 3 warships pounding them with heavy fire. Once they're sinking go for the targets near the runway & then head towards the tanks nearest the 1st Division. Two bombs should take out a good number of them in one pass, then just continue dropping your payload on them. Once that big group of enemies are down the mission will be finished.
    It sounds like you may be taking too long, so maybe some of those instructions will help. Good luck.

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