The disc is stuck in my Wii,how can i get it out?

  1. the disc partcially comes out and when i force it out it makes a freaky noise that scares me (lol) can somebody pleeeeeaaase HELP?!?! because i don't want 2 get a new wii but if i absoulutly have 2 then i guess i will. There is not another disc in there,if it matters what disc,its a wii game,"Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing"

    User Info: I_Love_Luigi

    I_Love_Luigi - 6 years ago


  1. That happened to me once, and here;s what i did

    I called Nintendo (1-800-255-3700), and they said to send it to the main company, and they'll fix it for you for free.

    User Info: SolidSnakeFan77

    SolidSnakeFan77 - 6 years ago 0 0

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