Wii turns on...but no audio or video. Anyone have a clue to why?

  1. I have an old Wii...and a newer one. The old one, when I plug it in, shows the red like, as normal, and when I push power on system or controller....the light turns green, and can hear it make that usual sound when it turns on...like checking the drive I think...but get no audio or video...and the TV screen just says No Signal.

    Now if I use the same plugs on my newer Wii...get the red light, the green light when turned on, and sound it makes when drive initializes...but get the welcome screen on the TV, and as well as the correct audio.

    Am not sure what the problem is...the cable I used for audio and video is a component cable (the one with the 5 plugs)

    I can swap back to the newer Wii and will work no problem....just the other has no audio or video...but can even turn the system off with the controller despite no seeing or hearing anything.

    User Info: Sneakers

    Sneakers - 5 years ago

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  1. Perhaps the older Wii has problems with the connectors where the wires themselves plug in. The problem obviously isn't in the wires themselves, as they work in the newer Wii, so it must be a hardware issue in your older system.

    At that point, you should start looking to repair your older Wii, whether through Nintendo (recomended) or local shops.

    User Info: Wiggis

    Wiggis - 5 years ago 1 0

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