Whats with sound issues while playing Gamecube games?

  1. I am having problems with my gamecube games in the Wii console. Super Mario Sunshine and Tony Hawks Underground are 2 games I have tried and both have sound issues when it comes to music. Its like it cuts in and out kind of. Tetris Worlds didn't seem to have a problem though. Does the wii have compatibility issues with gamecube games or is mine just defected

    User Info: DarkIVloon

    DarkIVloon - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    A brand new wii has a dirty lens? bah. How do I clean it?

    User Info: DarkIVloon

    DarkIVloon - 8 years ago


  1. It could be that your lens is dirty, try cleaning it, I hope that helps.

    User Info: LordSepiroth666

    LordSepiroth666 - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. If you have the technical skills you could Google how to open your Wii and clean the lens with q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol or just send it to Nintendo to have them to clean the lens since is a new Wii and the warranty covers repairs unless you didn't register it or it has run out.

    User Info: Gravemaker15

    Gravemaker15 - 4 years ago 0 0

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