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Why do I have no sound? 4
My new LCD TV has delay. how can I fix it? 15
What kind of SD card and what size can the Wii use? 6
Can I lay the Wii sideways? 9
In Zelda:twilight princess,I cant catch a fish, please help? 4
How do I set to 480p? 2
Can I play the games on my SD card in another Wii? 11
Can I use the SD card to save Gamecube games? 6
What's up with the yellow light? 3
My Wii keeps on freezing! How to fix??? 5
Recent Questions Answers
Why won't my wii remotes turn on? 0 name is Donna... On most of my games I have a ? mark . What can I do to get thoses games back to play 0
My wii remotes wont show the cursor/hand on the screen. Can someone tell me why? 0
Setup to new tv? 0
  • Total Recent Questions: 4
Unresolved Questions Answers
My Wii doesnt update? 2
Why does the wii not play gamecube games? 1
How do I eject an upside down disk? It won't come out. 1
Wireless gamecube controler not working on wii? 2
Looking for more games like Wii Sports(?) 2
When I turn my Wii off, why does the power light stay green even when it is off? 1
My Wii just won't connect to my internet! Error <86420>? 1
How can I fix my wii remote from glitching-out (not aiming properly) in Medal of Honor Heroes 2 Multiplayer? 1
Internet connection not working for no apparent reason. Help? 1
What USB Port Headset Microphones are compatible for the Wii, for COD 4: Modern Warfare and COD 5: World at War? 1

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