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"The Wii and it's "gimmick" controller is a success!"

Ever since I heard about the new Nintendo console back in 2005, code named "Revolution" I was so hyped up to get it. In September 2005, they released the controller. Many people thought it was a joke, a gimmick, just a plan by Nintendo so they could attract attention to video gamers. Then, a few months later, they named their new console the Nintendo Wii. People were already laughing at the thought of the Wii's controller, and now this? After some Nintendo fans saw this, they thought the Wii was finished. In September 2006, they announced the release date, 11/19/2006. The PS3 was not shaping up as Sony promised, and the Wii was starting to shape up. On launch day, people rushed to electronic and video games stores to buy the Wii. So the Wii and it's "Gimmick" controller is a great success!

In my opinion, the Wii is a pretty snazzy system. The Wii will not only accept Wii games, but Gamecube games as well. So people who used to have a gamecube don't need to sell their games! Once the system is turned on and setting are adjusted, the Wii channels will pop up. The Wii can handle really high powered graphics, look at Zelda. Beautiful graphics. The Wii sports packaged with it (as of now) has also high quality graphics. With SD cards, you can put pictures and other stuff onto your Wii. It has 2163 blocks of storage already built into the system, you don't need to buy a memory card.
The controller is shaped like a remote (that's why people thought it was a gimmick). It is fairly light and has 9 buttons on it. It does take some getting used to though. The nunchuck attachment that comes with the system connects to the remote controller and is required for some games. The top of the system has 4 gamecube controller slots and 2 memory card slots so you can play the gamecube game and plug in your memory card. Overall, this is a great system with some good hardware. Score: 10

The Wii, unlike the gamecube, has many features. For one, like the rest of this-gen systems, it can go online via Wi-fi connection. You just need a compatible wireless router or a Nintendo Wi-fi USB connector. Yes, the same Wi-fi USB connector used with the Nintendo DS. With it, you can get all the latest updates for some of your Wii channels. Ok, lets talk about the Wii channels now that I brought it up. When you start off with a brand new Wii, it comes with 6 channels, Disc channel, Mii channel, Photo channel, Wii shopping channel, Forecast channel and the News channel. For the last three to work you need to connect to the Internet. The Disc channel lets you play the Wii/Gamecube games, as long as there is one in the disc drive. Mii channel lets you create a virtual guy that you can use in some games. Photo channel lets you put photos on the Wii, as long as you have digital camera or something with a SD card. The Wii shop channel lets you buy games with "Wii points". These games are games for the N64, SNES, NES etc. Forecast channel tells you the weather for your area and News channel brings you the latest stuff. And for the parents, the Wii has a parental control, so if you don't want your child playing M rated games, or you think Zelda is too violent, then you can set this up. The only downside is if you don't have a USB connector or a wireless router, you are missing out on some great stuff. Hopefully lots more features will be released for the Wii soon. Score: 9

There have been people on the message board that have Wii's that have broken down on them, not accepting some disks and some other problems. However, it won't explode if it gets dropped on the ground, and all Nintendo Systems are pretty durable. So if you have a good Wii, expect it to last a long time. Score: 8

Unlike the $600 PS3 or the $450 Xbox 360, the Wii has a pretty reasonable price. It costs $249.99 ($279.99 cdn). So the Wii is a good deal. There is a good chance their will be a price drop after the new year. Score: 9

So should I get the Nintendo Wii?
I suggest you do. If you have 249.99 to spend, or someone is getting you it for a birthday or Christmas gift, then get it. If you are still unsure, maybe wait for a price drop. I think it's worth it, with all it's features.

Hardware: 10
Features: 9
Durability: 8
Price: 9
Suggested: Yes

Total score out of 10: 9.0

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/21/06

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