Review by Jimmy Reznor

"Wiiview, Revolutionary but can the system retain momentum"

So I should throw my bias right out there I am a huge huge fan of Nintendo and always have been. Since I feel I have gotten enough time on the Wii now to make a fair assessment of the system.

System Design: 9/10

One of the first things that leapt out to me about the Wii is it is small. I mean really small, which is a good thing. I remember when the XboX came out I was like this thing could kill small children and pets if it fell on them. The Wii has a sleek and simple look to it, as Borat would say Very Niiiice.

Software (to date): 9/10

Compared to the other sysetms (360 and PS3) I think the Wii offers a diverse and unique series of games out of the box. The classic games are a great plus but the Wii games on their own are worthy of praise. Granted many games feel like GC ports, and well some of them are. Oddly enough the most addictive game for me has been Wii Sports. My "anti-gaming" friends are addicted to Wii Sports almost as much as I am which shows me that the first party games are living up to the message of gaming for the general public.

Online Service: 6/10

Sadly there isn't a full spectrum of use with the online Wii support yet (just VC which is awesome). I was expecting a bit more out of the box though but so far the service has been simple to set up and runs smoothly.

Control System: 7/10

Now I love the Wiimote and the system but for really hardcore gamers the system forces you to unlearn so much which can be very awkward. I am impressed just how well the system reads you motions and so forth. Many people may have exaggerated motions at first (like myself it's just too fun) and you may get tired easily but honestly you don't notice until later. My greatest fear is the control system may eventually plateau and the innovation may gain a level of stagnation.

Graphics: 7/10

I don't want to beat a dead horse here but we all know the Wii isn't the visual power house that Sony and Microsoft are and well that is OK. Some games already look dated on the system and this may bother some people (not me) but it is only fair to say the graphics are a little underpowered so far but not bad.

Final Say: 8/10

If you are unsure about the Wii find a friend who has it first. I am glad I bought mine but I can see some reasons why other may not want to invest right now. I think the Wii has lived up to the hype and is revolutionary I just hope Nintendo can maintain the momentum.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/21/06

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