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"EmuzMan says it's Wiimarkable! *Rim Shot*"

Being the last system to hit store shelves, the Wii obviously has some deficits to overcome. But when word gets out, it shouldn't be that hard for ole' Nintendo.

Graphics: 8/10
This has arguably been the most controversial part of the Wii. Some people say that graphics aren't needed with so much gameplay, while others argue that if Nintendo wants to compete in the Next-Gen console war, they will have to make their console truly "Next-Gen". Personally, I fall somewhere between these people. Sure, graphics can greatly enhance the gameplay (and overall fun you have with the system), but they aren't really necessary. Aside from all arguments, the Wii's graphics are still better than expected. Sure, the graphics aren't even in the same league as the 360 or Ps3, but that's not what Nintendo was aiming for. When you can perfect the textures (like Wii Sports), people can finally focus on the gameplay.

System Design: 10/10
The Wii has it all when it comes to design. Small, sleek, and good lookin'! If you're the kind of guy that takes pride in the look of his system, this is for you!

Software: 9/10
Some people are saying that this is Nintendo's best launch line-up yet. When you throw in the Virtual Console, this is pretty hard to beat. Downloadable content from Nintendo's "Glory Years" will be available from day one. With Nintendo's new way of playing games, there are endless possibilities!

Controls: 8/10
This is another controversial point of the Wii. Games are controlled with the Wiimote, and some use the "nunchuk" attachment. Both are motion censored, which is Nintendo's new way of playing games. The opinion will differ from person-to-person, but I think that most will like it. As seen with Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, RPGs can still be played, and as seen with "Red Steel", FPS' can still be played.... and played well.

Online: 3/10
Yet another controversial point of the Nintendo Wii was that the stuck with the Friend Code system. However, now you only have one code per Wii. Many people were outraged by this, and even led some to decide on not buying the console. Personally, I think they improved by only having 1 per system, but I think that they should have been done away with altogether.Aside from Friend Codes, Nintendo still didn't deliver. We'll have to wait and see how the online aspect of Wii Gaming works out, but for now, it's not looking good at all.

Overall: 9/10
Nintendo has delivered with this system, but if they improve the online system, they'll definitely earn my respect.

Happy Gaming!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/22/06

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