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"Decent, but could have been great"

Ahm the Wii. I had looked forward to it for so long. I thought for sure it was going to catapult Nintendo back in Vedeo Game Dominance. I was so excieted to get one at midnight on Sunday. And it did not live up to expectations.

Graphically, simply put, it is somewhere between a PS2 and a PS3. About what I expected, and I was quite with that aspect of it. Hardware-wise it is quite impressive, durable with fast loading times, especially on a launch system, especially for the price. Also, the ability to download classic games directly to the Wii was a stroke of brilliance.

Now comes the problem, the fatal flaw in Nintendo's otherwise incredible machine. Where it really lost me was the control scheme. Don't get me wrong, for some of the games specifically designed for it, it can be quite fun. But this is not so for the vast majority of games, especially anything multi-platform, and it is easy to tell the difference between the developers, who were obviously thrilled and excited about their new control scheme, and the ones who found it a bother. This system could have been great, if nintendo had simply bundled the classic controller in it, and made the gimmick controller more of a fun sideline for games specifically designed for it.

Unfortunately, no matter how impressive the console itself is, it is ultimately the game library that determines how fun it will be, and by pushing the wii mote/nunchuk so hard, Nintendo has really managed to shoot themselves in the foot. Ultimately, this system will be a niche system, played only for a few first party games, and not the dominant force in video gaming it had the potential to be.

I'm sure a lot of people out there will disagree with me, or tell me I am somehow not adaptable enough to enjoy it. I don;t believe that is the case. I honestly think the control scheme can work for some games, such as Twilight Princess or Red Steel, but it's focus is too narrow. The control scheme does not have what it takes order to truly get the variety of gaming experience that it takes for a console to be truly succesful. I love Nintendo, my favorite out of the last gen systems is my Gamecube, despite the awful control scheme it had, but the control scheme on the Wii just takes away it's ability to be the main console I hoped it would be. If this changes, if more games support the simple, yet elegant classic contoller, the Wii could be great. Only time will tell.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/22/06

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