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"Nintendo's different strategy pays off"

Back at E3 2004, when Nintendo was realizing that their GCN was headed for another last place finish, Nintendo needed to find out what to do to get back on the top. Their answer? Go a different route. Don't go the basic route and just up the power, graphics, and the bells and whistles, but instead, go a whole new route with innovation and focusing on fun. Their result? The Nintendo Wii, a brilliantly executed and planned console by Nintendo.

Design: 10
-Size(25% of design score): 10
-Portability(25%): 10
-Appearance(25%): 10
-Fit(25%): 10

This is by far the best console design in the history of gaming consoles. I can't name a single flaw. It is extremely small, compact, and the box it comes in has the holes and slots for great portability. And the buttons, tray and everything fits perfectly in the design for easy use. Nintendo really did their homework here, as the design is flawless.

Hardware: 7.2
-Power(20%): 4
-Innovation(20%): 10
-Features(40%): 8
-Value(20%): 6

Powerwise, we are looking at slightly above the Xbox. Not too impressive, but there were some mighty fine looking and technologically impressive Xbox games so that isn't a bad thing. The real innovation here is the controller, which will go into detail in the controls section. The features are great, with the channels and such that can be expanded, as well as finally implementing online. The value is iffy, for $250 is a bit steep for what you get. But once the price goes down it will be easier to swallow.

Features: 8.8
-Online(20%): 8
-On-Board(40%): 10
-Others(20%): 8
-Value(20%): 8

The Wii comes feature packed with many on-board features including the channels, virtual console and more. They packed a lot in with this, including Wii Sports(a great killer app). Online could have used work, as the friend codes are annoying and the fact that both sides have to register friend codes is annoying as well. But the online for what it does past the friend codes is great, with the ability to send Miis and messages and the like. The Miis are really fun to play with. The other extra features such as photos and videos and such can be nifty, but no DVD playback takes some points off the others score. That should have been included at $249.

Controls: 10
-Ergonomics(10%): 10
-Innovation(20%): 10
-Usage(20%): 10
-Abilities/Possibilities(40%): 10
-Ease(10%): 10

Straight 10s down the board here. The controller for the Wii is absolutely flawless. There are so many possbilities and abilities, with motion sensing and pointing, it can do anything. It is extremely easy to use, intuitive and very comfortable. The remote and nunchuck fit the hand like a glove. Throw in the classic controller and Game Cube controllers, its a winner. If anyone can find a flaw with the Wii control scheme, let me know.

Software Library: 8.0
-1st Party(25%): 10
-3rd Party(40%): 5
-Future(25%): 10
-Potential(10%): 10

3rd party support should be better than GCN, and if the Wii sales take off, expect great 3rd party support in the future. However at the moment of launch its a bit lacking, but developers are taking a wait and see approach I am assuming. I expect it to take off. 1st party wise, we all know what Nintendo is capable of. They put in perhaps the biggest title since Duck Hunt in with the system, Wii Sports, and this game is the game that will define the Wii and its success. They could not have put in a better pack in. The future looks bright with Mario, Smash Brothers, Animal Crossing and Metroid and 3rd party games such as EA Sports Games, Resident Evil and Square RPGs leading the charge. The potential of what can become of Wii software is also astronomical as the full potential of the controls and Wii features such as Miis and Wii Connect 24 have not been tapped.

My Take: 10

This is the greatest Nintendo console ever, as it packs each of its previous console into something new and innovative. The fact that Nintendo is taking a chance to go with less power but more innovation is a thumbs up for them. So far Nintendo is appearing to take the right path as people are going crazy over Wii Sports, their flagship innovative title. With a bright future of new, fresh games, some new and some old, the Wii could be a runaway success in the mind of Nintendo and its fans.

Overall: 8.92 or 9
-Design(10%): 10
-Hardware(10%): 7.2
-Features(25%): 8.8
-Controls(20%): 10
-Software(25%): 8.0
-My Take(10%): 10

Buy or Pass: Definite buy

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/22/06

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