Review by methedemon

Reviewed: 11/27/06

A good system but with one major flaw

Intro: The Wii is Nintendo’s next generation system, and their hope to get back in the game. After the somewhat disappointing Game Cube, Nintendo hope to regain its position as the king of consoles. (whatever, they were the best back in the days of SNES).

The games- The Wii has a lot to offer. Killer games like Zelda and SSBB will please everyone. You also have games like Fire Emblem, Resident Evil and metroid prime 3, and my personal favorite DBZ. You will be able to download old SNES and other games for a really low price. I just hope Nintendo can keep a strong third party support. Because this will determine whether it succeed or not.

The price- Wii’s strongest point, its really cheap and affordable by anyone. For a next gen system, this is really a great deal.

The control- This is what ruins the system for me. Many call it innovation, I personally find it rather weird and uninteresting. Nintendo should have stayed with the old classic scheme, and maybe fix the buttons layout and add some new features to it. You may go ahead and flame me on the message board, but I hate the new controller and I think it will be this system’s biggest flaw. Gamers will probably love it for the first few hours, but the excitements fade quickly. Although I hate the new controller, I like how Nintendo took the risk to make something new.

The graphics- The graphics are below average for a next gen system. They don’t even come close to 360 and PS3’s graphics. No I am not a graphics whore, but Nintendo should have put a little more effort. They are relying too much on Innovation, they forgot that raw power is a vital too.

The machine- The Wii is pretty. It is small, and white and easy to set up. It runs very smoothly and makes little noise.

Overall- It comes down to whether you are willing to take the risk or not. The new controller is a love it or hate it…but certainly not for everyone. I personally disliked it. The lack of graphical power does not help either. However you are getting the system for a very low price. The game library is decent for now, but Nintendo needs to get lots of support from SE, Capcom, Konami and other third party developers .

Final score- 6

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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