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"Short live expectancy for the Gamecube 2, I mean Wii"

Nintendo, my lord what were you thinking? Anyway, consider this an introduction to one of the most disappointing systems you will ever play.


Without getting technical about specs, the Wii is the weakest gaming system both graphically and with overall hardware power. At best, the Wii will render games about as good or slightly better than the original Xbox. This is an important aspect to consider especially because you will have to pay at least $250.00 for essentially another xbox, in terms of graphics.

Another downside to the Wii's lack of power involves what types of games will be released for the system. Most 3rd party developers will release their games to the systems that can handle them. Sadly, this leaves the Wii in a bind. Most of these games like Gears of War, or the upcoming Indiana Jones cannot be handled by the Wii do to the lack of hardware capability. This leads me to...


Nintendo's only real shot at surviving this generation rests on 2 key elements and one of these are the games. So what does Nintendo have in store for you? Well, if you like rehashed games, this system is right up your alley. Let's see there is Zelda: Twilight Princess which is basically Ocarina of Time in disguise as a wolf. Then there will be Mario part 8, I mean Mario Galaxy, Metroid part 3, and that's about it. Seriously though, 1st party titles will be the only games Nintendo can rely on to help the system survive. It won't be enough because of the 2nd element...

New Control:

As yes, the "revolutionary" new way of controlling the game. But let's take a closer look. There is the Nunchuck controller and wii-mote. Basically it let's you pretend that you are swinging a sword or a tennis racquet. The motion-sensor controls allows you to experience games like never before. Right? Well, not really. Think Donkey Konga, only this time Nintendo designed their whole entire console around a gimmick. Sure, it may be fun for awhile, but without the games, the system will fail much like the Gamecube. What system would you like to play Resident Evil 5 on? Xbox 360, PS 3, or Wii. Now with the 360 and PS 3 you will be getting a great gaming experience in addition to stellar graphics. With the Wii, you get...umm....ah yes, you get the chance of shaking your controller at the television screen while staring at sub-par graphics. The choice will be like this for most cross-platform games and the control scheme will not be enough to entice consumers to give up the best of both worlds.


The wii cannot play cd's or dvd's. You can, however, surf the web, get the weather forecast anywhere in the world, create your own avatars, and buy old Nintendo games. The Virtual Console. One of the greatest rip-offs in gaming history. You see, since Nintendo has never made any of their systems backwards compatible you must pay AGAIN for the old games that you have already paid once for. Sounds great, right? Well, to me it doesn't. Sure it may be neat to try Kid Icarus again, but not enough for me to pay for it. But the option is there if you want it.


Nintendo should stick to making hand-helds. The DS is a clear success but trying to make a console around a controller is just stupid. Most gamers and casual consumers want great graphics and the Wii can't cut it. Therefore, most games will be bought for the 360 or PS 3 except for Nintendo's 1st party titles. These 1st party titles...many will be rehashed games you've played before. The price of the Wii is reasonable, yes, but think about what the original xbox costs these days...not so reasonable anymore is it? If you want sub-par graphics, a controller you have to dick with, and a "virtual console" that you have to pay for each time you want to play an old Nintendo game, then I recommend this system to you. If you want cutting edge technology, great gameplay and graphics and a traditional control scheme then you'll do well to go for the other 2 systems.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/27/06

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