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"If you have an open mind, and dont mind adapting, then the Wii is for you"

I have been a Nintendo fan my whole life. My first console was the SNES ( I was a few years too late for the NES), and I have purchased all of Nintendo's consoles to date. There was no question for me whether I would buy a Wii or not. And so far I am happy with my decision.

Now, before you think I am completely biased, I do plan on buying a Xbox 360, and eventually, after a couple hundred price drop, a PS3. I have all three current gen systems, and like the PS2 the best out of them. I was not a big fan of the gamecube, because Nintendo never defined their goal of what the gamecube was. It just seemed like a other option, never any definitive reason it was there. The PS2 was first and had many developer's support, could play DVDs, music CD's, was cheapest, and had the lowest quality graphics (on the whole, not saying all graphics in all games are bad). Xbox was the most expensive, online oriented, had the best graphics overall ( again, not saying all games did). Nintendo, on the other hand had no real selling points other then the games that would come from Nintendo itself. There was no real other reason to own a Gamecube.

Learning from the success of the DS, Nintendo had clearly defined their objective this time. They plan to create more innovative ways to play games that will appeal to a greater amount of people. They are not trying to take on the other consoles in graphics, sound, features. They are focusing on how games are played. This seems to be a good idea seeing how graphics have been evolving so quickly lately.

Take, for example in movies. When Toy Story came out, any movie with those effects would have been a tremendous success due to the look of the movie. Nowadays, people want more, any movie can look good. But hows the story, the characters, the themes. More then just effects matter.

Nintendo sees that anyone can make pretty graphics, but soon they wont matter as much. People will want something new, and graphics themselves wont cut it.

The Wii so far in my experience since I got it (I got it on launch day) seems tyo be a success in this regard. It truly is something different. My skepticism quickly left me after I loaded up Wii sports and started playing it.

As everyone knows, the graphics are not a huge step over the current gen. But, this will always depend on the developer and game your playing. The more time with the hardware, the better they will get. In no way is Zelda Twilight Princess ugly, but I was dissapointed with Red Steel.

Control: 10
This is the reason you buy a Wii, and it is a significant step. The control feels natural after a short time and really gives you a feeling of being in the game. I wouldn't say its for everyone, and it will not wipe out ordinary controllers. It is different, not necassarily better.

Sound: 5
Same as Gamecube. Only addition is the speaker in the remote, which I do think adds to the gameplay. I like hearing the you unlocked a chest noise in Zelda coming from the remote. It also is not as poor quality as others would have you believe.

Wi-Fi out of the box helps me out a lot. Cant really talk of this yet as most of the features are yet to be put live yet, and there are no online games out yet.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/28/06

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