"Nintendo's chance at redemption-seems so-to an average gamer."

Is this a next-gen console or just another virtual boy?

Wii is a new console that launched on November 19th, 2006 and is made by Nintendo. It has many flaws but some strong points such as the great interface and if you have lots of friends-the unique controls. I can see this system being successful but to gamers, they won't really like it and I will explain why.

I'm not going to be biased or anything in this review as I currently do not own an xbox 360 or PS3 and do not plan to.

The graphics just don't seem next gen, they look exactly the same as the gamecube. Nintendo could have at least updated them a little but no, they chose to just keep them the same and pricing it at 250 dollars while the Gamecube is only a mere 88 bucks at target. I don't see why Nintendo priced it higher than 88 dollars… the sensor bar couldn't cost that much nor can the remote and nunchuck because they are only 40-20 dollars at the store. So either Nintendo just changed the skin of a gamecube and made it look like a Wii and priced it 190 bucks more than it should be. This thing isn't worth 250 dollars for it's type of graphics.

6/10 because, the graphics on GCN were good but the price is bad.

The sound in the same system is alright and works perfectly good but the sound in the wiimote just ruins it all. It sounds like one of those old robot toys you would get and press a button for it to make a sound effect. Nintendo would act like this is a big secret to have a speaker in the wiimote, but it just sounds like a rat throwing up aluminum foil. It just ruins the whole experience of some games such as Zelda you're listening to the great music when the horrid laughter of Midna is heard through your speaker. I know you can remove the speaker settings but than, you will not be able to hear some sounds that were intended for the game so it is forced on you.

4/10 terrible..terrible..Wiimote speaker ruins the score.

The compactness and amazing design of this console is beautiful. The blue light that gleams as you put in a disk makes it seem very futuristic and enthralling. It is very small which makes it easy to take to places and doesn't take up to much room, although the color isn't at all very beautiful but it's bearable.

9/10 for lack of colors at launch.

Here's where most of the innovativeness (or I like to call gimmicky) comes from the system. You're wiimote has motion sensitivity in it along with the nunchuk so if you move around either of them it moves something on the game you are playing. It is different for each game because, they are programmed differently. It is very fun at times when you're having a party or playing with friends but if you're playing by your self I wouldn't call it to fun. If you're like some people who don't really have much friends I wouldn't find using the remote to much fun because, it's much more enjoyable watching other people using it at how ridiculous it looks. You also get really tired and sweat if you play for more than 2 hours, videogames weren't made to work you out…

6.5/10 I don't have any friends and can't enjoy this.

Nintendo Wii is a good party system but it has really bad graphics and if you don't have any friends you won't enjoy it at all. The gameplay is tiring but I have to admit the interface of the system is very clean and easy to use although it can't make up for the sheer lack ness of graphics. Nintendo should rename this console to Wii like to exercise instead of the Nintendo wii.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 12/04/06

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