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"So far so good. This console has a lot of potential."'s finally out. Nintendo's big secret. And I gotta say I'm pretty impressed. However that impression is starting to wear off and I'll address that here in a bit. Well let's break this down.

Games 6

This gets a low score for only the time being. It JUST launched so don't take the score to heart. It's just that there really isn't a WHOLE lot out for it currently. And it's as I said it just launched. Zelda and sports will tide you over for a good while but after spending a week with it you will want something different. OOT was a fun game for the N64 but if that was the only good game I had I would start to want a little variety. Now Excitetruck runs very well as does Tony Hawk(yes I recommend you at least rent this one as I did : ) ). Now currently there is no online gameplay for the Wii. I expect this to be fixed by New years as it does feel like something's missing without it. So to sum this up, the games out aren't half bad. A few games you're probably really looking forward to like Red Steel will be a disappointment. There's a fairly nice lineup but it needs to start rolling out the games now.

Graphics 7

Of course the graphics can't get a perfect. If you've been at least somewhat paying attention you'll remember nintendo said that they weren't going to make graphics a focus. Zelda aside, it shows. Now that's not necessarily a bad thing. If you're ok with PS2/Gamecube graphics then these graphics are pretty good. So 360/PS3 would get a 10 here but those consoles are more focused on graphics where as not so much here. So not a lot to be said here. If you're looking for a big high-end console(for looks) then this is the wrong console for you.

Controller 9

Now I can't give this a perfect because at times it can be slightly non-responsive. The only time I really noticed this was in wii boxing and occasionally wii bowling. However in COD3 this controller is incredibly responsive! I'm dead serious! I subtly flicked my wrist in COD3 and the cursor went off screen. Now the controller does require two AA batteries so don't leave the console idling for too long. In Zelda aiming with the bow is actually easier than with a standard controller. So I really can't find any faults with this controller other than use common sense. That wrist strap is there for a reason. You're not a burly macho man if you don't use the strap. I've only had the controller fly out of my hand once. I got a little zealous when playing Wii bowling and the wrist strap caught it. Make sure noone's in your way either. My brother came from behind during wii baseball and took a nasty hit to the side. So the controller is made to take a hit. So be cautious, and you won't have problems with this bad boy at all.

Design 10

What can I say? It looks sexy. There's a spot on the side for gamecube controllers and memory cards. There's no disc tray as the disc actually goes inside the console like a car stereo. It comes with a stand. It also comes with a manual that you may want to read as it tells you all you need to know and about placing the motion bar. See, there's a bar you place on the bottom or top of your TV screen so it can track the remote's motion. Unless you REALLLY need that DVD-addon everything you need comes out of the box.

Interface 5

This is where I have my major gripe. Ok first off 2 of the Wii channels aren't out yet. Secondly, the photo channel only works as something to store pictures from your cell phone or camera(for now). Thirdly, the shopping channel is just the Virtual console. There's some good games and all but once again not that many. Even then, they can add up if you don't have specific games in mind. No online play is out as I stated before. That also will eventually become a feature for the Wii where on the shopping channel you can use google. I want some heads up on when this update to add this will come out. It's kind of like having an Xbox but without 1/2 the features on Xbox Live. Now the interface itself is easy to navigate but the content is severly lacking. Keep in mind I understand it's still launch and as with my games score I expect this to improve over time. I forgot one thing about the Virtual console. All games to the 64(eventually) will be covered. If you have any gamecube games you can place it into the wii so it functions as a secondary gamecube if you need it to.

Summary 7

I've made some gripes and the only one I haven't mentioned is having to buy a memory card. Those gripes aside, this is a very fun console. Most of those gripes are just problems every console faces at launch. If Zelda really doesn't matter to you then I would recommend waiting untill the demand drops a little or untill more killer apps come out such as Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Metriod Prime 3 or Mario Galaxy. The Wii isn't very expensive at a cheap $250. In all honesty, I believe this console has a TON of potential. The controls are very fluid and responsive(boxing aside). Some games even make you laugh like that Rayman game(rent if you have a Wii). As long as games keep coming out for the Wii then I highly recommend this as a buy. This system went for gameplay over graphics and being an old school gamer like myself I believe that's what gaming is all about.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/12/06

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