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"Hook, Line, and Sinker"

I have had the Wii since the North American launch. During the month I have had it, it has not disappointed me. From the announcement way back when while it was still known by Revolution, I started getting excited and intrigued by it. I reserved it well before E3, and continued to wait for information to released.


I knew it would be small, but wow. After being used to the older systems, it appears tiny, while looking good. While it currently cannot play DVD movies or CDs, that doesn't bother me. I have at least six other devices to perform those abilities. For whatever reason they chose, I don't feel I got ripped off because Nintendo didn't include that functionality.


While this was always the part that excited me the most, it also scared me the most. Since I have control of only one hand, making a system that revolves around a controller designed for one hand use was very exciting for me. But, since I've been playing video games since the Pong era, this also scared me. It was different. I learned to adapt to using the normal controllers throughout the years. As controllers got more complex, I just adapted more.

Seeing the design of the Wii Remote was thrilling, but it also gave way to questions on how games would work with the controller. Seeing the Nunchuk made those questions go away, but then I began to think of how hard games would be for me once again.

After getting the Wii, I was able to test the controls. While not perfect for me, I can use the Remote and Nunchuk together to play games. My concerns over being able to use the controls has eased. My hand does not hurt after playing the Wii games like it would when playing the older systems. All controllers and accessories feel good in my hands. Yes, this is actually the first console where I could use both hands while using the controller.


I have always thought game play prevailed over graphics. I was still being impressed by GameCube games, so I knew graphics would be no issue for me. Maybe I just don't look for the same things as other people. I have played around ten games so far for the Wii, and all those games seem to have good graphics. While graphics do play a part in the overall experience of a game, they should not take the place of game play. I believe Nintendo has done a good job in making sure the graphics are good on this system. While developers may still not to utilize these graphic abilities, it is not because the tools aren't available. Nintendo should not be blamed for not giving the developers the tools they need to make a game with good graphics.


As more and more titles were announced for the Wii, the list of games I wanted to play on the system grew. Out of approximately fifty games that I can purchase or rent in the next few months, there are less than five that I have no interest in even trying. Games for this system excite me. I have not felt this level of excitement for any other console, past or present. Nintendo has put that desire back in me to play games. I see myself playing a lot of games in the future, even games in genres I don't normally enjoy.

The Virtual Console is something I was looking forward to as well. The cost does not bother me, as I've learned through the years that pirating hurts me. To be able to play those games I grew up on once again, legally, after all these years, is another aspect of the Wii that excites me.

The internal memory to save the data to instead of specific memory cards is wonderful. I no longer need to concern myself with swapping memory cards in and out and misplacing them. I have an SD card in the Wii, so my days of losing data and misplacing cards are gone.

Other Channels

I was only expecting to be able to play the different games, so the other Channels that the Wii includes are just pleasant extras to me. While I may never use the Forecast Channel or News Channel extensively, having those available to me is a perk. I can see myself using those Channels at times, and not just because they are there.

I created enough Miis to fill the baseball team in the Wii Sports Baseball. Creating them was easy and fun. Importing pictures in the Photo Channel was fun. I can see myself using the Internet Channel when it comes out; not necessarily as the normal browser, but as for the function Nintendo envisioned it. That quick trip to a site to check on something, or when I need the bigger picture so more people can see what is happening.


While the Wii may be a second system for some, for me it will be the primary system. Nintendo did its job of getting me excited again, and putting things into the console that would interest me. The spark of interest in playing games, which was dying, has been ignited again. I even rented Zelda recently and began to play it. Twilight Princess is good, but that's not where Nintendo hooked me. The controller and showing the different ways of using it is what hooked me. Then the games just began to reel me in. The Wii does have me: hook, line, and sinker.

While the Wii may not be perfect, for me it is the best runner up to the perfect thing.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/19/06, Updated 12/20/06

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