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"Best of the E3"

Best of E3

This is probably the best system to me, and to maybe much more other people out there. The Wii Channels they offer, like the other E3 Systems, are very nice and organized. The Wii Shop Channel is probably one of the best parts. The News Channel and the Forecast Channel have not been released yet, but soon will be in January or so. You can buy the Wii Points from store or get them right there on your screen by easily entering your Credit Card Number.

The Wii Shop Channel brings you the old games from older consoles that Nintendo fans or other enjoyed really well. With this, people can use Game Cube Controllers/Classic Wii Controllers/Regular Wii Controller to play these old games! The leading old game is Super Mario 64 which was made for the Nintendo 64. But now, it is brought back from the past to the future!

Trying to buy this game would be very hard to buy. But these days in Christmas, it would be easy I think. But you should seriously stay updated with the newest releases in stores for this system. There will be many people in line ready with money in their hands or wallet to buy this system...make sure you are too. You can check out the prices in the "Final Recommendation" topic under these paragraphs.

You can go On line with your friends and ask them for their Wii Number so they can stay in contact with you right their on your TV Screen! You can send pictures that you got up from the Internet and save them onto your SD Card and send it through e-mail to them on the Wii. You can save messages on your E-Mail and then check them. These can be used for like a to-do now list. They can receive it and use the Photo Channel to edit the picture, add stuff to it and do much more than you expect.

The Photo Channel is use able anytime if someone sent you a picture through e-mail on the Wii. If that does not apply to you, then you can always use a USB Link to send pictures from your Cell Phone or other things to your SD Card and then putting it into your Wii. The Photo Channel can do more than just edit photos, it can edit Videos too! Take a sample video and edit things to it and look at it right on your screen. And editing is so easy because of the amazing functions this hardware gives to you.

The Mii Channel is used for fun obviously. You can make people any way you want. Set how fat they are, their name, favorite color, nose, eyes, height, glasses, moles, and anything related to these subjects! It's fun to make, but their is another part to it. You can use the Wi-Fi Connection USB Device for your Mii Creations to travel to other consoles (Wii Only) and meet up with the other Console Mii Creations.

The Wii Controller is really fun to use. The Sensor Bar is what senses all the motions and signals coming from the Controller. Almost everything in the Console is wireless, except for the Game cube Controller since that goes on top of the Console when opening up the top pieces. You can easily access the Home Page by pressing the Home Button, and then clicking on "Wii Menu". Setting up all the information is easy as well. No hard time using this.

The Internet Channel is being released in January, but yet I can explain just a little. The Internet Channel can be accessed by using the Wi-Fi Connection Port. You can access websites anytime you want with that Connection, but it also used for almost all the other Channels except the Disk Channel and the Photo Channel, and yet to come.

Final Recommendation

You just have to buy it, but not easy to get so make sure you are really updated on this Consoles arrivals in stores. It costs $250 Dollars. The controllers cost $40 bucks, but might lose their price and get lower soon. Almost all the games cost $50 Bucks and over, so make sure you have the money for this. If you don't have the money for it, just hope you get this for Christmas or other holidays as a present.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/20/06

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