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"Nintendo's innovation puts it back on top."

Remember the old days? When no one would of even considered anything real affecting something virtual. Oh wait, what about Duck Hunt?

That's the typical Nintendo innovation right there. Who else would of though a convention on a game made nearly twenty years ago would effect today's gaming industry, with our new technology and crisp, crystal clear graphics. Seems like Nintendo's done the opposite; gone back to basics. And it's put them in a winning position. They've dug up old technology that no one's exploited at all and put a new spin on it. Consider motion sensor technology. It's got to be no fewer than ten years old, but it was Nintendo who made the link to gaming. A truly remarkable link that'll change the dynamic of gaming in the next decade.

Yes, the Wii's 'weak point'. But seriously, who has made a console or game purchase based solely on how the game look? Do graphics provide any enjoyment or fun? No. I really couldn't care less if the console had the graphics of a Nintendo 64. Phrased differently, I would choose a Nintendo 64 with motion sensor technology over a PS3 or Xbox 360 any day of the year. No kidding, some of the best games I've ever played were on the 64, so why should graphics mean so much more 10 years later? The truth is, it's the only thing all the Xbox and PS3 sympathisers have to lean back on. Although, keeping on with the review, Wii does score a low mark for it's graphics, as I am comparing it to the Xbox and PS3, but it's weighting is the least.

This might be a little over the top, but the Wii empowers you. You actually feel like you're controlling things on screen, not just pressing a button. The remote fits snugly into your hand. It may look weird, but it works. Also, the main criticism is that the remote is slick and slips out. That's probably why Nintendo attached a wrist strap to it, hmm? The nunchuck attachment consists of a joystick and two triggers, and is used for most games and comes with the console also. It also contains a sensor and is used in some games. The only criticism of the nunchuck is that it's cable sometimes gets in the way. Although delay is short, sometimes the remote doesn't register a swing, which can be frustrating.

Interactivity is gonna shape the future of gaming and Nintendo's already set the standard. Nintendo gave people what they were asking for; they wanted to be involved in the game, immersed in the experience. But if you think about it, Nintendo's been setting the standard for interactivity for two decades now. First, with the Duck Hunt pistol way back on the NES, and then a decade later, with the rumble pack, although not all that interactive but it did add a more involving experience.

Nintendo's has been the king of mutliplayer for the past decade. I think it could be safe to say that the whole system is designed for mutliplayer play. Nintendo has been working to tap into not just the young niche, but more recently the family niche, and with great success. Being more family friendly, they pretty much dominate this market, and steps were taken to secure and build on this market. Such as the motion sensor, which involves whole families and groups of friends in the virtual activities. Nintendo is also the leader is multiplayer titles, starting with Mario Party way back on the Nintendo 64, the game that popularised an entire genre of games.

First and foremost, the console comes with a demo game, Wii Sports. This game provides hours of entertainment and fun, especially in multiplayer mode. It also acts as a learning curb, introducing the player to the Wii-mote uses. Another demo-style game is Wii Play, which is also used to introduce players to the different conventions of the Wii-mote. Wii Play is also an inexpensive way to open up your gaming experiences to multiplayer, coming with a Wii-mote for little extra charge. The Wii also enticed gamers, by having their first ever Zelda launch title, Twilight Princess, which is one of the Wii's best sellers to date. The Wii also plans to dominate the multiplayer gaming market with the already out Wii Sports and Play, great for multiplayer play, and Mario Party 8, coming out soon. Metroid Prime 3 is also set for release and it's expectations are high. Super Smash Bros. Brawl is also set for release in 2007 and will capture even more of the multiplayer market.

It's compatible with Opera, and one internet option is what makes the online aspect so good. The Wii Shopping Channel allows you to buy and download games from older nintendo consoles, including the NES, SNES and Nintendo 64, to play on your Wii. This his almost unlimited benefits as these downloads are cheap and newer games are being added all the time.

In conclusion, the Wii has set the dynamic for the future of console gaming and has seperated itself from the other next generation consoles with it's clever innovative techniques, proving that graphics aren't the only thing to evolve in gaming and that fortune favors the bold! It gets a 9/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/03/07

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