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"Fun for the entire family!"

Let me start off by explaining my score for the console. These days it's hard to find a video game or console that can satisfy everyone in the family and that everyone will want to play. Well, the wii brings forth a new generation of competitive family gaming that's just hard to match.

I got my Nintendo wii for Christmas. It was the first present I opened and I was amazed. I also got a few games to go along with it and an extra wii-remote and nunchuk. This is my review for the Nintendo wii.

Console graphics- 9/10
Obviously despite it's specs, the wii does not graphically match the PS3 or Xbox 360 but, that's not a bad thing. The graphics aren't bad but, they are certainly an upgrade from the nintendo gamecube. Nintendo promised better graphics and that's exactly what you're getting with the wii. They very rarely disappoint me.

Console design- 10/10
The wii's design is quite simple and is much smaller than the Xbox 360 and PS3 which means you'll have plenty of storage place wherever you put it. I'm quite satisfied having my Xbox 360 and wii on the same shelf side by side. The design is smooth and creative and the CD tray will finally support normal size CD's! I didn't like having small CD's on the gamecube because they were easy to lose and hard to keep up with. With the wii, the games are normal sized. Unless you decide to play a gamecube game. Which brings me to my next category.

Backward compatibility-10/10
I truly believe the wii has the best backwards compatibility of this generation. First of all, it plays ALL Nintendo gamecube games. Second of all, for a small price you can go online to nintendo's shopping channel (through the wii) and purchase previous nintendo, (and even some sega) titles for a very small price. The most expensive items on the shopping channel are N64 games that cost 10$. That's not too shabby for full versions of previous nintendo and sega classics but, don't worry you can also buy NES and SNES games for cheap on the shopping channel as well. They cost much less than the N64 titles. It's all a really good deal.

Sound quality- 9/10
I'm not much a sound person when it comes to gaming but, I must say that I am very impressed with the way the wii presents it's self as far as sound goes. It sounds great in surround sound and all of the menus have really relaxing music.

Online setup- 10/10
I've always been a friend of the nintendo DS friend code system but, now I can enjoy it on my nintendo wii either wirelessly, through a USB connector, or a direct connection. I really love the way the online setup works. If you have a strong wireless connection than you really don't even have to lift a finger to connect to the internet. With the wii's online setup, I definitely see online gaming as a possibility this generation. (The wii currently does not support online gameplay) However, you can exchange wii friend codes with your friends to access their mii's and have mii parades with them. The USB connector for the wii only costs 35$-40$ depending on where you go to buy one but, if you plan to play online (once it's released) you may want to consider getting one unless you have a strong wireless or direct connection to the internet.

Controls- 9/10
The Nintendo wii is meant to be played using a wii-remote and nunchuk. Basically, these too controllers connect together to allow you to play with a sensor (that you place below or above your TV) and you can not only play wirelessly but, you can play using a motion sensor. An example is wii boxing where you punch at your opponents avatar (called a Mii) and make an attempt to knock it out. The wii-remote adds a new zest to gaming but, can actually make you tired. You probably think I'm kidding but, I'm not. After playing wii boxing against my brother, I felt tired and I woke up the next morning and I was sore. I couldn't believe it but, it was true. If you find yourself becoming tired or just sick of the wii-remote and nunchuk, you can buy a wii classic controller. The design is quite like that of the original SNES controller but, with a few extra buttons.

Sometimes it is not the console that makes the console but, the games that make the console. Well, the wii is one to deliver in the field of games. So far, the wii has a game for every single genre with the exception of RPG. So far I have, the legend of zelda, call of duty 3, and rayman. I love them all. Their great games and there are plenty of other great wii titles out and on the way. It all depends on what kind of games you like but, the wii has something to satisfy all. I personally can't wait for super mario galaxy and Super smash brothers brawl. With the great possibility of online gaming, the future looks bright for the wii. The wii comes with wii sports, an addictive assortment of sports games that you play using the wii-remote and nunchuk. It's fun for the whole family. I often have trouble getting my parent's out of my room because they insist on battling it out in a game of wii boxing and they hate games!

All in all- 10/10
So far, I'm more than impressed with the Nintendo wii. It's delivered in every field I expected and it has exceeded my expectations. I love the launch titles and the online setup. I also like the menu. It's easy to navigate and it gives me all kinds of extra options. I also like the backwards compatibility. Now I can play all of my gamecube games as well as some of my favorite classics on my Nintendo wii. It's incredible!

Is it worth it?
Yes, every single penny. Where can you go wrong with the wii? A small price tag, large quantities, games aplenty, just typing this review makes me want to play. If your a Nintendo fan (or even a gamer) you owe it to yourself to pick up a Nintendo wii as soon as possible.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/08/07

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