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"A gimmick? Or, The most innovative gaming experience in a long time?"

The Wii. Nintendo's Next-Gen console, looking to get people off their butts, but also entering them in a new gaming experience unlike no other. The Wii started as the Revolution. There was a lot of speculation about a lot of things. There was even a rumor about a touch screen controller. Then one day the Revolution's controller was revealed. It was a remote. Pretty similar to what we have now. Then before e3 of this year, the new name was revealed. Wii. We all know what happened after. Countless jokes like You wanna come over and play with my Wii? Those things have died down now. And the Wii is being taken seriously.

Control – 10
This is the best thing about the Wii. You are immersed in the game world, with realistic control. Everything could be done with a real like motion. In Zelda, you could flick your wrist for the sword, but you will slash and thrash, because that is the thing about the Wii. It could also be considered a gimmick. After I got mine, I was afraid that it would become a gimmick. I though the novelty of being “in” the game would go away. It did not. But the control leads to a problem, one I have noticed in my own house. Us gamers, we like to sit, when we play games. Nintendo, want's us to get active. So they create this controller, designed for you to replicate real life motions. To the point (And this happened to me) where your arms are sore for spending to much time playing tennis. But, people don't see that. Most people eventually just resort to sitting down, and playing tennis with a flick of their wrist. And, it makes many of the games considerably easier. And, could also lead to cheating of sorts.

Accessibility – 10
This is probably the most accessible console in gaming history. With games like Wii Sports, you don't have to do any kind of complicated button presses. In fact, you may know most of the controls, before the game! We all know how to bowl and how to play tennis. Most of us can replicate these motions with ease. The Wii has become something in the house that not only I play. My family has Wii Bowling rounds every night. And everyone who comes over to the house has to play the Wii. Probably because they know they can. It is the easiest thing to learn, but it is still fun. It is probably my favorite console I own, since everybody likes it.

Software – 8
Before you go OMFG!!!!! The Wii Has ZELDA!!!!! WHY THE 8!!?!?!?!?!?!!? Let me explain. I haven't played all of the current games. And, out of what I have played, the Wii's current software line up is a little weak. Ok, Zelda is awesome. I'll admit that. And, there's Wii Sports, which is probably what Nintendo wanted to show Wii's capabilities. It will be a reason a lot of units are sold, because of it's simplicity. But there aren't many more GREAT, TOP NOTCH, AAA titles around. Even Wii Sports isn't an AAA title. Red Steel was a disappointment. And Rayman was kind of boring for a while. But you also have Elebits, which probably is an AAA title. There is Trauma Center, which is a really good game. You also have games that are ok, like ExciteTruck and Call Of Duty 3. And then there's Happy Feet. So it's pretty much a mixed bag. But, I have high hopes for Wii. If you look at upcoming titles. There is WarioWare, Wii Play, Mario Party 8 (Ok, Maybe not this one), MP3, SSBB and Super Mario Galaxy.

Graphics – 7
Graphics aren't everything. Not to me, not to a lot of people. But when it is the Next–Gen, and everything is about graphics, you will need a little improvement. And, yes there is improvement over GameCube. But, a lot of people are labeling it as Xbox 1 graphics. I can't say I don't agree with them. I do still think the graphics are pretty good. Take for example the golf courses in Wii Sports. They look pretty good. But, just like Nintendo 64, the true graphical power of the Wii will eventually be shown. But, this ain't no Xbox 360!

The Future – 9
The Wii has a big potential to be the number 1 console this generation. With a huge market. Anyone 1-100 should be able to use this. And, the upcoming titles. With an online game on the horizon (Pokemon Battle Revolution), that also means an online feature. Something that Nintendo did need at launch, but it is coming! The future looks promising for Wii.

I hope I helped you in your decision to buy a Wii or not. It really is one of the best systems in a while. You should give it a chance. Play it at a friends house, or play at a store. And try to tell me you didn't enjoy it!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/16/07, Updated 12/03/07

Game Release: Wii Hardware (US, 11/19/06)

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