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"360 and PS3 have graphics. Wii has Gameplay."

360 and PS3 have graphics. Wii has Gameplay.

On November 19, 2006, the Nintendo Wii came to America It was said to be able to have the “Virtual Console”, where you could buy old Nintendo games, and you could also look up the weather and news. The question I was asking myself was, “If Nintendo is going to start focusing on these things now, what will happen to their games? If the games are great, will these features stink?” Nonetheless, all of my questions were answered when my wii was first turned on.

How it works
As you already probably know, the wii's controller is in the form of a remote control, such as the ones you use for your television. You have this thing called a sensor bar, and when you set it up, you can move around a cursor without even pushing any buttons. You're probably wondering, “that's not possible!”, but the “wiimote” has a sensor in it to, so when you move the wiimote right, the cursor moves right, and if you move the wiimote down, the cursor goes down etc.

Not only is there the wiimote, but there are also “attachments” that go to the wiimote, such as the nunchuck and the classic controller. The Nunchuck isn't a thing you use in Tae Kwon Do class, but a very simple controller that consists of a control stick a “C” and “Z” buttons. The nunchuck is the most used attachment controller, speaking in terms of wii games.

The classic controller is pretty much a PS2 controller in my opinion. Its definitely not nearly as much used for a wii game (even if it is, its not mandatory), but can be used to play Virtual Console games with.

Setup: 10/10

This is one of, if not the most unique setups for a system. Adding to the environment with the controller, they have things called “Channels”, where you can go to various different “channels” to do more then just play games.

Some of the wii channels include:

Mii Channel
A channel where you basically can make anybody you know. You can design them however you want by putting together variations of hair, eyes, eyebrows, mouths, and even if they wear glasses, have a moustache, a goatee, a beard, and even a mole. On top of that, you can change the color of any of these things, which greatly multiplies the number of different combinations for a mii you have. You can make just about any person, ranging from yourself to even Solid Snake or David Ortiz.

Wii Shop Channel
This is where you buy old games from the NES, SNES, N64, and even Turbografx 16 and Sega Genesis games. There are many games out right now, but only a few have really been worth buying, such as Zelda; Link to the Past, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Bros., and The original Zelda. Despite this, games come out every Monday (in the US), and with games like Zelda Ocarina of Time, and Mario Kart 64 coming out, the wii shop library will get better fairly soon. All of the games you buy can be played with a classic controller or a gamecube controller, and some can be played with the wiimote.

Forecast Channel
Yes, that's right, you can check the weather on your wii. Your thinking, “it can't be that accurate!”, but to tell you the truth, it is. First you choose the state your living in, then a list of towns come up. Simply click on the town you live closest to, and you can look at your weather whenever you want to. Also, you get to see tomorrows forecast, and even the forecast for the next five days with the click of a button. The Forecast channel also has a “globe feature” which pretty much lets you look at the temperature and weather (for lack of a better term) of just about anywhere in the World! You can look up the forecast of places from your hometown to Baghdad Iraq.

News Channel
If the Internet hasn't killed newspapers enough, the News channel's come to help it out. The News Channel is a compendium of news articles from the Associated Press, and you can read in-depth articles ranging from International news to Sports to Science and Health. The News channel also has a “slide show” feature, which lets you get an overview of every topic in a category as opposed to scrolling down a long page of titles. You can also go to a globe (very much like the Forecast Channel) and you can read news articles that happened in certain parts of the world.

Extra Features
The Wii has a lot more things then Wii channels that help it out. It has a thing called the “Wii Message Board” which is like an email system. Also, if you have internet access, you get something called a “Friend Code”, which is a combination of 16 numbers that, when you exchange your friend codes with each other and put them into your wiis, you can send eachother anything, ranging from regular messages, miis, and pictures.

Now…for the moment you've been waiting for…the games!

The wii games to date are all based upon the motion-sensor for the wii. Although they do not have great graphics, the wii's gameplay makes up for it. Not only does this bring a whole new level of gameplay, but a new level of fun. For example, in previous zeldas, you push b to swing your sword, but in Zelda, Twilight Princess, you actually swing the wiimote to get link to swing his sword.

There are only a couple of good games for wii right now, including Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Red Steel, and Wario Ware. Like I said earlier, all of these games' gameplay is based upon the motion sensor of the wii. In Zelda, you use the wiimote to aim using things such as the arrows and the clawshot, and swing your sword by swinging your wiimote. In Red Steel, you use the wiimote to swing your katana and fight people in sword fights. In WarioWare, you use the wiimote to complete the most random of tasks, adding to the Warioware, again using the gimmick of the system a game of the series its yet again.

Of course these aren't the only good games that will be out for the wii. What with games such as Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, wii owners have a lot to look forward to.

Conclusion 10/10
The wii is definitely the best system out of the PS3 and Xbox360. The wii defiantly proves that gameplay is better then graphics, and its unique approach has definitely brought it above the competition.

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Originally Posted: 01/29/07

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