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"Wii are the champions!"

Or, Wii IS the champion! Nintendo took a huge gamble and shocked the gaming world when it unveiled the Wiimote, the nickname given by Wii fans to Nintendo's newest controller, the Wii Remote. The unveiling of the Wiimote was met with much excitement and skepticism. Now the console has finally been released, and people can experience Wii and decide what they think of it. It seems that Nintendo's risky move has paid off.

The Wii starts off great, offering a console up for only $250. The price point is good by itself, but becomes a bargain when the consumer can get a truly amazing system for that price. Nintendo claims, however, that to keep the price low, they had to forego a DVD and CD player. Many gaming fans may own an Xbox 360 or a PS2/3 anyways, so it is not a major drawback. the Wii's price point also reinforces the fact that the Wii can be enjoyed by everyone, because it is very affordable.

Right in the box, the Wii gives out a free game, Wii Sports. The game is a simple yet surprisingly addictive game that comes with 5 sports; Baseball, Boxing, Bowling, Golf, and Tennis. The game can be played with other players, making it a fun party game. The game is also FREE, which is a major plus. There is never a downside to including a free game with a console, and it is actually the first console to give one since the DS included the Metroid Prime demo with the original model.

Possibly the most important part of this console is the Wii Remote and Nunchuck setup. It is the most revolutionary controller since the original NES controller, and it completely changes the way that games can be played on the Wii. It is held almost like a traditional controller, using two hands, but in one hand lies a nunchuck with a control stick and two buttons, and the other hand contains the Wiimote, which acts like a TV remote. The remote can be pointed at the screen in certain games where it can register movement and turn them into on-screen actions, or buttons placed on the Wiimote can be used for actions. Most games combine both traditional button-pushing and motion sensing. Some games, such as Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess can even register nunchuck movement. For example, Link can swing his sword to do a spin attack by shaking the nunchuck left and right.

The Wii remote was truly a risk for Nintendo. When it was shown for the first time, there were mixed reactions to whether it would fail or not. Some people were put off by playing with this new type of controller, and others were worried about fatigue from swinging the controller or standing to play it. Most people that play the Wii adjust to the controls fairly quickly.

In addition to standard wii remote controls, the Wii is backwards compatible with Gamecube controllers. These controllers are used for playing Gamecube games and Virtual Console games. Another controller to use is a Wii Classic Controller, sold separately, to play certain virtual console games.

All of the Wii functions are divided into channels on the Wii menu. Many of these channels require the internet to access. The Wii comes with a Disc channel for playing discs, a Mii channel to create miniature characters that can be traded with others and used in Wii games, a Wii shop channel for buying things, and the News and Forecast channel. From the Wii menu, Wii settings and a personal message board can be accessed. When items are purchased in the Wii shop, they will also show up here as channels.

The Wii has another trick up it's sleeve, called the Wii Shop. With this feature and an internet connection, the Wii can be used to browse the Virtual Console for classic games from past consoles, or download other programs for the Wii. Most Wii shop items cost Wii points, a currency used in the Wii Shop. Wii points can be purchased with a credit card or buying Wii Points cards in stores. 100 Wii Points equals 1 U.S. dollar, so Wii Points could be thought of as pennies.

There are a multitude of Wii accessories such as Wii remote sleeves, Wii skins, and SD memory cards. Many of these can be bought at major electronics chains such as Best Buy.

SD memory cards are now supported by the Wii, and can be used to store game save data and pictures. Gamecube memory cards can be used to store game data for older gamecube games. There are slots for both on the Wii console. In addition, for using GC controllers and memory cards, the cover covering them can be removed if the slots they cover will be used for extended periods of time.

The Wii supports both new Wii discs, which are the normal side for a CD, and the Gamecube mini-discs. Both types of games can be played on the Wii, as well as any Virtual Console games downloaded. Virtual Console games appear as channels in the Wii menu.

The Wii has an impressive library of games. The most notable of these is The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, which comes in a Wii and Gamecube form, both of which the Wii can play. Other games that can be bought for the Wii are Excite Truck, and Trauma Center: Second Opinion. There are also exciting game titles such as Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros. Brawl coming up in the near future.

The Wii itself is a very sleek console. It achieves simplicity and elegance at the same time, and comes complete with a grey stand that almost makes the console seem "sexy". In addition, when the Wii is first turned on, a blue light is shown in the disc slot for a brief second. The Wii is very small, and makes very little noise. What noise it makes will be covered up by the sound during the game anyways.

Overall, the Wii is a great console with a nice library of supporting games, and it all comes at a great price. No gamer can afford to be without a Wii. Nintendo is doing a fine job reclaiming the gaming market, and the Wii is definitely a major step up from the Gamecube, The Wii is truly a Wiiner.

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Originally Posted: 02/05/07

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