Review by bruiserbrody

Reviewed: 03/26/07

The Wii has ruined much of gaming for me!

The more I play the Nintendo Wii, the less I want to play other consoles. I wanted the Wii simply because I have to have ever new gadget (well, except the over priced PS3, $600 my ass!) but since I found the Wii I’ve not been able to play much else. Several games have grabbed me and made me not want to play others. Let’s take a look.

-Zelda: While I am not a huge Zelda fan (I find the series to be fun but nothing special) controlling Zelda in this game is a blast. Hacking away with the Wiimote just ads a fun factor that’s hard to explain. Fights seem more “intimate” or “important”. Without a doubt I feel more “part” of the game. No more control sticks and button mashes for this adventure game. How can we ever go backward? I hope Nintendo finds a way to use the control scheme to make players even more a part of the game.

-Godfather Black Hand: Wow, this game is great! Using my Wiimote to open doors, shoot, fight, duck for cover, pick up and throw items (or people) is very, very cool. Playing a third person action game on another system is dull for me now, it’s just not the same using that old controller. I'm not even sure that I would be too into this game on another system, the Wii ads so much fun to the game play that it actually caused me to go out and purchase a game I normally would not have purchased.

-Trauma Center: I enjoyed this on the DS, but the control is so much better on the Wii. Using both hands freely makes it feel like you are actually working in this game. Choosing instruments with one hand and using them with the other is very fulfilling and fun!

-Tiger Woods Golf: I’ll never go back to golf on another system. Swinging the Wiimote is leaps and bounds better than any other golfing control system, simple as that! While I can't say that it's just like being on the course, nothing else comes this close to it (video game wise).

-Wii Sports: While this is a simple little game, if it’s a sample of how sports games can and will play on the Wii, I don’t see EVER playing a sports game on another console. Tennis on the 360? I don’t think so! I want to swing my racket, I want to try and hit my lop at the top of it’s spin to get a hot shot, I want to twist my return to hit the back corner! Button presses and thumb sticks no longer cut it. Same goes for bowling! Power meters are a thing of the past! You stand up off your butt and swing your arm in the speed and direction you want the ball to go, including spin! How can a joystick or control pad ever top that again? Baseball, trust me, you’ve not played a home run derby until you stand there with the virtual bat! Boxing, good Lord you can actually get a little work out boxing on the Wii! Swinging with little thumb sticks or button presses is now so ho-hum!

I bought the Nintendo Wii thinking It would be a nice little system to have on the side of my Xbox 360, but it’s by far become my main system. I’ve worn out numerous sets of controller batteries, purchased three more controllers so my wife, kids, and friends can play, invited people over to my house just to play it, and gotten people who never, EVER play video games hooked. I hear some hard-core gamers whining about graphics, and I shake my head. This system causes me to forget completely about graphics.

Nintendo is back and I believe will win this generations console wars. I can’t wait to see more and more games take advantage of this control system. I play some other games on the 360 and find myself thinking about how awesome it would be to play it on the Wii and how you could incorporate the control to ad so much to the fun factor. Yes, there are Wii games that control terribly, but I blame the game developers for that as it’s been made clear that if you know what you’re doing on this system you can make a great controlling game. So let's be real here, gaming is about the experience, and while how things look may be a part of that, it's far from the most important part. If you want visuals more than game play, go rent a video or watch a cartoon.

The Wii is my system of choice and honestly makes playing any thing else sort of passé! I don't even know what it will take to win me back to the 360 or any other system. I suppose if Microsoft or Sony somehow make a virtual reality machine, that might do it, but short of that I want to play the system that allows me to feel more "part" of the game.

My parents play this system, my wife plays this system, my neighbors play this system and all of these are people who before the Wii, never played video games. Many of them even found gaming to be stupid and a waste of time. Nintendo has managed to draw more people into gaming and that's why as I said earlier, they will win this generation's war!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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